How to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

It’s so easy to lose control of healthy eating while on vacation, as you are surrounded by delicious temptations, sweet treats, and an array of new and exciting food you are more than likely going to want to try.

Vacations take us away from our regular daily routine from work, and while it is beneficial for our mental wellness and the rejuvenation of our bodies, it is an easy way to veer away from our healthy habits, including eating nutritious meals and healthy snacks.

But holidays and travelling does not have to result in unhealthy eating, and if you choose to stick to your routine, fill up on healthy foods when you can, make smarter food and drink choices, knowing what options you have and by planning ahead, you will find it easier to avoid derailing your healthy eating habits while you’re on vacation, as you soon find that you can unwind, sight-see, and even try new things, all while maintaining your healthy eating and active lifestyle.

How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Don’t leave your good eating habits behind. Take a break from your busy schedule, work, and daily routine all while eating healthy by following these ten tips that will ensure you stay on track from the moment you arrive until you return back home again:

how to stay healthy on vacation

  • Resist Splurging

Eating out at a restaurant while on holiday is one of the many luxuries we all look forward to the most, as we don’t have to cook the meals ourselves and we have an endless amount of delicious and different options to choose from that we would not cook at home ourselves.

But, normally when we splurge on eating out, we tend to eat a lot more food in much bigger portion sizes than we would normally at any other meal during the day.

This means that we would be consuming more fat and more calories too, which will always end up being more than your body needs when combined.

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  • Ask for it

maintain health while on vacation

If there is an option to customise your preferred meal at the restaurant you are visiting, do so. This means that you will be able to have a salad instead of fries, grilled fish instead of fish that is deep fried in batter, or an option to have a smaller portion size that will meet your needs.

By customising your meal to suit your wants and needs you will avoid eating elements of the dish that are unhealthy, sticking to your healthy eating instead.

If you’re unsure about whether or not a restaurant will allow you to customise the dish you want, ask them beforehand by either calling them before you make a reservation or asking at the door before you are seated.

  • Sample New Foods

While on holiday in a new place, you will come across an array of new and exciting foods that you will undoubtedly want to try out. Instead of ordering full main courses of each dish you want to try, however, visit a food market and sample a whole range of food instead.

Eating healthy while on vacation does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of enjoyable food, or that you cannot try all of the new and exciting dishes on offer, instead, it means that you can sample these foods in moderation without overdoing it and ruin your healthy eating habits.

  • Be Active as Much as You can

rejuvinate on vacation

Staying active while on holiday is an important way that you can add to your healthy eating while away from home.

While sight-seeing, make sure that you walk as much as you can instead of taking public transports or taxis, as this will help you work off any extra calories you might have consumed during the day.

Take a stroll after lunch or dinner, go hiking if there is an option to, take an hour out of every couple of days to visit the hotel’s gym, and swim if you have a pool at your disposal.

If you are like me, doing a Paragliding, sea surfing anything as such adventurous will help you lose calories and at the same time, having the fun of your life works like a charm.

stay healthy during vacation

  • Indulge in a Treat a Day

There are certain treats you simply cannot pass up while on holiday, whether a waffle in Belgium or a pizza or pasta in Italy.

Instead of being unhappy and bitter because you cannot eat the treats that you want to while you’re away, limit yourself to one treat per day instead. This way you can indulge in something sweet or have some extra carbs without feeling guilty or going overboard.

  • Choose Carefully

enjoy vacation without increasing weight

If you are eating out at breakfast, lunch and dinner, choose the healthier options on the menu instead of a full English breakfast, burger or pizza.

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By making better food choices at breakfast, you will save yourself from feeling sick, over-full, and potentially sluggish as this is no way to start your day.

This does not mean that you should deprive yourself fully of your one treat a day, but by making healthier choices – for example choosing a smoothie instead of a beer or a grilled chicken salad instead of fried chicken – will make a difference to the way you feel throughout your holiday and when you get home.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

how to get rid of whiteheads fast

Water plays a big role in our day-to-day health. Not only does it keep you hydrated on hot days in order to avoid dehydration, it keeps all of our systems going.

Water can help control calories, energise your muscles, keep your skin looking healthy and bright, as well as helps to maintain the balance of body fluids.

It is a good idea to stock up on water when you arrive at your destination, keeping the bottles cool in your hotel room’s bar fridge. You can then take a couple of bottles out each morning before you leave, carrying them in your rucksack.

This ensures that you always have water with you for whenever you need it. If you’re not a fan of drinking H2O and find it hard to get your daily intake, instead choose to drink beverages (that have low sugar content) you enjoy more to ensure you have some fluid intake and choose to eat more fruits and vegetables (as they have high water content).

  • Don’t Forget About your ‘Five a Day’

healthy vacation

Make an effort both at home and while on holiday to get your intake of your five a day. Fruits and vegetables will make your meals feel more filling and make you feel more satisfied, as well as provide you will enough fibre in your diet to keep your intestines regular.

Your daily intake of five a day will also help to keep your levels of antioxidants and important vitamins you need high, this will mean you will be less likely to get sick on your holiday.

  • Don’t Over Eat

It is incredibly easy to overeat while on holiday. With so many new and exciting foods that you would like to try, buffet spreads for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the mindset of being on vacation, it is easy for your healthy eating habits to slip away and to get out of control.

It important to remember that even though you are on holiday, you need to stay healthy and that it will be more of a struggle to get back into your routine when you return home if you ditch them even for two weeks. Eat in moderation and don’t overindulge at every meal.

  • Don’t Drink too much Alcohol

We all tend to drink a little more than usual during our yearly vacation, and there is nothing quite liking sitting by the glistening pool while sipping on a delicious frozen margarita. But, what you might not know is that frozen margarita could take up a large portion of your daily calorie count, just in that one drink.

On average, a frozen margarita contains up to a whopping 700 calories. Instead, while unwinding after a long day of sight-seeing, steer clear of cocktails as they contain a high amount of sugar, and choose lower calories drinks instead.

Some of these include white-wine spritzers, light beer, red or white wine, and even a tequila on the rocks with some lime. Some low-calorie alcoholic drinks can be found here.

Ball is in your court

healthy vacation ideas

Taking time off from work and going abroad for your yearly vacation, doesn’t mean that you should take time off from your healthy lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle for the better takes a lot of time, patience, and effort, and there is little point of throwing away months of work for one holiday. The above tips will help you stay on track while you have fun.


  1. Hi,

    Lots of good ideas about staying healthy while on vacation. I think the best ones were: stay hydrated; exercise; and self-control.

    Good post, well written.

    • Thank you Edward! Welcome to Healthy Mortal!

      Being healthy while on vacation is as important as having the time of your life enjoying it.

      You are a blogger too and we have to sit all day. Check out an article I wrote about amazing exercises one can do at work sitting all day!

      Keep coming to keep your health at the top!


  2. Great tips staying healthy while on vacation. Usually I eat better when I am away because everything around would have heavy sauces, or to much bread. I end up purchasing my own healthy snacks and eating raw veggies.

    When I do go away I like to rent a hotel room with a small kitchen…not really to cook much, but to wash raw foods.

    I also find myself doing more activities then home. Maybe I should vacation more often lol.


    • Hey Donna!

      A good vacation gives you mental as well as physical health if above ideas are taken seriously. Having organic and raw food is an amazing idea, but if you are time bound on a trip, you can always make it up by walking to short distance tourist points instead of transport.

      Thank you for your insights!


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