Pinched Nerve – Causes, Symptoms and How to Treat Them

Pinched nerve in neck has been experienced by many but very few actually know that they suffer from this problem as the effects of this problem are not concentrated at its point of occurrence.

Those suffering from this problem may think of everything else but the pinched nerve as the pain and symptoms are experienced till the toes and mostly confused with muscle pain, vitamin deficiency, and in some cases as severe as the heart problem.

Those who suffer from this issue once would come across this problem frequently until they reach out to the root cause or make the necessary lifestyle changes over the period of time.

Here are the causes, symptoms, and the treatment of pinched nerve that one may know in order to tackle the problem in the best possible manner.

pinched nerve

What is pinched nerve and how it is caused?

Your neck is the centre of your entire body in terms of nerves and signal transmission. The nerves that take all the signals from the brain to the body may pass through your neck and spinal cord.

These are the electronic cords and are vital for functioning of your body parts. If these nerves are suppressed or pinched then the nerves will stop functioning in the normal manner and won’t transmit the signals to other parts of the body.

The neck connects the brain to the rest of the body and hence it is one of the most important signal transmission hub for the entire body. There are many reasons for getting the pinched nerve at the neck.

  1. Posture problems – Posture problem is amongst the most common reasons for pinched nerve in the neck. The neck is not structured for movement but it is moved frequently to see things at different locations sometimes away from your eyesight. When you stretch your neck beyond its capacity, the nerves will also get stretched. Stretching from both ends would affect the nerves in centre and that will come out as swelling or pinching of nerve. Over-stretching may also result into permanent damage of the nerves.
  2. Compression of nerve – The compression is different from stretching as here the nerve is compressed from one end towards bones or muscles. This would exert pressure on the nerve resulting into pain. When the compressing pressure increases beyond a certain level, the nerves will get permanently damaged.
  3. Constriction of nerve due to surrounding – Constriction occurs when the nerve is surrounded by the tight surrounding. The tightness keeps on increasing if the underlying problem is not addressed and finally it results into irreversible damage.

Symptoms of Pinched Nerve

  • Whooping pain in both or one arm. The pain may start from shoulder and reach out to elbow and upper arm.
  • Tingling sensation in the arms and fingers. If the problem persists for long time then the tingling will reach out to the toes.
  • Numbness in the skin around the pinched nerve and also at the fingers due to lack of sensation.
  • The vibrations of the nerves will also be felt in the arms.


Immediate relief from the symptoms can be availed by taking proper medication as prescribed by the doctor but the long term relief would be attained only through neck and arm exercises. When you are encountered by the pinched nerve for the first time, make sure you make lifestyle changes like;

  • Weight reduction.
  • Cervical pillow to offer proper support to the neck while sleeping.
  • Posture correction while sitting, standing, or lying down.
  • Eating health food with all the nutrients, some of these recipes can be found on Internet.
  • Not sitting in the same position for longer hours. Even if your job requires prolonged sitting, take a stroll around the room every hour to keep your nerves and muscles in healthy position.
  • Have a habit of running regularly and track your running.
  • Exercising regularly. Pinched nerve can be cured by neck exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist. Do these exercises four to five times during the day to increase the flexibility of the nerve. It will also offer relief from pain.

Pinched nerve will bring with it lot of discomfort and hence treat it in time. Don’t let this condition stay with you for longer time as its effect will worsen with time and damage would slowly get irreversible.

Carol is a health educator, writes mainly on common health issues that most people experience in their life. She spends some of her time drafting articles for Nutra Pure HCG, an online store for homeopathic HCG Weight loss drops.

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