5 Reasons Why Physical Education is an Important Part of Your College Life

Michelle Gass, a former president of Starbucks, used to wake up at 4:30 to take a morning run. The editor of Vogue magazine Anna Wintour daily finds herself on the tennis court at six in the morning.

Richard Branson, who founded the Virgin Group, often starts his day with a run as well. Other than the desire to lead a health-oriented lifestyle, this trinity is united by something else: they all are exceptionally successful.

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Why success favours those who love physical education? Because the positive effect of exercising extends not only to the size of your waist. Let’s look at five physical activity benefits.

1. Exercising helps your thinking

Let us start with a simple example: body movements increase blood flow to your brain. This, in turn, improves perception. A study conducted by Jim McKenna, an employee at the University of Bristol, showed that if a person is engaged in physical education, the quality of their studies increases several times; they plan better their time and are able to think more clearly.

  1. Physical education makes you cheerful

Physical education allows your body to supply your cells with glucose and oxygen much faster, which will also affect the level of your academic performance.

The University of Georgia conducted an interesting study. Its participants were divided into three groups. The first one was engaged in physical education programs in schools with moderate intensity; the second one with low intensity and the third one did not exercise at all.

During the six weeks’ experiment, in both sporty groups, there was a stable growth of the vital index, which translated into the desire to live, create and rejoice. Unlike the third group, where everything remained at the same level, in the group of average intensity, the fatigue threshold increased, which, in fact, is a good result.

  1. Exercising has a positive effect on brain activity

For college students, the brain is the only and the most powerful weapon – the main tool through which students can learn. That is why it is so important to immediately get involved in physical education classes.

Molecular biologist John Medina devoted his life to studying the human brain and genes involved in its development. According to one of his studies, physically active students are able to achieve better academic performance when it comes to cognitive abilities, in contrast to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Speaking of academic performance, if you have to google “do my assignment for me” and you are currently not in the mood to exercise, you might get some help online.

Another clinical study conducted by specialists from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne and the Institute for Brain Research showed that physical education has a direct impact on brain activity and a reduction in stress levels at the university.

Professor Paul Taylor, the head of the above-mentioned study, noted that the group of subjects experienced a clear improvement in moods against the background of an increase in the indices of the thought process on average by 4%.

  1. Physical education promotes new academic discoveries

increase physical fitness
Have you reached a dead end? Are you struggling to find the right solution? Stand aside, close the laptop and take a walk. The results of a study, published in the popular American edition of The Journal of Experimental Psychology, showed that walking (both outdoors and indoors) contributes to an upsurge of creative thinking by an average of 60%.

Carson Tate herself, while writing her book, mentioned that from time to time, she literally beat her head against the wall in an attempt to formulate some idea that came to mind. At such moments, she went hiking in the neighbourhood or going up and down on stair in her home or office.

  1. Being engaged in physical education, you maintain the right balance between studies and personal life

The article in the Harvard Business Review argues that students, who regularly find time for physical education, solve academic and personal issues much easier. What is the secret? The whole point of the conscious physical activity is to make you more organized.

This inevitably occurs to those who gradually accustom themselves to the need to keep themselves in shape: the skills of effective time management improve through exercising, which allows you to successfully cope with both studies and domestic chores.

For this reason, physical education should be on your list of vital must-do-priorities in college due to its massive importance.


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