How to Lose Man Boobs Naturally at Home in 26 Days

Man boobs, moobs, male breasts; all are the name of one single problem that 67% of males around the globe suffer from. This is a very common disorder medically termed as gynecomastia.

Man boobs are very frustrating and embarrassing for men. Many have asked me how to lose man boobs or how to lose chest fat effectively. Men with breasts are considered unhealthy in the society. Of course, there are quite a few easy as well as tough ways to get rid of man boobs; but the most basic idea is to control your diet properly.

After all, man boobs are the result of improper eating or you are overweight. When you do not have an active schedule and happen to sit all day, the fat tissues get accumulated in the chest which is later called man boobs.

If you are really dedicated and have the will power to lose man boobs fast and effectively, you will have to follow the below methods without any excuses, as there is no other miracle that will help you get rid of man boobs other than these.

Technically, gynecomastia surgery is the fastest way to reduce man boobs. It takes approximately three to four hours. But that is not what we want. We want to lose man boobs naturally so that there are no scars on chest and no huge costs involved.

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So, in order to lose man boobs easily, quickly and effectively, below are the three very important parts that you will need to perform regularly and with dedication. Skipping even one of the three will make you lose the quest of reducing man boobs fast.

How to Lose Man Boobs:

  1. Maintain strict diet (Secret Diet plan given below)
  2. Aerobics and Cardio Exercises
  3. Focusing on chest using Weightlifting
  4. Miscellaneous and Bonus tips

Following the above techniques for a period of 6 months will help you lose man boobs fast and you will become flat, just like the man in the image below.

So, you have man boobs probably because you are overweight and obese. To get rid of man boobs, you cannot just focus on reducing man boobs alone. You will have to work on stimulating entire body. So let’s start with Mission – Bye Man Boobs.

1. Vegetarian Diet to Lose Man Boobs

90% of diseases and disorders related to body fat and obesity are because of improper diet that we follow. 10% being the genetics and lifestyle habits.

So, first and foremost thing you have to do is tap the power of a healthy diet. Maintaining a healthy diet will not only help you lose man boobs fast but also get your overall health at the top level.

An unknown recipe of all Hollywood’s hulk superstars is only two. Eliminating sugar intake in any of their meals and reducing intake of carbohydrates. Sugar and food with carbohydrates are number one culprit of what your body looks like today.

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Sugar is hardly required by your body. Even the smallest amount of sugar you gulp in, the pancreas have to ejaculate insulin to decrease the sugar level. When your body itself wants to keep sugar at bay, why bother adding it to your diet?

Second being the carbohydrates, avoid food such as potatoes, bread, white pasta, rice and other starchy food. Carbs are converted to glucose which the blood absorbs in. These carbs later end up as fat in your body, thus accumulating the fat tissues causing man boobs.

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However, below food, although containing carbohydrates are indeed good for the body and should be taken more in your daily diet.

  • Soya Bean products
  • Whole grain pasta and bread
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

Secret Ketogenic Diet

Breakfast: Low-fat yoghurt, Toasted nuts, Oatmeal, Almond flour waffles, Chia pudding

Dinner: Buttered Steak and Broccoli salad, Fresh soups instead of processed soups, Zucchini Noodles, Cauliflower rice, Flax tortillas and Taco salad.

Snacks: Lettuce wraps, Dehydrated vegetables, low carb cookies.

Beverages: Water, Tea, light Coffee, Diet soda with lemon.

Bottom line: Just by cutting out on sugar and carbohydrates, you will make significant changes in your diet which will stop the accumulation of more fat in your chest.

In the next steps, exercising and weight lifting will help you eliminate the existing fat on your chest and lose man boobs fast.

2. Aerobics and Cardio Exercises:

It is no rocket science that cardio and aerobics are the best ways to reduce fat not only on man boobs but the entire body. These workouts affect the chest and tummy directly.

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Now, before you start with these exercises to lose man boobs, make sure you are following the above diet strictly for at least one week. Since cardio involves a heavy body workout, elder aged men may not be able to perform them. The best tip for you aged guys out there is to jog and run in your lawn or garden every morning for 30 minutes and make sure you sweat.

Cardio Workout

Easy Workout: These workouts can be done by anyone aged between 17 to 50 years of age. They are of low intensity but done for relatively long time. Running on cycle for slow speed and walking at maximum level 5 come under easy workout. Perform them for at least 20 minutes. Recommended for people who are not much fit.

Vigorous workout: Recommended only for those who are quite fit and capable of heavy workouts. Run at a higher speed and cycle at a mountain workout level for 2 sets of 10 minutes.

In either of the workouts, sweating for most of the time you workout is most important. If you do not sweat, no amount of time performing these exercises will work. The vigorous workout will also help you boost metabolism which will ultimately help you burn more calories for another 5 minutes even after you stop cardio.

how to lose man boobs

On the other end, aerobics too can help you burn a high amount of calories while having the fun of dancing to music. Recommended if you are not a gym guy. Aerobics is a fun way of burning calories quickly!

Other exercises:

  • Flat bench press – 4 sets
  • Incline press – 3 sets
  • PEC DEC flyes – 3 sets

3. Weight Lifting

Take good rest between cardio, aerobics and weight lifting exercises. Stay hydrated with a good intake of water all the time to avoid getting hungry all the time. Weightlifting is one of the few techniques to lose man boobs.

Cable Crossovers 

lose man boobs fast

  • Place yourself in the centre of pulley machine and grab the handle. Step your upper body in, a foot and with the elbows at an angle, try to feel the muscles getting stretched in your chest.
  • Perform 3 sets of cable crossovers workout. This will help you stimulate the muscles and fibres in your chest and burn fatty tissues in the chest.

Incline Dumbbell Presses

how to lose man boobs

  •  With an angle of 20 degrees, settle down on the bench with light weight dumbbells in both the hands. Now, extend your arms in vertical position and slowly shift horizontally. This will stretch your chest muscles and stimulate it.
  • Repeat the above steps for a set of 3.

Flat Dumbbell Presses

how to get rid of man breast fast

  • Settle down on a flat bench, obviously. Lie down on the bench holding dumbbells on both the hands, of a weight you can easily pick up. Take your hands vertically such that they are in the middle of your chest.
  • Now, move your hands down on your sides while exhaling out. Repeat the steps 25 times for a set of 3.

The above workouts are to be performed after your cardio session in the gym, at an interval of 15 minutes. Continue these workout sessions for next 3 months. It is highly recommended you do not skip a single session out of these 3 workouts.

Once your metabolism is built up, there is no stopping you. Fat on the chest will burn out fast with the help of these workout sessions.

4. Misc and Bonus tips

Swimming at least twice a week can help you with the hand exercise which is connected to the fibres and fatty tissues in man boobs. Playing outdoor sports will work equally great as that like aerobics. It will boost your metabolism to a great extent.

Take steam and sauna twice a week. The amount of sweat that comes out of the body is mind blowing. It will boost the fat burning capability. Taking steam or sauna immediately after swimming is very much recommended.

Your call

Here is a really helpful video on how to lose man boobs with over a million views! We have attached it below for your comfort. Do check it out.


The ball is in your court now! Follow all the above methods step by step, with full dedication and we can guarantee you that you will lose your man boobs fast. You will no longer feel embarrassed and can proudly wear a tight T-shirt in a party!

If you have any questions, do write to us about it in the comments below and if any of your friends have a question on how to lose man boobs, you know where to send them to. Save this link or share it with all your friends having man boobs, it’s Free!

Stay fit and healthy.


  1. My main problem is I like to have a couple glasses of wine before bed two relax and unwind.also I don’t have three meals a day it’s normally 10 cal vitamin there any supplements that will help me burn calories faster?

    • 2 glasses of wine is the reason for your man boobs. Avoid them. Make it once a week.
      We dont suggest supplements and medicines, we do not recommend it, neither we are certified for it, nor we suggest using them.
      Losing man boobs is easy if you follow this article strictly with regular, vigorous exercises and control on your diet.
      Let me know your thoughts!

      • i have a chest surgery and i have a lot of fat in my chest i want to remove that please guide me regarding the issue as i cant do the weightlifting yes i can do cardio and control my diet your early reply is appreciating

      • I’m 14 years old and I have man boobs I play sports but nothing seems to work I’m still chubby and girls avoid me for that reason. Please help.

  2. Is it possible to reduce man boob without weight lifting .
    I am leaving in small village there is no gym here plz help me

  3. Hello! Thanks for the article. This is getting me excited!

    Do you have a schedule for the exercise section, or are all exercises supposed to be done every day?


  4. i have a small amount of fat stored in boobs..and also am looking very embarrassing….so please kindly give me diet plan to me.

  5. I’m really young and I’m trying to get rid of these I’ don’t know what to do I been getting on a elyptical but it doesn’t work

    • Did you try following this article? Many guys have found it helpful. However, dedication, will = Slow and steady wins the race 🙂

  6. Hi

    i was really excited about your article !

    unfortunately i am in night shift and am bounded for it for next couple of years.can you suggest me a diet plan which suits my schedule

    And kindly suggest me that can i undergo surgery to reduce them .If yes what will be the safest way …?

    • Surgery is a strict no no! When you can lose weight for free and naturally, why go under the knife?

      You can use this same diet in your night schedule as well, you can pack the food that is mentioned for the respective day in your tiffin!

      Let me know if you need any more help.

  7. I am daily exercising but can’t rid from man boobs…. daily when I feel cold or after coming from shower…. I feel like flat chest but aftersometime it’s converted to man boobs. is masturbation causes man boobs I am daily masturbating?? sir plz help me

    • Same condition is with me bro navneet..,.we just need push ups and running to make it flat for forever…don’t worry…and masturbation is not the reason as far as i conserned..coz i also doing this daily

  8. Hello. I really liked the article. But I have one doubt. In the article, it is mentioned the gynecemastia arises probably because one ‘s diet is improper or because he is overweight. However online sources say that it is because of hormonal imbalance (more estrogen), and that exercises and diet plans cannot help reduce the gyno gland. Is this true?
    Please let me know.
    Also, I have recently joined the gym. So, i do the chest exercises once q week , as I am asked by the trainer to do other muscles on the remaining days . Is this fine or should the chest exercises be done everyday?

    • 80% of the time, gynacomastia is a result of improper diet and inactive life. In very few cases hormones and genes play a role in it.
      You can do chest exercises twice a week and other exercises for the remaining days.

  9. Hi, thanks for ur valuable suggestions. I am 30 yrs old, pure veg and ht 176 cm and wt 80 kg. My only concern is that i have right chest little heavier than other one. i do go for a jog for 5 km an d very little work out. Still not been able to reduce weight and the chest. My diet s are also balanced. Regards

  10. i have a amount of fat stored in boobs..and also am looking very embarrassing….so please kindly give me diet plan to me.

    I want to reduce it any how. so please guide me in best way

  11. Hey i have man boobs but i only do cardio exercises like walking and pushups and crunches at times.. Can just these help to reduce the manboobs?

  12. Hi.. I am 30 yes old .. Slim N fit..but suffering from gyno… My right hand side chest is looking like girl:s boob and left side is straight… My doctor is saying do not lift weights and don’t perform any gym ornaments.. It will increase your problem… I am taking medicine since 3 yrs but it is increased day by day… Please suggest…

  13. hi.i am very sad everyday with my faty chest.i am so serious. i read your trick for loss fat.but iwant to get 100 percent result.if you have many more method than you gave me urgentally.

  14. I have enjoyed your article and find it great and encouraging. I have been doing lots of upper body exercises for quite a while now and have only noticed a slight improvement. I was wondering if this could be possible to puberty? Please get back to me soon as I am worried that people will laugh at me as I move forward into college.

  15. Hi
    I heard that doing weight lifting will increase the man boobs as the muscles will be developed under the fat of your chest. Personally I want to lose my man boobs and have a flat chest. Do you think it is going to work whether I follow your programme without the weight lifting part?


    • Exercises and diet helps reduce fat, while lifting increases the muscles. Both are needed in proper balance to lose man boobs and get stronger, flatter chest.

  16. From last six months I am going to gym three to five days a week. I dont eat sweets, breads, biscuits, etc. I do not take sugar in my beverages. I do not take alcohol and I do not smoke. My body fat percentage has reached single digit. Six pack abs are visible, muscle striations on pecs and arms are visible. But, my nipples are still fatty, soft, hanging, out of shape. Please suggest what can I do to get in shape?

  17. I have a Slap Bankart shoulder tear which does not allow me to do chest exercises. What should i do to get rid of man boobs and belly fat?

  18. actually i was fat before and now a lot of exercise made me thin my whole body is fit just the irritating thing i have is man boobs any suggestion i do lot of exercise i got square shape chest from upside but puffy nipple’s down any suggestions

    • No, genetics and hormonal issue cannot be solved with these mainstream methods unfortunately! But you should still be living a healthy life with healthy food and exercises.

  19. My right side chest is big and looks like girls boobs, is it possible to reduce the size by regular gym chest workouts?.. pls suggest..

  20. I’m 16 years of age. My height is 5ft 11 inches. My weight is 75. I don’t have much belly fat but the man boobs is slightly disturbing. I play state level tennis and do exercises. But none help me lose weight in that specific spot. Please tell me a way to get rid of that fat as it causes some problems for me while playing tennis. My speed and agility is less due to this.

  21. Hello I am rahul. I want to share my story that is 2 years ago I have joined 1 camp for 2 months. In that camp we have to work very hard in which we have to walk few kms, mountain climbing like milatry camp. In that camp I have lost 25kgs approx in two months. Now after two years I am facing same problem. I have man boobs fat stomach heavy weight and so on. I am 22 years old and my weight is around 90-95 kgs. I want to lose at least 25kgs. Can I do it with this plan??? I am missing the old me. Plz help me
    Thank you

    • Yes. You can do that with this plan. You should also check out article about GM Diet in this blog which will help you lose overall weight.

      The important thing is, you need to maintain a healthy diet once you lose weight or it will keep coming back.

  22. I m 19 yr old nd m nt fat nd chubby body too bt still i have chest mass .. What shd i do ??? Join gym or nt bcz i dont have chubby body

    • There is no need for gym. You can perform jogging in an open park. You can do push ups at home and don’t forget to swim once a week. That is enough for you to become handsome!

  23. This article has been out a year. Has anyone followed and achieved benefits?
    Please write your recommendations.
    Light weights many reps or heavy weights?

  24. Comment: plz help me mam i want to be slim and good looking
    i have man boobs i dont want dis i want my body in normal shape plz
    give me suggestion how i can lose my weight and man boobs in 1 month

  25. Hlo/man hi I am Sam n m 22 yrs old:-:.I have also a chest fat .its like a boobbs;-;now m starrting running, walk n gymm:-;
    I clear all checkups;’;doctor said it’s not a rision on gygnomastia. He said it’s a internal fat :-:so mam plsss sujestt me wht cn I dooo :-;; for reduce my chest fat fastly:’:

  26. Comment:their is a workout plan’ ice cream fitness’ follow this diet wth than workout.. Hope it’ll reduce the moobs and other body fat..

    Btw am 21 am not fat am not lean.. But m facing moobs problem.. SOmehow i started the new fitness plan.. And now i’ll start wth this dietry thing.. Letme see if this workout… Big treat for u!! 🙂

  27. Hi I’m 29 years old from WI. I’ve been dealing with man boobs all my life and don’t know how to get rid of them. I’m 6’5, so I’m constantly hunched over..trying to hide the moobs. My sex life is terrible…can’t take my shirt off. I’ve been wearing the same sweatshirt for the past 8 months cause no other shirts fit me right. If someone could help, it’d be greatly appreciated. I’m pretty much at my last straw here. Thanks and take care.

  28. Hello there I’m 19 and I weigh I’ve 90 kg and I really need help so can you plz mail some diet plans and exercises to loose 25 kg I would really appreciate could you plz reply

    Yours sincerely Awais

  29. I recently went to a water park where my friends saw me shirtless for the first time and before this i never actually thought I wasn’t too fat up there. One really ripped up person told me to just do loads of push-ups but my chest Is so weak I can’t do one push-up. Pls help. I’m 15 and my weight is around 70-74 kg. I am 5″87 in height. Since the water park incident I am feeling very conscious about what I wear too, threw away all tank tops and tight t-shirts. Thank you

    • Having done martial arts for a good many years I’ve had the opportunity to help many people learn to do push-ups and I have to tell you, first don’t be afraid to do push-ups from the knees, if that doesn’t work then try just lowering yourself down, get back up however you need to then lower yourself down again, do this until your can’t anymore, then do it again about 12 hrs later, twice a day of that and you will be doing push-ups in no time.

  30. Hi I want to lose my man boobs it’s hard I work 7 nights so my eating is all over the place even working out is hard am I best working out when I finish in the morning all having a sleep then working out plz help

  31. I’m about 21 and i am very embarrassed with man boobs I’ve not much weight my whole body is lean my moobs looking me bad and less chess width than waist and looking so bad . What should I do?. I have simple lifestyle..Please help?????

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  35. Being indian how to remove rice from major diet plan…. Lunch and dinner includes rice what should i have then.

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  37. Hi I am a 13 year old boy. I have chest fat since I was 12. What all should I eat and what all exercises should I perform to reduce this fat? Can u please tell as it is very embarrassing in school. Thanks


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