How to grow Taller with Top Secret Yoga excercises

How to Grow Taller: The most common questions asked by a group of humans include I want to grow taller, how to get taller, how to increase height fast, how to grow taller and what not. Remember that, getting taller is not really in our hand as the height majorly depends on the genes and growth hormones within your body.

However, getting taller usually depends on your spinal cord, the vertical bones and there is a little workouts and workarounds to manipulate your height. The artificial way of manipulating your natural height is wearing high heals, thick sole, spinal cord surgery and having pills.

Beware! Surgery and eating pills to grow tall are extremely harmful and should be kept at bay no matter what. The side effects of them can ruin you for the rest of your life.

Even though there is nothing much we can about it, there are a few Top Secret Yoga exercises and poses to help your grow taller by a couple of inches, but don’t expect miracles.

How to Grow Taller

Below are the 10 simple yet effect Yoga exercises to increase height by 2-3 inches at the most. Yoga helps in boosting energy to all parts of your body, thus relaxing all the muscles and improves the overall health of body.

Yoga plays an active role in indirectly increasing your height and growing taller by correcting and rectifying all the body postures, helping in enhancing your body growth.

1. Surya Namaskar

This Yoga exercise is being practised since more than 10 centuries and there are 12 different posses to be followed in chronological order.

  • You need to face the sun and stand with feet close to each other
  • You have to do the Namaskar or in other words one of your palm must touch the other palm completely
  • Now inhale and then raise the arms upward
  • You will have to bend backwards now and slowly stretch the arms above your head
  • Now bend forward and slowly exhale while trying to touch the ground. Here you must remember that your head must touch the knees and your hand must be touching your feet
  • Keeping the same posture you have to move the right leg slowly to the back
  • Now keeping your toes touching the ground and your hand touching the feet you have to try and raise your head as much you can
  • Move your head back to the normal position
  • It is the time for your left leg so now push your left leg by maintaining the position and exhale while doing this
  • Arms straight, hips raised and head aligned with arms to form an arch and then you need to push yourself up
  • Exhale while lowering the body to the ground. Your full body must touch the ground, including your palms.
  • While inhaling you need to raise the head backwards as much as you can
  • Resting on palms and feet you will have to raise yourself up
  • Inhale and bend your left leg slowly from your knees. Now bring the feet together and then lift your legs upward.
  • While exhaling you have to keep hand firmly on the ground and align your hand and feet together. It will be even better if you could touch the knees with your head
  • Raise your arms upward and inhale slowly. Now bend backwards slowly and stretch arms above your head.

yoga poses to increase height


If you have any digestion problem then also this exercise will help you apart from height gain. If you want to get the best result, then try this out at dawn or in the evening.

2. Sukhasana:

This is the main position of all yoga and almost every yoga start from this position only. It helps you to control breath and also helps in toning down the hips and lower back, which ultimately helps in decompressing the cartilage of the areas.

get taller with yoga


  • Sit down by crossing your leg and resting your hands on the knees
  • Focus on controlling the breath and make sure that is even paced and deep enough
  • Keep your spine aligned perfectly
  • Push your buttocks to the floor and lower the knees gently
  • Breathe 5 times and while inhaling you raise the arms upward over the head and remember to exhale while bringing down the arms gently
  • Repeat this for at least 5 – 7 times

3. Tadasana: (the Mountain Pose)

grow taller


It strengthens the arms, spines and legs and also keeps the body supple. If you practice this asana from childhood, then it will help you in gaining height too.

  • You need to keep the feet together while standing straight and your spinal cord must be erect with your palms by your side and facing the thigh
  • Clasp hands with fingers and stretch hands over head while your palms facing the ceiling
  • Lift the heel and stand on your toes and stretch as much as possible. While going back to normal position you must exhale.

4. Trikonasana: (Triangle Pose)


In order to improve balance this asana is quite good and it also enhances your postures. Apart from this it also helps in relieving tension.

  • Stand with your legs parallel 3-4 feet away
  • Raise your arms straight to the shoulder
  • Bend right to touch toes with your right hand. Try on the left side as well.
  • Raise left hand and look towards the ceiling
  • Keep it that way for one minute and then repeat it with right hand

5. Parivrtta Trikonasana: ( Revolved Triangle Pose):



This inverted triangle pose is great for gaining height, improving balance and strengthening back.

  • Stretch your legs towards the side and stand in that position
  • Lift the hands by keeping them aligned with shoulder
  • Turn completely to touch the left foot with your right hand. While doing that your left hand must face upward and finger should point outside
  • Loot at your left fingertips and hold position for 30 seconds. Bring back your arms aligned with your shoulder and then do it on the other side

4. Dog and Cat:

Stretch the cartilage disc through this asana by extending spines in two completely different directions in the spinal column.

  • Stand on knees and hand and place the hand just ahead of shoulders while the knees are placed with some place between them
  • Tilt pelvis up while inhaling and curve your back, and head moving upwards
  • Stretch body gently and go to cat position by going into reverse
  • Exercise will end with pelvis down while stomach and chest in
  • Repeat this movement smoothly many a time

7. Adhomukha Svanasana:

Downward facing dog is comparatively easy asana while it increases face and neck blood flow. It keeps the skin glowing, reduces stress and enhances confidence.


  • Stand on hand and knees
  • Your arms must be underneath the shoulders and legs underneath the hips
  • Palms must be facing the ground and spread out fingers to get a proper grip
  • Inhale deeply to sink stomach in
  • Lift knees from floor by supporting with toes and palm
  • Stretch spine and legs to maximum ensuring tail bone pointing up and body getting inverted shape of a V
  • Take 5 breaths while you are in the position

8. Tree Pose:

Calf muscles as well as leg will be improved and balance will also get enhanced through this asana.



  • Keep your feet together while stretching your hands in Namaskar position over your head with erect spine
  • Now lift your left leg up with a bent on your knees and place it on the right inner thigh  keeping the left knees facing outward
  • Breath normally and repeat it with right leg

9. Chakrasana:



Wheel pose in another name for this asana helps in increasing height irrespective of what age you are in. Making the body more flexible makes the spinal cord elastic.

  • Lie on your back and bend legs from knees to place it near the hip
  • Put palms on side of head, bend elbows and place fingers towards the body
  • Raise body resting on feet and palms while inhaling
  • Stay for a few seconds and try to increase the duration by normal breath

10. Hastapadasana: ( Hand to Foot Pose):



This asana is effective in height gain for people with short upper part.

  • Stand straight, arms alongside with feet together and body weight balance equally
  • Extend arms overhead while inhaling and while exhaling touch your feet
  • Stay like this for 30 seconds and breathe normally
  • Legs must not bend while hand must touch the ground beside your feet
  • While exhaling chest must move towards the knees, lift hips, press heels down and your head must relax
  • Breathe deeply and bring arms to the side

It is not only beneficial in height gain, but is also effective in keeping you healthy by releasing tension as well as depression. In order to get the maximum benefit start doing this asana at a really young age. You can use these Yoga positions to increase height after 25 as well!

In order to make the most of it you must do it under the supervision of some expert. Stay healthy and live happily by practicing yoga, as this is a proven therapy over the years. Check out the video below by NDTV Good Times where they show various Yoga exercises and their proper methods to execute it.


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