How to Get Bigger Boobs Faster Effectively in 55 Days

Hey ladies, are you amongst the ones who have always longed for bigger breasts and have tried everything so far and still not be able to witness desired results? If yes, then please read on. This article cover almost everything that you ever wanted to know about how to increase your breast size sitting at home without having to shell out a fortune on cosmetic surgery.

The important thing to note here is that breast size is mostly genetic. So, if you’re wondering why that girl has a bigger size than yours, then it’s probably passed down to her by her mom. Though it is not related to ill health or better health in any way, yet many women want to increase their boob size and have been constantly conscious about it.

Apart from the aesthetics, a good boob size plays an essential role in boosting any woman’s confidence. Tell me, which lady doesn’t want to look sexy and feel beautiful. The good news is that there are ways to naturally increase your boob size. Follow on for some personal tips to make boobs grow bigger.

how to make boobs grow bigger
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Breast Size – The common Concerns

It is an old wives’ tale that the lactation after delivery is hindered if the woman has a smaller breast size. While there has been no medical theory to support this, many women do still believe in this and it becomes a matter of concern for lactating mothers.

A smaller breast size is also subjected to a lot of criticism from your close friends and family. Somehow the stereotype which considers a woman with smaller boobs as incomplete in terms of beauty and health makes the life of women miserable. A small breast size could just be a case of lack of connective tissue beneath the skin that could eventually relate to smaller and bigger boob sizes. Read on for an excellent and tested guide on how to grow boobs naturally.

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A lot of hit and trial methods are commonly followed for enhancing the size of the breasts. Specific detailing can segregate these methods into two broad categories:

Natural Methods:

These are natural home remedies to make boobs grow bigger and the risk of side effects is greatly reduced. The only drawback is the little extra time and dedication that these methods take.

Our busy lives do not allow us the leverage to focus on such periodically repetitive procedures and we end up losing the consistency of the efforts to be out in. Majorly revolving around certain diet plans and physical exercises focused on the enlargement of the Breasts, the natural methods have a high success ratio if followed with dedication.

Artificial Methods

These are most commonly described as the artificial Breast Enhancement Procedures which are surgical in nature and show immediate results. These methods have been majorly adopted by celebrities and hence subconsciously, we feel safe about adapting these procedures also. Albeit, there are many side effects and health risks associated with cosmetic surgeries, most of us do take this plunge in a fit of desperation.

How to get bigger Boobs

Perseverance is the Key

Perseverance is the trick and we need to understand that for enhancing a physical aspect of our body, we cannot really put our health at risk. Although a quick fix sounds rosy, we should not give into them on the cost of our good being.

Apart from some home remedies and old wives’ tricks, there are certain other natural methods that are highly effective.

Drink the Magic Potion

Researchers have proven that drinking up a mixture of papaya juice and milk daily, majorly increases the size of boobs and continuous adherence to this regime will make you achieve the desired size gradually. Mixing fresh papaya juice/pulp in milk releases the hormones which are required to increase the size of the breast and adherence to this regime will gradually help you achieve the desired size.

how to grow boobs faster

Work out your way to Bigger Boobs

This is the most effective and the safest way to make boobs grow in size and shape. While certain exercises are good for overall health of the body, many specific exercises are meant to help you grow boobs bigger.

  • Pushups and Dumbbells

While Pushups are extremely beneficial for your biceps and reduce the flab in upper arms, the added benefit is the enhancement of the breast size and religiously following this regime would result in fuller, rounder curvaceous breasts. While “Fly lift“ has been miraculously effective in making your boobs look fuller, you can also try the “Wall Press” for the added firmness and fuller shape. All the breast enlargement exercises focus on developing the pectoral muscle of the chest in a natural way and if done, the benefits are multifold.

home remedies to increase breast size

  • It’s time to change your diet plan:

We are what we eat! This is the reason why, eating certain foods that help to increase the size of the boobs, and is a sure way of enhancing the breast size. Though the easiest way is to gain a few pounds and get a healthier look overall, this may not be preferred by people who are already on the heavier side of the weighing scale and have smaller breasts as compared to the rest of the body. This method is more suited to women who are leaner. Gaining a few pounds at right places is beneficial.

Eating foods with higher levels of Estrogen and Phytoestrogen

Estrogen is the hormone of the body which is directly associated with all the feminine features’ of the female body including the breast size. The foods which help to increase breast size are:

  • Lentils and chickpeas
  • Kidney Beans
  • Cheese and yogurt
  • Fenugreek
  • Apples, cherries plums are the wonder fruits
  • Beets, carrots and cucumbers are the veggie magic potions

foods to increase breast size

An increase in the level of Phytoestrogen is also a guaranteed way to grow boobs faster. And the best part is that Phytoestrogen is found in most of the delicious foods that you can put on your plate. So munch on these yummy delicacies and make boobs grow faster and healthier. Gorge on foods like:

  • Nuts like pistachio, walnuts, cashews and chestnuts.
  • Drink lovely red wine and white wine. Get the kick to calm your mind and gradually enhance your boobs to a turn into a beautiful asset.

Try Breast Enhancement Creams

Applying breast cream is a good way to increase the size of your boobs without causing harm to your body. Prolonged use of the cream increases the breast size gradually.

How to Grow Boobs

Ayurvedic Home Remedy

Silicon augmentation is an easy way that rich women chose to go for. But before going under the knife, try these 2 remedies your last resort. These will change your mind for sure.

Remedy 1: Using Fenugreek Powder

Fenugreek (Methi) has properties which help grow breast size and also makes them firm and sag free.

  1. Take ¼ bowl of fenugreek powder.
  2. Add a little water.
  3. Mix well to make a thick paste.
  4. Apply this on your entire breasts.
  5. Gently massage your breasts for 15 minutes.
  6. Leave the paste as it is for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Wash off with water.

Remedy 2: Using Cod Liver Oil and Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds have flavonoids which help in the growth of breast tissue.

  1. Heat cod liver oil in a pan for 3 minutes.
  2. Add 2 tsp of fennel seeds.
  3. Let fennel seeds turn red.
  4. Strain the oil off the seeds.
  5. Apply the strained oil on the breasts.
  6. Massage firmly. You can also use the below method of massage along with oil.
  7. Wash it off after 30 minutes.
  8. Do this every day for a month.

The Wonder Massage

A simple circular massage around the pectoral area of the breast enhances its shape and size. As per the research conducted in France, dedicating just five to ten minutes of massage every day, a markable difference can be noticed.

Check out this video on exercise and massage to increase your breast size. How to increase breast size by massage video.

While you lie down flat on your back, with your hand, you just need to massage the area around the breast in wide circular motions. And it does the trick. Relax and massage the pectoral area for longer durations to grow boobs faster.

exercise to increase boob size

A few quick fixes:

  • Contour and contour

Going for a party and want to look your best, but your boobs take you down like always? Don’t let this happen to you again. While you need to have patience with these natural methods, putting makeup to your boobs might come in handy if you’re looking for a quick solution. Contour your boobs with a contouring palette highlight the areas which you want to enhance with a lighter color and give depth by using a much darker shade than your skin color from the palette. And Voila! You’re good to go. Check this video on how to perfectly contour your boobs.

  • Wear bolder shades

These shenanigans actually work. The trick is to wear bolder patterns and colors around your neck. This makes your breasts look bigger than they actually are. Choose darker shades for the lower part. Doing vice-versa can make them look smaller instead. So, next time you’re out shopping, make sure you take care of these details before you invest into a dress or a top.

The Bra size and its Implications

Choosing the correct bra size is important. Doing so will not only save you from the inconveniences of an uncomfortable wear but also help lift your breasts for a flattering look. Most of the women feel shy to try and buy and choose bras just by a mere approximation and end up having various troubles like saggy breasts apart from cysts in the mammary glands.

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Also, the shape of the Bra needs to match with the kind of the outfit you are wearing. Wearing the same kind of bra with different outfits would make your breasts look smaller than they actually are. While some bra cups like the minimizer are meant to make your boobs look smaller, some like padded bras are designed to make your boobs look larger. Choosing the right bra hence does make a lot of difference!

 Ball is in your court!

Increasing breast size can not always be in our hands as it is mostly a matter of your genetics. But if trying simple yet effective methods can make you go from a size BB to a CC or might as well from a 32 to a 34, then why not?

Ladies, while you are at it or otherwise, don’t forget to love yourself and appreciate your body for what it is. Hoping to hear from you about the tremendous results that you will get after trying these simple home remedies and techniques in the comment box below. You can also mail us if you feel too shy (just like you do while selecting a bra for yourself) to comment. Stay fit and keep rocking, dear healthy mortals.

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    • Hey
      Take 300 ml of milk and 4 to 5 small cubes of papaya should be good for a glass of drink.
      However, you can make the shake and store it for daily use.
      For that, you can use half a papaya and 2-3 litres of milk, but that really depends on the size of papaya you use.
      Just make sure the milkshake is not too thick nor too liquidy. It should have a consistency similar to a Banana juice.
      Let me know if you have any other question about increasing breast size, I will be happy to help 🙂

      Stay fit!

      • Hi
        I read this post. Iam 35 years old and my boobs are not big. I have flat breast. Yor artical is usefull for me ? N i want to big bobs please help me

        • Hey Komal
          No need to get disappointed. This article has helped many girls and there are hundreds of girls who mail me with their before and after images.
          If they can, you too can increase your breast size successfully.
          Follow this article and you will see a growth in your boob size.
          If you have any queries or need further help, please email me using the contact for 🙂

          Good luck!

    • Hi I looked for a solution and found this website, since I’ve been using this article as my guideline, I have seen my Ideal size boob, Round shape and Perfect curves. and my boyfriend seems to be much more affectionate towards me now! He already holds me every night and buys me flowers every week. It’s as if just been become a super lover by my sexy figure. I love it so much …

  1. Regular massage of the breasts, employing the right techniques, will result in improved circulation and promote growth of healthy tissues in the breasts. This also helps to increase the firmness of the breasts. In turn, they contribute to increasing the size of the boobs. Thanks for these wonderful tips!!

    • Take a glass full of milk in a mixer grinder, add 6-7 cubes of cut papaya in it, add honey instead of sugar and mix it well until a milkshake like consistency is formed. Easy? 🙂

  2. my size is still 30 ….my all frends have good breast size except me 🙁 i am reallly tensed about iit soo plllz givvve me some goood methoods too increase my breast size .

    • Go with push ups and dumbbells. That will help in tightening the breast muscles that have been weakened during your pregnancy!

    • Yeaah alice! Massage has worked for me too and I recommend it to everyone as the very first step to increase breast size naturally!

  3. Hey chief I’m not use yaho o I’m use Skype my id is sweet hani.sweethani and I’m use the what’s app but I’m not send number this Sid e I hope you’re understand me .

  4. Hi , do you think if i took cod liver oil capsules that would help my breasts grow because i am nearly flat chested not quite but i am 13 and a half and i havnt started my period, do you think this would have anything to do with the fact that i have tiny breasts because all my friends wear bras and im still there in a crop top…..please help :/

    • You need not take any medicines, capsules for growing breasts.
      You are still very young and have not reached puberty.
      I was the same at the age of 13. I started developing breasts when I hit puberty. Don’t focus on your body now, you have big things to do.
      Avoid peer pressure and comparing, everybody’s body is different 🙂

  5. Hi chief
    What massage creme help us to increase the size of breast without any side effect.could u suggest any massage cream wihout any sideeffect.& pappya mix which u tell in article,how many time inake in a day?only morning;or morning, evening both?

  6. Hey mera ek beta hai jo feed leta hai vo dono side se he feed lets abi meri brest size big nd small ho gya hai jiski wajah se boht problem a rahi hai plz eska koi upea hai brest size same ho sake .plz help me ..

  7. Hi Chief. Just want to ask you is there any other thing or tipe of spice i can rub on my breasts to get it bigger I can’t find any Fenugreek Powder anywhere! Please reply.

  8. I am 16 years old and type 1 diabetic patient and my boobs are very very small and itz itz like 8 years kid my friends tease tht u are chest is like boys how get rid of it

    • Hi Pinky

      First of all stop listening to your friends. Its your body and no one has the right to comment about your body.

      Secondly, you are still very young and undergoing puberty and various other body changes.

      Let your body grow. Do not worry about your breast size at this age, concentrate on better things in life!

      You can massage your breasts whenever you go for bath. Avoid taking any medicines or such!

      Have a good day!!

  9. After having my child I had the , most beautiful dd breasts. After I stopped breastfeeding my dd went to a small saggy b cup. After using the above techniques for about 6 months my breasts are now a firm c cup. Thanks!

  10. Hi durga ,i am 18yrs old ,i have tiny friends are teasing me.i feel sad of mi breast size .so plz give me a tips to develop breast larger.i feel there is no tips to develop breast size

    • Hey Bhava

      Never fall into the peer pressure of your friends. No one has the right to comment or laugh over your body.

      You can use any of the above techniques and ideas to get bigger breasts.

  11. Hi chief editor
    I wanted to try the papaya and milk magic potion drink only problem is I am lactose and was wondering if the lactose milk would do the same as regular milk?

    • Hey Kate, we have not tried with lactose milk so I can’t say it will work. You can definitely try it out and let me know the results. Keep me updated with your result and progress!

  12. Hi chief editor my name is Kate and I wanted to try the magic potion with the papaya and milk but I’m lactose and tolerant and was wondering if the lactose milk would do the exact same as if it was regular milk

  13. I’m 29 yrs old. All the girls in my family have big DD cups and my mom is G. I have a SMALL B cup!
    Will these methods increase my size even after my 20’s? I’ve tried the papaya mix and it didn’t seem to do anything. I have been massaging for 2 months (with olive oil, sometimes coconut oil). They look the same.

  14. Hey hi i am kajal 21 years old my breast size is diffrent left side brest is small and right side brest size is big its clearly noticed by other person what can i do for similar both brest size plz help me

  15. Your Comment *
    my age is 25 boobs are of normal size, but they do not have nipple yet.
    what should I do? please tell me.

  16. Dear Chief, I am 31 years old lady having three kids, my deliveries appends at ages of 24, 26 and 29. Before and after my deliveries my boobs were in good size but after my third kids stopped breading its became too smaller. Now we stopped and no more pregnancy as well. Kindly advice above methods which one effective to become bigger breast and have good life with my partner. Thanks

  17. Hi I tried emailing but it said email not found, but I am currently a small b cup but would love to increase AT LEAST half a cup size. My wedding is coming up in about 5 months and I have been trying Brest active pills with Brest massage and curvehance with Brest cream and so far have had no luck. I am running out of time and I really want to fill out my dress before the big day I just don’t know what els to do. I honestly haven’t stuck with any kind of diet or anything but idk if I need to ballence hormones or something, and I read that the intake of to much estrogen can hult Brest growth so that scares me too. I saw that you said you might be able to help with a more personalized regimen and I’m running out of trial and error time please help me, this is something iv struggled with my whole adult life (I’m 23) thank you so much and I look forwards to your reply
    Thanks Kirsten .

  18. I have tried massage for a long time am not going to see results now right??am only 16 and I tried everything but I need something that makes my breasts bigger fast Should I wait or should I keep doing Massage?!what else helps?!


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