How to Get Rid of Hickeys in 24 Hours Flat

Hickeys! We all get them. They often catch us by surprise. You just had a really “special” night with someone and you wake up to find that they have left you a little souvenir or two on your neck. For some people, they do not mind having hickeys while others dread having them.

Regardless of which end of the spectrum you are, making hickeys go away is something everyone would want to know. Where do you even begin? How do you get rid of hickeys? How long do they last? Why are they on my neck? Just what are they anyway?

So many questions and so little time! Fear not, my lovestruck reader, as this article contains all the answers to all your questions and gives you 10 ways to make that stubborn hickey go away as fast as possible.

What are Hickeys?

how to get rid of hickeys

Not many people know what exactly hickeys are and as a result do not know how to treat them. In our body, we have various blood vessels that transport blood to all parts of the body.

These blood vessels come in various shapes and sizes throughout the body. The smallest blood vessels are situated in our arms and neck. These tiny blood vessels are called capillaries.

Because of their small size and tiny structure, they are easy to break. When your partner sucks on your neck, this force causes the capillaries to rupture causing all the blood contained within it to spill out around the surrounding tissue. This results in the hickey being formed.

Hickeys have a similar appearance to bruises as they have a similar colour and pattern. However, hickeys differ from bruises. Bruises are caused by the tissue under your skin getting damaged or bumped.

Hickeys are only blood spilling out into the tissue under the skin. Also, bruises pain and whereas hickeys cause itching, burning or sometimes swelling. This means that you cannot treat hickeys the same you would treat a regular bruise as the cause of both differ meaning the treat for both will also differ.

So now that we know what hickeys are and how they are formed, let’s tackle another common question which is “How long do hickeys last“?

This is a very common question and is asked a lot as people would want to get rid of a hickey as fast as possible. Know this, hickeys are not permanent marks.

They fade away all on their own after a period of time. If they are left untreated, they can go away within 5 to 12 days depending on how severe and dark the hickey is.

Although they could take longer to go away for a number of reasons such as:

  1. If the hickey is deep and was hard: This means that the more damage was done to the capillaries around your neck, the longer it will take for the hickey to go away.
  2. Your health: Depending on how healthy you are as an individual, hickeys can either take a longer period of time to go away if you are not healthy or they could go away much faster than normal if you are healthy.

How to Get Rid of Hickeys

There are a number of ways to get rid of hickeys fast such as home remedies, over the counter medication and special treatment. Most of these will be discussed here. Some methods may prove to work better than others depending on a variety of reasons. You just have to find the method that suits you and your skin best.

1. Apply something cold

cure hickeys overnight

This is one of the most used methods for getting rid of hickeys. As many people treat them as regular brushes, they treat it the same way they treat bruises.

As it turns out, this is an effective method for getting rid of hickeys fast. The coldness of whatever you decide to use, be it an ice pack or plain old ice cubes, causes less bleeding in and around the hickey. This means less blood is being rushed towards the tissue and the hickey should fade away.

  • Get something cold like an ice cube or ice pack.
  • Place the ice pack on the hickey pressing it gently. Don’t pain yourself.
  • Do this in 15-minute intervals to avoid damaging the skin.

Raw ice cubes should be wrapped in a towel or cloth as well as pressing ice directly onto the skin can cause burns.

Taking this concept further would be to press a frozen or cold spoon onto the hickey. This ensures the entire hickey is covered and will also reduce swelling.

2. Applying heat to the hickey

get rid of hickeys fast

Although applying something cold to a hickey can make it fade away fast, it usually works best on new hickeys and its effectiveness decreases depending on how old the hickey is.

Applying heat, on the other hand, works best after the hickey has already set in. Once the hickey has set in, all it consists of is blood that will be reabsorbed into the skin.

Applying heat to this will cause the blood to break down quicker leading to it being absorbed quickly into the skin. This makes the hickey cure faster and eventually go away.

  • Get something that is hot such as a hot water bottle or alternatively wet a towel in some hot water. Boiling water should NOT be used.
  • Gently place the towel onto the hickey and hold down gently.
  • Remove the towel if discomfort occurs as this could cause your skin to burn.
  • Repeat at regular intervals.

3. Apply toothpaste

how to cure hickey overnight

This is popular with many people as it is simple easy and does not require much effort.

  • Get your toothpaste tube. Ensure that it is white toothpaste and not gel based. It should preferably be mint flavoured.
  • Apply the toothpaste on the hickey by rubbing in a circular motion and ensuring the entire hickey is covered in toothpaste.
  • Depending on the sensitivity of your skin and complexion, you should leave it on the hickey for about half an hour.
  • After applying the toothpaste, a tingling sensation of sorts will occur. Once this feeling goes away it is time to wash away the toothpaste.
  • An immediate reduction in hickey colour and swelling should be noticeable.

This can also be done with any mint based creams or lotions as they contain medicinal properties and can aid in getting rid of a hickey fast.

4. Use Vitamin K

vitamins to cure hickey

Vitamin K (or Vitamin E) could be used to speed up the healing process of the hickey and make it go away faster, this is because Vitamin K aids in blood absorption.

Because the hickey is just basically blood inside the tissue, Vitamin K causes the blood to be absorbed much faster by the body. This makes the hickey fade away faster and can speed up healing as well.

5. Apply Aloe Vera

aloe vera skin mask

Aloe Vera is used by many people around the world for skin care. It contains many anti-inflammatories, aids in soothing the skin and speeds up healing.

Aloe Vera also contains Vitamin K which, as mentioned above, helps blood absorption which speeds up the healing process of hickeys for these reasons; many people use it to treat bruises as well.

The anti-inflammatory properties present in Aloe Vera help reduce swelling and it aids in healing the broken capillaries. This speeds up the natural healing process and makes hickeys go away faster. It should only be applied a handful of times throughout the day.

    • Get your hands on some natural Aloe Vera as this ensures the best possible result. If natural Aloe Vera is not available, any Aloe Vera based lotion* or cream would do.
    • Apply the Aloe Vera onto the hickey and ensure it is fully covered.
    • Wash off if irritation occurs.

*I recommend using Amara Organics Aloe Vera gel which is also the best seller and Amazon choice product.

6. Using the peel of a banana

banana peel for hickeys

This might not be the most popular solution to get rid of hickeys fast but it is definitely effective. The peel of ripe banana contains many cooling and soothing properties which are important for reducing swelling, if any, and aiding the natural healing process. Get a banana peel. There are no specifics here.

  • Place the banana peel on the hickey for around 10 to 30 minutes depending on the severity of the hickey.
  • This can be repeated a handful of times throughout the day for a faster result.

The advantage of using the banana peel over some of the above-mentioned methods is that the banana peel is not damaging to the skin.

It can be placed on the skin for long periods of time without the skin getting irritated or damaged. This allows you to repeat this method many times more than the other methods.

7. Massage the hickey

get rid of hickey overnight

Massaging the hickey is an effective way of getting rid of it fast. This is because when one massages in and around the hickey, the blood that is under the tissue becomes dispersed and the colour of the hickey immediately fades.

The results are instant in most cases depending on the severity of the hickey. This is the most effective if the hickey is fresh. You will see an instant change in the colour. If the hickey is a bit older, the colour will still fade but the outline of the hickey might still remain.

  • Massage the hickey using your fingers, rubbing gently.
  • One should not press too hard so as to not damage the skin.

8. Using a toothbrush

remove hickey fast

This method has proven to be as good as massaging the hickey as they both rely on the same concept. Use the toothbrush to gently rub the hickey and the surrounding areas.

This causes the blood to go back into the blood vessels and takes it away from the tissue making the hickey go away fast.

  • Grab your second favourite toothbrush
  • Rub the hickey gently. You should be careful when rubbing the toothbrush as you do not want to scratch or damage the skin.
  • This can be done in 5 to 10-minute intervals.
  • For the best result, this can be combined with other methods mentioned above. For example, one could use the ice pack for 15 minutes as mentioned above and then rub the hickey for 10 minutes and so on.

9. Apply rubbing alcohol

remove hickey from neck

Rubbing alcohol, much like other items mentioned on this list, contain many soothing and cooling properties for the skin which help with reducing swelling and aiding the natural healing process.

However, it contains one other property that many other items did not, disinfectant properties. This is important as it helps reduce bacteria and germs around the hickey.

This greatly increases the speed at which the hickey heals. This makes rubbing alcohol a very good choice. It will immediately reduce any irritation or discomfort the hickey may be causing.

  • Simply dip a cloth or cotton ball in a rubbing alcohol solution
  • gently rub the hickey for about 10 minutes
  • As alcohol will dry your skin up, ensure that lotion or cream is applied after this
  • Apply the alcohol twice per day and the hickey should be gone within 2 days.

10. Rubbing Orange

remove hickey with orange

Oranges contain Vitamin C which is used to extensively to heal bruises. They are as effective in healing hickeys fast as well. The Vitamin aids in healing the hickey and reduces swelling.

It also contains bleaching properties which take away the colour of the hickey and make it fade away. This can be applied by directly applying orange juice onto the hickey.

  • Orange juice can be applied directly to the hickey for any amount of time.
  • Drinking freshly squeezed orange juice also helps.

Over to You

These 10 ways are the best and most effective ways to get rid of a hickey as fast as possible or at least make them less visible and irritable.

Now that you know how to remove hickeys fast you can step outside with confidence and assurance knowing that nobody will ever know what you were up to.



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