How to Get Rid of Bruises the Most Easiest Way

Often when you are injured or indulged in any sort of fight, you may come across bruises developed on your body. Bruises are dark marks formed on your skin formed by the collection of blood insinuated between skin and muscle tissue. Even now, there are many trying to find a perfect solution as to how to get rid of bruises developed on their bodies. But before we check out the solutions for bruises, let’s see what causes bruising?

Bruises are the results of the blood going discoloured and the collection of blood near the surface of the skin due to the damaged blood vessels. Normally, people develop bruises when they accidentally bump into something or when they injure themselves during playing.

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The bleeding disorder can also lead to bruising. It can further lead to nose bleeding and also gum bleeding. It collects the blood at the surface of the skin which later appears as what we call black or blue marks. Are you thinking about those nasty bruises on your face? Are you wondering why you are bruising for no reason? Then this list is tailor made for you!

Bruising for No Reason

There are also other causes mentioned below when there is no particular case of hurting oneself and still bruises develop on your skin. Bruises can also occur due to an excess of exercise and weight lifting which further leads to tearing in the tissues.

  • Ageing

Ageing is one of the several reasons why you find a bruise on your skin even without injuring yourself. Such bruises are known as actinic purpura. They change their colours at times, reddening at first and then turning purple. It is caused due to the weakening of blood vessel walls from constant sun exposure.

  • Deficiency in Vitamins

Deficiency of various essential nutrients also results in such bruises. Lack of Vitamin K can effect normal blood clotting and can lead to severe bruising. Deficiency of Vitamin C can also lead to bruises as this vitamin helps the skin and blood vessels to prevent the causes which lead to bruising. Minerals, flavonoids and other nutrients are also necessary for our body to prevent the arrival of bruising without any particular reason.

  • Von Willebrand

Von Willebrand disease affects the ability of the blood to clot which further results in heavy bleeding refusing to cease.

  • Cancer

Due to Cancer and Chemotherapy, your blood platelets can lower down below 400,000 due to the low production of platelets leading to severe bleeding and bruise.

How to Get Rid of Bruises

Now that you probably have an idea how you got those bruises on skin, it’s time we get rid of bruises. Below is an awesome list of techniques and home remedies to get rid of bruises fast and that too effectively.

  • Ice Magic

get rid of bruises fast

Applying ice on the affected area can do wonders. Apply it for 10-15 minutes at each hour after 24 hours of injury. Ice helps in making the blood vessels hard and strong, thus preventing blood from oozing out of your face. You should avoid using the ice directly as it can damage your skin, causing you frostbite. Always apply an ice pack crushed in a bag. Make sure you don’t press it on the bruise as it can add further impetus to the bruise. As an alternative, you can also use frozen vegetables on your skin wrapped in a cloth.  But don’t forget to remove the pack before going to bed.

  • Heat Compressing

What you need to do after the ice pack is heat compressing. Heat compressing is much-needed as it increases the blood circulation to the victimised area of your skin. This results in the immune system cells reaching the affected area and healing it. The proper way for heat compression is to soak warm water in a piece of a clean wash cloth and rest it on the injured area for about 15-20 minutes.  It’s that simple! Really!

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  • Arnica Oil

One of the best solutions to get rid of bruises is Arnica oil. As told by WebMD, this oil helps in eradicating the swelling and all sorts of pains a bruise promotes. But make sure that you go through all the instructions given on the bottle before you use it.

  • Ample Rest

how to get rid of bruises quickly

Are you surprised? Resting is also a way to treat the bruise on your face. Keep in mind that while resting, always raise your head a little by resting your head on at least two pillows. It reduces the swell in that way. You should also make sure not to exercise for a few days as it can give rise to the pain injected by the bruise.

There are many ways as to how to get rid of your bruises fast. Just follow these simple instructions properly.

  • Elastic Bandage

Using elastic bandage helps in preventing the bruise from spreading. If you discover bruise on your body, apply an elastic bandage on the affected area without any delay. This also helps in controlling the blood leakage. Using vinegar with warm water also helps in healing the bruise rapidly.

  • Pineapple

Pineapple also helps in eradicating the bruise as it has an enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain works as a helper in digesting the protein responsible for a bruise and other skin injuries. For quick results, one should consume about 500 milligrams of bromelain a day.

  • Chocolate

what is good for bruises

For someone who has twitched his face more than once after reading these remedies, and is still pondering over how to get rid of bruises, there is good news for them, though it comes with a bad one too. Chocolate is most loved by all and it is no hidden fact. If you melt chocolate in hot water and keep it on the affected area, you’re sure to get the instant relief. You can also try hot chocolate for the same but making sure that hot chocolate isn’t extremely hot as it can pain your skin even more. Bad news? You can’t consume it during your treatment.

  • Vitamin K

Vitamin K is yet another solution to your problem. It is useful in treating blood clotting effectively and quickly. Consume vegetables rich in Vitamin K and it would be better to add leafy vegetables in your daily meal.

Some Vitamin K foods are Green leafy vegetables, herbs, hot spices, asparagus, cucumber, soya bean, olive oil, dry fruits and nuts, broccoli.

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Is tomorrow an important day for you? Do you have just a night to get rid of those bruises? Check out this list of know how to get rid of bruises overnight.

Often this question arises in your mind as how to get rid of bruises. This question, fortunately, won’t go unanswered as we at Healthy Mortal have got you covered.

  • Onions

Onion works amazingly on a bruise. Just cut the slices of an onion and keep it on the affected area for 30 minutes. You’ll see the change for yourself.

  • Essential Oils

chamomile oil for clean skin mask
Essential oils are usually used for massage but they are also helpful in the treatment of bruises. They seal the skin tissue preventing blood clotting which helps in the rapid treatment of your bruises. There are some oils you need to note down –

  1. Geranium (30 drops)
  2. Lavender (15 drops)
  3. Cypress (10 drops)
  4. Lemongrass (10 drops)
  5. Helichrysum (5 drops)
  • Parsley leaves

Break the parsley leaves into very small pieces and apply them on your affected area. Parsley leaves are equally useful as essential oils as they’re herbs. The juices in Parsley will help in clotting the bruises effectively.

  • Watercress

get rid of bruises fast

Watercress is yet another essential remedy you may need to get rid of bruises. This is an aged plant useful for treating several other diseases as well. It is rich in Vitamin C and K. This is a good ingredient to make the meal delicious but apart from that, it is a natural remedy to heal bruises. Crush some of the watercress and apply it on the affected area and those bruises fading away!

  • Blueberries

get rid of bruises

You must have eaten blueberry cheesecakes but did you know that blueberries also help you to get rid of bruises? Just like watercress, blueberries too are rich in Vitamin C and flavonoids, which help in bridging the gap in the tissues, thus fixing them and healing the bruise in less time. As mentioned earlier, pineapple is also useful for the treatment of the bruises.

  • Cabbage

Cabbage serves as one of the perfect solutions to the problem of the bruises. It is rich in Vitamin C and K, which is enough to fix your bruises. Just boil water until it gets hot and wet the edge of the cabbage leaves and apply it, later on, your skin.

Other remedies include kneading and sun exposure in which your bruise faces the sunlight for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do this in sunlight which comes at the beginning of sunrise only.

Get Rid of Bruises on Legs

how to get rid of bruises on legs

Its summer season and you want to flaunt those long legs of yours but wondering how to get rid of the bruises on the legs?

Often we come across bruises on our legs while playing. Sports like cricket, football, hockey etc. come with the risk of such injuries and so we should be cautious to take fine measurements to prevent further damage caused by bruises.

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You must have read about ice pack and heat compressing earlier in the article. Follow all guidelines and you’ve to do it for 15 minutes. Repeat the process after 24 hours.

  • Vinegar

There are several other remedies one can use to treat his or her bruise affecting their legs. One can stir vinegar in warm water and apply it on the affected area on the legs. It would keep them safe from further damage and would soon heal the bruises too. Applying essential oils, onions and other ingredients as mentioned earlier also help in leg bruise.

Some more home remedies for bruises which are cheap and produces mind blowing results are listed below. 

  • Sugar Syrup

causes of bruises

Sugar syrup serves as the helpful remedy to cure the bruises. Apply some warm sugar syrup (don’t overheat it) on the affected area and cover it with a bandage. If you’re looking for an alternative, you can also apply the thick sugar syrup. All you have to do later is to place the ice pack later and let the sugar dry to harden the skin so that it could prevent the bleeding.

  • Butter

Buttery meals are yummy but this can be used for getting rid of those bruises. Gentle massage of fresh butter on the damaged skin can make you feel better and eventually heal your skin too.

  • Foods rich in Vitamin C

Meals rich in Vitamin C can also help cure the bruise just like Vitamin K. Eat leafy vegetables, oranges, broccoli and all the mildly sour fruits etc. more often if you want to treat your skin properly.

  • Papaya

papaya pulp mask for clear skin

Papaya is also a perfect remedy for the treatment of your skin. It contains bromelain helpful in treating the bleeding of blood. Thus, consume papaya every day for better results. No wonder women opt for the papaya facials!

  • Grape Seeds

Grape seeds are also useful in the treatment of the bruise. You just have to extract the juice out of the seeds and apply it on the affected part of the skin. As an alternative, you can also consume the juice twice a day to get rid of bruises fast.

  • Turmeric Power and Tamarind Paste

Turmeric powder and Tamarind paste are the most effective natural medicines for any sort of skin disease/injury. Just make a thick paste of tamarind and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Heat it and apply the warm mixture on the bruised part. Cover it later with cotton to heal it.

Important Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Use at least 3 remedies from the above list to get rid of bruises overnight. The best combination would be, apply Ice during the day time when you are free, Eat pineapples in your meal and before going to bed, do a smooth oil massage using the above mentioned oils.
  2. You can use either Ice Pack or Heat Compressing, whichever you are comfortable with. If you are doing both, keep a gap of at least 2 hours between them.
  3. Do not wear tight clothes. It will increase the blood pressure hence causing more damage to bruises.
  4. Make sure to take sunlight early in the morning for 15 minutes.
  5. Do not touch your bruises. You don’t want to spread infection from your hand germs.
  6. Start getting rid of bruises within 24 hours of them or else the blood clot will become severe. Bookmark this page to keep the remedies handy.
  7. Take ample amount of rest. Any rigorous movement of body will increase blood pressure thus increasing the damage of bruises.

Over to You

So these were some of the most used and effective remedies for the treatment of your bruises naturally. We hope you must have got the answer as to how to get rid of bruises. So, don’t waste your time, go ahead and note down these remedies.

People will ask you the name of the clinic from where you supposedly got the treatment for those scary bruises, but surprise them by sharing this article on home remedies to get rid of bruises.



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