10 Homemade Pregnancy Test Ideas for Most Accurate Results

A pregnancy starts the journey of transformations, both physical and mental. While the pregnancy may be a very stressful period for you, you can make it the most memorable time of your life by planning it well.

The most important part of the pregnancy is homemade pregnancy test, and then of course, coming on terms with it. Most of the times the pregnancy is news most welcomed, but certain pregnancies can be unplanned and throw you completely off your balance.

While there are many affirmed medical procedures to confirm your pregnancy, you can check your pregnancy by using free pregnancy test procedures at the comfort of your home. There are some unique alternative ways of doing the pregnancy tests at home. Intrigued by this idea?

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Let’s read on to know about some homemade pregnancy tests which will help you determine the pregnancy.

A procedure to detect and confirm pregnancy using pregnancy strips was developed by Margaret Crane in 1968. Millions of women today use the test to confirm their pregnancies. Though the pregnancy strip is easily available at the chemists, a good gynaecologist would always recommend a blood test to confirm the pregnancy.

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But before you raise your hopes, celebrate and rush to a gynaecologist, here are a few pregnancy tests that you can make and perform at home, using simple ingredients found in your kitchen. These homemade pregnancy tests may not be completely accurate and show accurate results, but you can surely try them once before taking medical tests.

Homemade Pregnancy Test

  • Dandelion Leaves

As an early pregnancy test, Dandelion leaves can be effectively used to confirm the pregnancy. Cut a few Dandelion leaves and place them in a plastic container. Make sure it does not come in contact with direct sunlight after this. Drink plenty of water before you are ready for the test.

Once, you feel a full bladder; urinate on the leaves till they get completely submerged in the urine. Check after ten minutes and if there are red bumps on the leaves, you are pregnant.

dandelion leaves pregnancy test

  • Pine Sol

Here’s another free pregnancy test using a home made solution. To make it easy for you to understand, let me tell you, Pine Sol is basically a housing cleaning agent containing Pine Oil. Most of the people have Pine Sol at home for cleansing and various other uses.

Now, mix your fresh urine with Pine Sol solution, wait for a few seconds/minutes and see for any colour changes. If the mixture changes colour, you are soon going to be a mother.

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  • Using Bleach

make your own pregnancy test
Bleach pregnancy test is one of the most effective homemade Pregnancy test that I have personally used it during my college time. Simply mix bleach and urine in a plastic cup. If this mixture starts foaming, then motherhood has embraced you!

Share the good news with your loved ones and celebrate. Do carry out this test outdoors because the fumes released from bleach pregnancy test can make it too stuffy for you to breathe inside the bathroom.

If you find it difficult to do this outdoors, fill a jar with with your fresh urine separately and take the jar outside. Proceed with the above process then.

  • Toothpaste Test

Homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste is probably the easiest method according to me because the materials you will require are right in front of you, probably, if you are reading this in your bathroom.

Ever wondered how toothpaste can be used for confirming a pregnancy? As an early pregnancy test, any white toothpaste can be used for this test. Mix a spoon full of white toothpaste and urine in a plastic container to make your own pregnancy test.

If the tooth paste turns blue, then you are soon going to feel the baby moving inside you. That deserves a big smile, or a cause for worry, if it is unwanted?

homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste

  • Vinegar Solution

Take some vinegar in a plastic cup and mix it with your fresh urine. This is another easy homemade pregnancy test with vinegar. There might be some bubbling, and you should not bother about it. If the colour of liquid changes from its original colour when you mixed, it means that you should expect a baby. A perfect free pregnancy test, this homemade pregnancy test with vinegar has been in use since the ancient times when there were no traces of medical technology.

  • Soap Water

If you are not having bleaching powder at the moment, you can use soap water to test pregnancy as well. It is not as effective as bleach, but can definitely be given a try.

Take your first morning sample of urine in a bowl and mix the lather of soap foam in it. If the solution bubbles up, you maybe pregnant. The only reason I have used “may be” in this test is because not many have found this to be very accurate but it is worth the try for an instant curiousness.

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  • Sugar Test

This homemade pregnancy test with sugar is best tried with the first urine of the day. In a bowl, add two to three spoons of sugar (the small crystals, not powder) and urinate on it. If it does not dissolve and forms clumps, then, you can confirm your pregnancy.

This is another easy and free method to test pregnancy at home. Also, this method has proved to be 97.6% accurate, so I would suggest you pretty ladies to try a couple more methods from rest of the list of verify it.

homemade pregnancy test with sugar
homemade pregnancy test with sugar
  • Mustard Powder

This early homemade pregnancy test is also very effective in ascertaining pregnancy. If you have skipped your periods and are suspecting a pregnancy, fill a bath tub with hot water and add freshly ground mustard powder to it. Now soak yourself in it for half an hour or so. Take a plain water shower after this.

Now, if you get your periods in a day or two, then your period may have been delayed by other reasons and you should see a good doctor for that. But if there is still no sign of your periods, then chances are that you are pregnant and should be preparing for this new phase of your life.

  • Tuna Juice and Vinegar

Make your own pregnancy test with Tuna juice and Vinegar.

Mix ¼ Cup of Tuna Juice to ¼ cup of Vinegar in a plastic cup. Now urinate in a separate cup and add this fresh urine to this mixture. Wait for a few minutes till the colour starts changing (you should hope it doesn’t if it is unwanted pregnancy).

If the colour has changed to an orange-yellowish hue, then the test is negative. But if hints of green appear and the mixture takes a greenish tinge, then the pregnancy is confirmed. This is an easy and early homemade pregnancy test that is very effective and accurate.

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  • Urine Itself

Collect your urine in a jar or a bottle. Make sure the bottle is resting on a flat surface and do not touch or shake it at all. After 24 hours, if you a see a thin white layer on the surface of your urine, the test is positive and confirms your pregnancy. If nothing shows up on the top layer of your urine, the test is negative and you are not pregnant.

This is the third most easiest test of all the above I have mentioned. You require no extra materials or ingredients, just the patience of 24, curious hours.

How to increase the accuracy of the homemade pregnancy tests

  • Always prefer to use the morning sample of the urine as the tester because it is less diluted. The more concentrated the urine, the better the results.
  • Be careful while using products like vinegar and bleach. The strong stench of these ingredients may cause suffocation. You should always carry out these tests in the open.
  • Though these free pregnancy tests have been used for over the ages, do not rely on them alone. The positive indicator of these homemade pregnancy tests is just a notion that you can confidently see a doctor now.
  • Whichever method you choose , make sure that you try it over a flat surface and don’t shake the samples in any homemade pregnancy tests that you would choose.
  • Use plastic containers only.
  • Dispose the plastic containers or jars that you may have used immediately after the completion of the test.

Over to You

homemade pregnancy test

Pregnancy is a blessing and there is nothing that gives a woman more joy than motherhood. Equip yourself and ascertain the pregnancy with simple ingredients from your kitchen without having to worry about any medical bills and consultation fees of the doctors.

With the confirmation of the pregnancy starts the journey of your motherhood, it is a state of mind and body which needs extreme caution, love and care. Pregnancy can totally stress you out and drain you of energy. Taking good care of your self is of prime importance. Whether it is healthy nutrition, or adequate rest, your health needs to be administered.

If you need homemade pregnancy test in hindi, please mail us using the contact form and we would be happy to help you in that language.

Note: If you find any discrepancies in the article, do intimate us with the same. We do not guarantee 100% accuracy because the environment, conditions and material used may be different for everyone; and every body is different.

In cases of unplanned pregnancy, although there are many alternatives to terminate the pregnancies, but motherhood is definitely a divine gift and all decisions need to be weighed upon carefully. Instead of abortion and killing the foetus, you can give birth to the baby and ask other non-conceivable couples to adopt the baby.

“How come when it’s us, it’s an abortion, and when it’s a chicken, it’s an omelette?” ― George Carlin

Post pregnancy, your body may gain baby fat and excess weight. Here is a very effective article on How to Lose Belly Fat at the comfort of your home.


    • I have been wondering the same. When I do the toothpaste one am i supposed to mix it with a spoon? And if so how long do I have to?

      • Hi I’m 5 days late I’ve been extremely wet down there had some clear white discharge no odor tho been craving panda express noodles and taco back pain I took vinger test it turned really clear even tho my pee was light already had two Lil bubles is that a pos

  1. I haven’t had my period in like 3 months. I am not stressed but I am really worried. I don’t want my parents to find out. I haven’t done it either. What do I do?

    • When you say you haven’t done ‘it’, do you mean sex? There’s many reasons as to why you might not be having your period other than being pregnant. For example, obviously when you’re in your teenage years, your period isn’t always regular as your body is still developing. I had gone up to 4 months without mine at one stage. After that, your weight (overweight and underweight), excessive exercise, stress, a byproduct of some birth controls, etc. can lead to you missing your period. I would recommend talking to your parents & maybe seeing a doctor if you’re still worried.

  2. is it possible to perform any of these tests before my period ? or should I wait till my period time comes first? and when is the earliest time to do the test at and get a possible result?

    thank you

  3. Plz muja reply zaror krna k m ny periods sy 1 week pehly urine itself wala test kiya tha and us m thin laye ayi thi white c so what does it meanz i am pregnent i realy want to concevie from 1 year

  4. I did the bleach sugar and toothpaste test bleach bubbles for ever and sugar clumb up and the toothpaste started to turn every thing blue and I did a soap test and it was bubbly but I took a pregnancy test came out negative ????

      • Me and My Boyfriend constantly have sex and he always cums inside me but i still haven”t gotten pregnant yet and I am starting to worry. Me and him are wanting to have a baby and we’re are trying really hard but so far all of our pregnancy tests came out negative and my doctor isn’t telling me if I am able to produce a baby or not. I’m really sad because I’ve been longing for a baby and for me to just keep trying and trying, just makes it seem like I am never gonna be able to produce a baby. I mean I have the money and a house and EVERYTHING but for me unable to have baby just isn’t fair. I mean me and my boyfriend constantly have sex at least 10 times a day and we always try new positions and everything but nothing seems to work. I don’t know, should I just give up and stop this baby-fever nonsense or should we keep trying and hope for a miracle?

        • i think you should keep trying and not lose hope. Also, time you love making very well. Once you know your ovulation days, it should be easier for you to get pregnant. Try and use all the methods for detecting your ovulation days, for eg, temping, checking your cervix position and cervical mucus etc. It’ll happen for you. Have hope and believe in God

    • I believe you should contact your dr. Unless he is a medical that’s the only reason she may no that and even then unless she knows your body she can not tell you much.

  5. I did the vinigar tets and the collour changed. So do I have have to buy a real pregnancy test or perform another homeremedy test?

  6. I had sex with my finace on 9 of november,my period stopd on 4 of november up till nw i hv nt seen my period dose it mean am prega nt? And am aslo seen one white substance coming out from my private part,dose it mean am pregant

  7. I tired the bleach thing and the vinegar one too. I saw my last period as drops for a fews days then it done. Does that mean I’m pregnant?

  8. I did the bleach test. And it roamed I was to get my period today and so far no signs of it took a pregnancy test. Yesterday and it came out negitive.. What am I to think

  9. I just did the sugar test and it didn’t desolve at all…just clumped up. I just got my iud out last Monday and we has sex the next day. I’m hoping it’s positive. Gonna go buy a test tomorrow 🙂

  10. I used sugar strait out of the fridge and when I did the test it didn’t dissolve nor crumble. It kind of stayed on the bottom but flat, what does this mean?

  11. Im a younger girl who is very scared that she might be pregnant, my parents cant find out, my boyfriend and i are very scared and my period should be coming any day now, which test should i use? it wasnt alot of cum that got inside me but how much does it take to become pregnant?

    • A little sperm is enough to make you pregnant. If there is an urgency to check your pregnancy, I suggest you to take a medical pregnancy test strip which is available at any pharmacy.

  12. Hi I did a detol test. I googled it and it made a white border at the top. Aparently it is a posotive. Then i took the urine test and it looked like a white ball at the bottom aparently thats a positive too. But when i took a clearblue digital test it came out negative… What does this mean? Is it too early to do that test or am i really not pregnant?

  13. I just had my first time a week ago. Im not on a pill or IUD and he used a condom before he came. I didnt feel him cum inside me at all and I can definitley feel my period coming. Is that a sign Im not pregnant?

  14. Hey I’m a teen and my boyfriend and I are very scared that I am pregnant. Which pregnancy test do I do out of these? My parents cannot find out about this whole thing or I am dead. I can’t get one from a pharmacy either. Which would be best for me to use?

    • Same here, except I haven’t told my boyfriend that I think I could be pregnant. Telling my family would be the hardest/ scariest thing.. We did use protection both times but I’m still having some symptoms. I’m going to try the tuna juice and vinegar one…

  15. Hello. I am 22 about to be 23 and I have these symptoms that makes me wonder. My boobs hurt. I been nauseous. Haven’t had my period in 3 months I’m unregular so it’s even more confusing. I sometimes crave so bad a couple food recipes. I do have sexual activities with my boyfriend. Does this mean my period is coming soon or I need to do a pregnancy test?? <3

  16. Good afternoon!
    I want to ask if how rarely is to get a false positive while breastfeeding?. My last period was March 11,2016. I know my period can be delayed for days and weeks because I’m breastfeeding but lately I’ve been feeling nauseous and having vivid dreams. I took a test two days ago bought from a dollar store and it said positive. I want to know if the breastfeeding cause false positive. Please help it means tons for me. So I can fix my doctor’s appointment. Thank you

    • Breastfeeding wouldn’t cause a false positive, but it does make you more fertile than average. Hopefully this helps, good luck in whatever hopes you have

    • i just did it has bubbles but not foam…. weird… hahahahaha… i dont know if is positive but im having fun… however i tried the toothpaste and didnt have the blue color but turned like fluffy.. i tried the vinegar and just had bubbles too… so i dont know…gonna wait for other day.. but the same is really cool can do it by myself… hahahahhaha

  17. Goodmorning I tried the bleach test and it foamed immediately also tried the pine sol test and it changed in color. I should get AF in three days could I be pregnant ????

  18. I had seX with my boyfriend.
    .we use protection but i m feeling horrible i m feeling sick or week we use condom that day but not conformed that i m pregnent or not is there is any chances of getting pregnent even after using protection?? Please reply

  19. I did the bleach method and it didn’t foam but it does bubble. It looks like a carbonated drink like soda. Should I be worried?

  20. Hi I haven’t missed any of my periods and all the test I have done indicates negative. Home pregnancy,ultrasound and blood test,but I still feel headaches and backpains and sometimes I feel hollow in my tummy. What should I do? Pls reply asap! Thanks

  21. I had six with my boyfriend last month and about a week later I started bleeding for about 3 days. I took the bleach test and it came back positive. I’ve bought the 88 cents tests from Walmart and they come back negative. I was expecting my period this month and it hasn’t came. Could it be to early to find out or what. I’ve been craving garlic like crazy. I never crave garlic. Please help, I’ve talked to anyone and everyone. Thank you

    • That bleach test is crap — COME TO FIND OUT, URINE ALWAYS FOAMS IN BLEACH! Maybe, when you’re pregnant, it will foam like something crazy or something, idk. But it scared me! Try another test for sure. The one you got at Walmart is more than likely accurate.

  22. i tried the sugar test for detecting weather i m pregnant or not.when i added sugar crystals with the urine ,it did’nt dissolve and clumps were not formed .and when i did test with soap a bubble came up.what does it mean?….pls tell mee i am very curious and tensed too

  23. I just did the tuna water and vinager test plus the sugar test the tuna water turned light green and the sugar lumped i went to the store and bought a 99 cent store test and used different urine it was negative. Could it be to early to test?

  24. I did the bleach and urine and it foamed up a lot and I did the pine oil and it changed colored but I did. A pregnancy test and it came out negative? I need help I two weeks late

  25. i had a pregnancy test when my period are 5 days late.the test result is negative. now i am 15 days late and my period not come yet what i do its possible that it is pregnancy..? plz help..

  26. Hi. I have not seen my period from since may 20 which was d last i say it. This is the second time its happening. I have my three year old son who still breast feeds BT only at night.i took so many test n them all negative. What is this?

    • Hello

      Yes, that is true. However, the ammonia present in our urine is highly diluted ammonia, which has hardly any reactions with bleach. It is a tried and tested method 🙂

  27. good evening, i have been stressed for quite a while, even though i had my period from the 25th to the 28th of july i am wondering if i am pregnant, i took a morning after pill on the 17th of august and it messed up my menstruation dates, a few days ago i woke up with terrible pain in my lower abdomen and lower back, the worst pain was on the right. i have hot flushes daily and a sharp pain in my right breast that my bra bothers me the whole day, i have been extremely bloated and gassy the past few days as well. my nose has been runny and my shoulder and neck muscles ache. for the past few days i wake up at random times of the night and really itchy on my legs mostly.

    • Hai gabi,
      Am having the same symptoms like one day early my lower abdominal right side heavy pain and I woke up and back ache and vomiting also
      Can you tel have you check with doctor

  28. Hi started to feel dat my breast is heavy an having a terrible pain in my lower tummy an have a trip to loo every 10minutes I wake up in the middle of night an go to loo which was not my thing later on.I did take home preg test an its negative pls help

  29. Hey so i tried the bleach and urine pregnancy test. And it started foaming with in two second…. I did have unprotected sex where my bf came in me twice…. Is this an indication that im pregnant

  30. I had my periods on 22nd September. And for last few days am having the symptoms like lower backache in morning, nausea, dizziness and bloated stomach. I did bleach urine test. I can see the formation of foam with strong odor. Also did another test. Kept morning urine untouched for a day. I can’t see a layer on the surface, but some white thing formed in it which is not clear as like I kept the day before. So Pls help me, what to think of now.

  31. hi my name is jessica ive had all of the signs ive even did the the bleach test i didnt get alot of foamy bubble i only got a little bit of bubble whats that mean

  32. Hey I taken a first response and it do positive and then I take A cheep test and it cum out negative yes me and my partner is sexually active and two make me two days late on my period what do it means

  33. hi, I have made a sugar test to conform my pregnancy. I have take 1st urine of the day. I’m unable to see whether sugar is clumping or not. But after 15min, when i have put my finger tip & shake the urine all the sugar was fully dissolved. I want know whether the clumping sugar also dissolve afer 15 min. I unable to conform my pregnancy.

  34. Hi I did the bleach and urine test,, it was a little strong,, I put some urine first and it did nothing but when I poured all of it which was about half of the urine sample cups it just fizzed and left a little white layer above the urine,, what does that indicate ?

  35. Hi me and my boyfriend won’t had a intercourse but we had a direct skin contact and i missed a period for a month i supsect the precum makes me pregnant! so i had taken a sugar test 3 times the sugar dissolves but i had bathed in a mustard powder bath and i won’t get my periods still! is this the sign of pregnancy? pls help me?


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