A pregnancy starts the journey of transformations, both physical and mental. While the pregnancy may be a very stressful period for you, you can make it the most memorable time of your life by planning it well.

The most important part of the pregnancy is homemade pregnancy test, and then of course, coming on terms with it. Most of the times the pregnancy is news most welcomed, but certain pregnancies can be unplanned and throw you completely off your balance.

While there are many affirmed medical procedures to confirm your pregnancy, you can check your pregnancy by using free pregnancy test procedures at the comfort of your home. There are some unique alternative ways of doing the pregnancy tests at home. Intrigued by this idea?

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Let’s read on to know about some homemade pregnancy tests which will help you determine the pregnancy.

A procedure to detect and confirm pregnancy using pregnancy strips was developed by Margaret Crane in 1968. Millions of women today use the test to confirm their pregnancies. Though the pregnancy strip is easily available at the chemists, a good gynaecologist would always recommend a blood test to confirm the pregnancy.

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But before you raise your hopes, celebrate and rush to a gynaecologist, here are a few pregnancy tests that you can make and perform at home, using simple ingredients found in your kitchen. These homemade pregnancy tests may not be completely accurate and show accurate results, but you can surely try them once before taking medical tests.

Homemade Pregnancy Test

  • Dandelion Leaves

As an early pregnancy test, Dandelion leaves can be effectively used to confirm the pregnancy. Cut a few Dandelion leaves and place them in a plastic container. Make sure it does not come in contact with direct sunlight after this. Drink plenty of water before you are ready for the test.

Once, you feel a full bladder; urinate on the leaves till they get completely submerged in the urine. Check after ten minutes and if there are red bumps on the leaves, you are pregnant.

dandelion leaves pregnancy test

  • Pine Sol

Here’s another free pregnancy test using a home made solution. To make it easy for you to understand, let me tell you, Pine Sol is basically a housing cleaning agent containing Pine Oil. Most of the people have Pine Sol at home for cleansing and various other uses.

Now, mix your fresh urine with Pine Sol solution, wait for a few seconds/minutes and see for any colour changes. If the mixture changes colour, you are soon going to be a mother.

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  • Using Bleach

make your own pregnancy testBleach pregnancy test is one of the most effective homemade Pregnancy test that I have personally used it during my college time. Simply mix bleach and urine in a plastic cup. If this mixture starts foaming, then motherhood has embraced you!

Share the good news with your loved ones and celebrate. Do carry out this test outdoors because the fumes released from bleach pregnancy test can make it too stuffy for you to breathe inside the bathroom.

If you find it difficult to do this outdoors, fill a jar with with your fresh urine separately and take the jar outside. Proceed with the above process then.

  • Toothpaste Test

Homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste is probably the easiest method according to me because the materials you will require are right in front of you, probably, if you are reading this in your bathroom.

Ever wondered how toothpaste can be used for confirming a pregnancy? As an early pregnancy test, any white toothpaste can be used for this test. Mix a spoon full of white toothpaste and urine in a plastic container to make your own pregnancy test.

If the tooth paste turns blue, then you are soon going to feel the baby moving inside you. That deserves a big smile, or a cause for worry, if it is unwanted?

homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste

  • Vinegar Solution

Take some vinegar in a plastic cup and mix it with your fresh urine. This is another easy homemade pregnancy test with vinegar. There might be some bubbling, and you should not bother about it. If the colour of liquid changes from its original colour when you mixed, it means that you should expect a baby. A perfect free pregnancy test, this homemade pregnancy test with vinegar has been in use since the ancient times when there were no traces of medical technology.

  • Soap Water

If you are not having bleaching powder at the moment, you can use soap water to test pregnancy as well. It is not as effective as bleach, but can definitely be given a try.

Take your first morning sample of urine in a bowl and mix the lather of soap foam in it. If the solution bubbles up, you maybe pregnant. The only reason I have used “may be” in this test is because not many have found this to be very accurate but it is worth the try for an instant curiousness.

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  • Sugar Test

This homemade pregnancy test with sugar is best tried with the first urine of the day. In a bowl, add two to three spoons of sugar (the small crystals, not powder) and urinate on it. If it does not dissolve and forms clumps, then, you can confirm your pregnancy.

This is another easy and free method to test pregnancy at home. Also, this method has proved to be 97.6% accurate, so I would suggest you pretty ladies to try a couple more methods from rest of the list of verify it.

homemade pregnancy test with sugar
homemade pregnancy test with sugar
  • Mustard Powder

This early homemade pregnancy test is also very effective in ascertaining pregnancy. If you have skipped your periods and are suspecting a pregnancy, fill a bath tub with hot water and add freshly ground mustard powder to it. Now soak yourself in it for half an hour or so. Take a plain water shower after this.

Now, if you get your periods in a day or two, then your period may have been delayed by other reasons and you should see a good doctor for that. But if there is still no sign of your periods, then chances are that you are pregnant and should be preparing for this new phase of your life.

  • Tuna Juice and Vinegar

Make your own pregnancy test with Tuna juice and Vinegar.

Mix ¼ Cup of Tuna Juice to ¼ cup of Vinegar in a plastic cup. Now urinate in a separate cup and add this fresh urine to this mixture. Wait for a few minutes till the colour starts changing (you should hope it doesn’t if it is unwanted pregnancy).

If the colour has changed to an orange-yellowish hue, then the test is negative. But if hints of green appear and the mixture takes a greenish tinge, then the pregnancy is confirmed. This is an easy and early homemade pregnancy test that is very effective and accurate.

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  • Urine Itself

Collect your urine in a jar or a bottle. Make sure the bottle is resting on a flat surface and do not touch or shake it at all. After 24 hours, if you a see a thin white layer on the surface of your urine, the test is positive and confirms your pregnancy. If nothing shows up on the top layer of your urine, the test is negative and you are not pregnant.

This is the third most easiest test of all the above I have mentioned. You require no extra materials or ingredients, just the patience of 24, curious hours.

How to increase the accuracy of the homemade pregnancy tests

  • Always prefer to use the morning sample of the urine as the tester because it is less diluted. The more concentrated the urine, the better the results.
  • Be careful while using products like vinegar and bleach. The strong stench of these ingredients may cause suffocation. You should always carry out these tests in the open.
  • Though these free pregnancy tests have been used for over the ages, do not rely on them alone. The positive indicator of these homemade pregnancy tests is just a notion that you can confidently see a doctor now.
  • Whichever method you choose , make sure that you try it over a flat surface and don’t shake the samples in any homemade pregnancy tests that you would choose.
  • Use plastic containers only.
  • Dispose the plastic containers or jars that you may have used immediately after the completion of the test.

Over to You

homemade pregnancy test

Pregnancy is a blessing and there is nothing that gives a woman more joy than motherhood. Equip yourself and ascertain the pregnancy with simple ingredients from your kitchen without having to worry about any medical bills and consultation fees of the doctors.

With the confirmation of the pregnancy starts the journey of your motherhood, it is a state of mind and body which needs extreme caution, love and care. Pregnancy can totally stress you out and drain you of energy. Taking good care of your self is of prime importance. Whether it is healthy nutrition, or adequate rest, your health needs to be administered.

If you need homemade pregnancy test in hindi, please mail us using the contact form and we would be happy to help you in that language.

Note: If you find any discrepancies in the article, do intimate us with the same. We do not guarantee 100% accuracy because the environment, conditions and material used may be different for everyone; and every body is different.

In cases of unplanned pregnancy, although there are many alternatives to terminate the pregnancies, but motherhood is definitely a divine gift and all decisions need to be weighed upon carefully. Instead of abortion and killing the foetus, you can give birth to the baby and ask other non-conceivable couples to adopt the baby.

“How come when it’s us, it’s an abortion, and when it’s a chicken, it’s an omelette?” ― George Carlin

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