10 Proven and Effective Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes, medically also known as Diabetes Mellitus, is the most common problem faced by a human being, sooner or later and is also one of the most dangerous health issue though it symptoms are nothing as harmful as compared to Cancer or other diseases. Diabetes is the problem caused due to the lack of production of insulin in body, which maintains the sugar level in blood.

home remedies for diabetes

Diabetes, if untreated and not controlled in time, can lead to liver disease, kidney disease and even death. The two most common types of diabetes are type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes and the symptoms of diabetes are as followed.

Symptoms of Diabetes:

  • Frequent urination: You will urinate more often then you would normally do, even if you drink less water comparatively. This can make you weaker.
  • Excessive thirst: Since you will urinate more frequently in your day to day life, you will feel more thirsty due to lack of water content in body.
  • Increased hunger: Your appetite will increase and will want to eat more and more.
  • Weight loss: If you are not doing anything specific to lose weight and still losing weight, you are a victim of diabetes.
  • Tiredness: You will get tired more quickly without doing much physical activities. Your stamina will drastically go down.
  • Lack of interest and concentration.
  • A tingling sensation or numbness in the hands or feet.
  • Blurred vision

So, although there are insulin injections and other homeopathic and allopathic treatments given by doctors, there are quite a few home remedies for diabetes that can be easily followed and implemented in day to day life to cure diabetes.

Home Remedies for Diabetes

type 2 diabetes treatment
1. Fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds are bitter in taste and therefore used for controlling diabetes. Due to its taste and hypoglycemic activity, it decreases the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates.

  • Soak 1 tablespoon of Fenugreek seeds in water throughout the night. Drink away the water along with seeds early in the morning and empty stomach without fail for 3 months.
  • Consume one tablespoon of Fenugreek powder with water empty stomach.

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2. Banaba Leaf

No, its not Banana leaf, it is actually what you read, Banaba leaf. It grows in India, Philippines and south east Asia. Banaba leaf helps in regulating sugar content in blood.

type 1 diabetes

  • Extract the juice from Banaba leaf and consume one tablespoon of it, once a day.

PS: This method is not applicable for pregnant women and people who have Gestational diabetes.

3. Bitter Gourd

As the name suggests, bitter gourd is bitter in taste and helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. It regulates glucose metabolism in the entire body rather than affecting one particular organ.Bitter gourd can therefore be used for treatment of type 2 diabetes as well as type 1 diabetes.

  • Extract the juice of bitter gourd and consume 1 glass of it empty stomach, early in the morning. Fill 3/4th glass with bitter gourd extract and 1/4th glass of water.
  • You can also include bitter gourd as one of the ingredient in your daily diet.

4. Indian Gooseberry (Avla)

Indian Gooseberry, also known in Hindi as Amla or Avla, is highly rich source of Vitamin C and improves the functioning of your pancreas. Eating it raw will give you huge amount of Fibre as well as Vitamin C, whereas, consuming just the juice extract will provide you only with Vitamin C.

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  • Grab 3 Avla and remove the seed from it. Churn it into fine threads, just as you do with the Cheese. Squeeze the threads using hand or by putting it in a clean cloth and extract all the juice. Drink this 1/4th glass of juice daily, empty stomach.
  • Mix 3 tablespoon Avla juice with half a glass of bitter gourd juice and consume it daily for 2 months.

5. Mango Leaves for Diabetes

Very few know this but Mango leaves are very helpful in treating type 2 diabetes as it regulates glucose levels within the blood. Blood lipid profiles are also improved because of it.

  • Take 12-15 mango leaves and soak it in a glass full of water throughout the day. Next day, filter out the water and mango leaves. Drink this water early in the morning 2 hours before breakfast.
  • Dry the mango leaves in shade. Once they become frugile and crispy, grind them to make its powder. Consume one teaspoon of powder two times a day along with little water.

6. Aloe Vera

While many believe Aloe Vera is just good for skin and beauty, Aloe Vera, along with couple more ingredients can help in treating type 2 diabetes at home. This method is not for pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

Mix 2 tablespoon of bay Leaf powder and 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder with Aloe Vera gel and drink this solution daily, before lunch and dinner. This may not be one of the best tastes to consume but home remedies for diabetes can be much better then going out to doctor.

7. Curry Leaves

Having a bitter taste in curry leaves, it helps prevent and control diabetes because of their anti-diabetic properties. There are not much steps involved in this home remedy. Simply chew 6 to 8 fresh curry leaves daily and continue it for two to three months. Along with treatment for diabetes, it also decreases cholesterol and obesity levels.

8. Magic Powder

I am calling it a magic powder because, the mixture of this powder helped my grandfather get rid of diabetes in just 3 weeks. Although above methods are too proven and tested home remedies for diabetes, I used this powder and it gave amazing results.

Mix ½ teaspoon turmeric powder, ½ teaspoon fenugreek seed powder and ½ Amla/ Indian Gooseberry powder and take the mixture along with water everyday in the morning. 

9. Water

You must be well aware that water can be used to dilute things? Same technique is applied here. When you drink more and more water on day to day basis, it helps control the glucose level in blood and dilutes it. It is recommended by all the major experts to consume at least 3 liters of water daily.

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10. Drumstick Leaves and Basil Leaves

Consume a glass of Drumstick leaves extraction once a day and 1 teaspoon of Basil leaf juice or 5 Tulsi leaves, daily in the morning for 3 months. Basil leaves should be avoided if you are pregnant or breast feeding mother.


Apart from the above home remedies for diabetes, a few other methods are to take enough sleep, maintain a proper diet with low sugar/glucose consumption, do proper exercises and control over your eating habits making sure you don’t over-eat even if you feel like.

So, we reach the end of this post and above 10 methods are one of the proven and most effective home remedies for diabetes and not only this, ingredients like Aloe Vera can help you treat type 2 diabetes at the convenience of your home.

If you or your friends and relatives have diabetes, don’t hurry in seeing a doctor, share this article with them and let them treat diabetes at home. These treatments mentioned above are 100% proven and effective techniques which can help you keep doctor at bay.

Check out this Video below of my friend for 3 Ayurvedic home remedies for diabetes.


  1. Hey useful tips! I was not knowing that , mango leaves will work for me to cure my high blood sugar level. Can you please share how should I take that? whether I need to boiled it? Your all other tips are so beneficial I will now shared with others. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Hey, that is great post for home remedies for diabetics. I have started showing some symptoms like drying of my palms, frequent thirst. Is that because of high blood sugar level. Thanks to you that you have shared such useful tips for me to take care. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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