High Fiber Food Diet: 30+ Best Foods to Lose Weight Fast

High Fiber Food Diet: Are you having a well-balanced diet?

Although you might think you do, chances are there that you are missing out the most vital and magical nutrient: fibre.

Fiber is astonishingly important. Yet, not more than 5% of Americans intake appropriate amount of fibre in their daily diet.

Of course, it would result in a few more trips to the restroom but it doesn’t really matter as it can help you cut a few inches from your belly.

Yes, it does help you in losing weight!

Fiber makes you feel full and that too, for a longer period of time. Over that, a fibre-rich diet means fewer calories. And when you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight.

Not just losing weight, eating high fibre foods can significantly boost your digestive system, clear up your complexion, control your cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and various heart diseases.

High Fibre Foods List

Now that you understand how vital this nutrient is, let’s have a look at 30 best foods to include in your high fibre diet plan that can help you lose weight and live longer.

  • Split Peas

high fiber diet
Serving suggestion: 1 cup, cooked (16 grams of fibre)

Having a South-Asian origin, split peas are one such ingredient to add an Indian flair and lots of fibre to your boring stews, soups, and dals.

  • Raspberries

high fibre low fat diet plan
Serving suggestion: 1 cup (8 grams of fibre)

Better known as nature’s candy, this fibre-rich fruit can form a healthy dessert to anyone craving for something sweet. Top it with vanilla, oatmeal, and coconut, and you are good to go.

  • Guava

lose weight fast with diet
Serving Suggestion: 1 Guava, sliced ( 8 grams of fibre)

Guava is another great fruit with lots of fibre. If having it diced is not your thing, you can always add it to your favourite smoothie or blend it for juice.

  • Dark Chocolate

low carb high fiber diet foods
Serving Suggestion: one bar (10 grams of fibre)

You don’t have to cut on your daily chocolate dose to have a high fibre diet. Dark chocolate has a very high content fibre in them, provided that they are high in cocoa, the actual ingredient that makes them fibre rich. Or, mixing some cocoa powder in your protein shake can be a better option.

  • Almonds

Serving Suggestion: 1/4 cup (4.5 grams of fibre)

Almonds are known to be great on the go snack. One of the many advantages of having raw almonds is that they have a high content of fibre in them. Just a quarter cup of almonds can add up to 4.5 grams of fibre to your daily diet. Just make sure to not buy the roasted ones as they have comparatively lesser fibre content. Always buy the ones labelled as raw and natural.

  • Avocados

high fiber foods
Serving Suggestion: 1 cup ( 10 grams of fibre)

Adding a few slices to your meals or trying Mexican avocado recipes can add a lot of fibre to your daily diet. Although the fibre content in Avocado varies widely, they do have other vital nutrients as well including various Vitamins, Folate and Potassium.

  • Pop Corn

high fiber diet plan
Serving Suggestion: 3 cups ( 4 grams of fibre)

Being a whole grain, popcorn is also decent in fibre content. So the next time you go for a movie, don’t hesitate to get yourself a box full of them. Just make sure that they are air popped and do not have any artificial flavouring.

  • Whole Wheat Spaghetti

high fiber foods list
Serving Suggestion: 1 cup ( 6 grams of fibre)

Not all kinds of pasta are healthy to eat but whole wheat spaghetti sure is. You can add a lot of veggies to it to lessen the calorie count and make it even healthier. Just make sure to check the label for the fibre content before you buy it.

  • Pear

high fiber fruits
Serving Suggestion: 2 Pears (12 grams of fibre)

When we talk of fibre-rich fruits, Apple might be the one that comes to your mind. But, as a matter of fact, Pear is even more fibrous than Apple and can make for a healthy and fibre-rich diet. Have them as a part of your breakfast or carry them along when you go to your office. You can also make various snacks using it. Although they might look very fancy, it still is a fruit. A fruit that is going to pump your body with a lot of fibre!

  • Apple

apple face mask for glowing clear skin
Serving Suggestion: 1 Apple (5 grams of fibre)

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We’ve all come across this saying a number of times, haven’t we?

Although Apple falls behind Pear in fibre content, it still is a nice way to start your day with. They are a good source of fibre and other important nutrients. But, please don’t peel them, that’s where all the fibre lies!

  • Navy Beans

high fiber food for weight loss
Serving Suggestion: 1/2 cup, cooked (10 grams of fibre)

The best source of fibre on our list by far is Navy beans. Even if you find it hard to eat half a cup of them, you can always add them to your soup to improve your health significantly. They are considered to be one of the 30 best foods for reducing the risk of breast cancer in women.

  • Dried Figs

high fiber food list
Serving Suggestion: 1/4 cup (3.5 grams of fibre)

Another on the go snack on our list is dried fig. They are very portable and taste really good. Mix handful of dried figs in a bag with some nuts to make a wholesome snack for those outdoor cravings.

  • Carrots

carrot and oatmeal face mask
Serving Suggestion: 1 cup, raw (3.5 grams of fibre)

Eating carrots is yet another crunchy and highly nutritious way to fuel your body with a considerable amount of fibre. Having a cup of raw carrots can add over 3.5 grams of fibre to your daily consumption. Not only fibre, it has high volumes of vitamin K, vitamin B6, beta-carotene, and magnesium. It is also very low in calories.

  • Black Beans

lose weight with high fiber foods
Serving Suggestion: 1/2 cup ( 15 grams of fibre)

Black beans are considered to be natures natural pill. They have absolutely zero calories and are extremely fibre rich. They swell in the stomach to help you feel full quicker. You can have them as it is or sprinkle them on your salad or grilled taco, all up to you.

  • Pistachios

high fibre foods list
Serving Suggestion: 1/2 cup (5 grams of fibre)

If you are one of those mindless eaters, pistachios are what you should eat. You get more pieces of pistachios in each serving as compared to other nuts. They help you maintain your digestive system. Moreover, shelling them out is kind of a task, which help you slow down you snacking.

  • Flaxseeds

flaxseed for weight loss high fiber
Serving Suggestion: 2 tablespoons ( 4 grams of fibre)

Just a teaspoon of flaxseed adds over 2 grams of fibre to your diet. Because of this versatile nature of these seeds, they can be added to anything be it smoothies or a salad. You can mix them with oats and peanut butter for a quick delicious snack.

  • Pumpkin Seeds

high fiber seeds for losing weight
Serving Suggestion:  1/2 cup (6 grams of fibre)

A handful of pumpkin seeds packs a good amount of fibre and protein. Just like flaxseeds, they too can be added to anything! Though they are not as fibrous as compared to the former. So the next time you make a puree of pumpkin, don’t toss the seeds 😉

  • Mango

Serving Suggestion: 1 Mango, (5 grams of fibre)

This tropical fruit is not only sweet and juicy, it is packed with fibre too. A medium sized mango packs as much as 5 grams of fibre. You can have one for your snack, or squash them into your smoothie. But, restrict your consumption as they are high in sugar too!

  • Prunes

losing weight with high fibre content
Serving Suggestion: 4 prunes (4 grams of fibre)

This dried fruit is not just meant for your grandma, you can have them too. Don’t frown, I’m not asking you to have a cup of them. Even 3 or 4 prunes a day can add a sizable amount of fibre to your diet. Moreover, the sorbitol and dihydrophenylisatin present in them are proven to cure constipation keeping your digestive system fit and smooth.

  • Kidney Beans

Serving Suggestion: 1/2 cup (23 grams of fibre)

Are you in a habit of eating black and refried beans all the time? If so, it’s time to switch to kidney beans. They can be a great supplement to your diet. They are highly nutritious, especially with that whopping 23 grams of fibre content in half a cup only.

  • Dates

Serving Suggestion: 3 dates ( 6 grams of fibre)

Dates are one of the sweetest palm fruits and come in different varieties. Yet, they have one thing in common, their high fibre content. One date adds 2 grams of fibre to your meal. Eating just a few of them can provide you with a nutrient-rich snack that is also satisfying for your stomach!

  • Parsnips

nutritional vegetables for weight loss
Serving Suggestion: 1 cup ( 7 grams of fibre)

If you are unfamiliar with this root vegetable, it’s time for you to know more about it. Tasting similar to carrots, these root veggies are nutrient rich and can make up for a healthy dinner. They taste best when roasted.

  • Coconut

Serving Suggestion: 1/2 cup ( 4 grams of fibre)

Being an exotic part of the Western diet, there has been a steady growth in coconut consumption, which is actually good. This tender white stuff packs Manganese, Omega-6, Folate, Selenium, and fibre and has a tropical taste. It can be grated on your homemade desserts or can be used as a flour. A lot more interesting coconut recipes are available on the internet, do check them out.

  • Lima Beans

beans for weight loss
Serving suggestion: 1/2 cup ( 7 grams of fibre)

In addition to its high fibre per serving, lima beans also provide about 25% of the daily iron content required by women. Half of a cup is enough for a wholesome meal, or you can cook them with bacon to tinge your taste buds.

  • Orange

Serving Suggestion: 1 medium orange ( 2 grams of fibre)

Oranges are another good source of fibre. They contain as much insoluble fibre as spinach (when cooked), carrots and blueberries. All the fibre is in that last bit of white hairy stuff on the segments so make sure not to pick them off!

  • Banana

Serving Suggestion: 1 medium banana, peeled ( 3 grams of fibre)

Banana is counted among the best fibre-rich fruits to pick. You can mash them into a smoothie but having them raw will be much better as a green banana contains a notable amount of resistant starch, which functions just like fibre.

  • Broccoli

Serving Suggestion: 1 cup (5 grams of fibre)

Want to have a wholesome dinner tonight? If so, Broccoli is the veggie you should vouch for. It is one of the most nutrient-dense food in this universe and loads vitamins, potassium, iron, manganese and various antioxidant helpful in fighting cancer. It is relatively high in protein and fibre than most other vegetables.

  • Pomegranate

Serving Suggestion: 1/2 cup (6 grams of fibre)

Pomegranate is another superfood which is fibre-packed, especially their seeds. It has been used for medicinal purposes for over a thousand years and can help you stay fit too.

  • Green Peas

lose weight in 2 weeks
Serving Suggestion: 1 cup, cooked (7 grams of fibre)

Remember popping them our your plate when you were a kid? Well, stop it right now if you still do that! They are an ideal food product to promote weight loss. They act as a filler for high calories food due to its high fibre and vitamin content. You can add a handful of them to your existing meal, to maintain the taste as well as your health.

  • Blueberries

Serving Suggestion: 1 cup (8 grams of fibre)

A lot of other fruits are a great source of fibre but blueberries steal the spotlight. Yes, they do make you poop and people often get embarrassed in saying this. However, this is actually a good sign as regular bowel movements are a key to a healthy body. Mix them with your morning oats or cereals to fill yourself up with a lot of fibres for the entire day.

Over to You

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These were the top list of 30 best high fibre foods to add to your diet. Shortlist the ones that suit you the best and add a set of them to your regular diet for a healthier and slimmer you!


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