GM Diet: The Master Plan to Lose 9 Kgs in 7 Days

Tell me who does not want to lose weight? All of us do want to shed a few pounds. Almost every second person wants to change the way he looks. This makes us try new methods and gm diet plans the moment we hear about something new. While we start the weight loss program with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, most of us fail to maintain the cycle.

What if you come across a Secret Diet plan that would not take too much effort, dedication and would tone you down in just 7 days? Around 10-17 pounds (9 Kgs) shed in a week, without much effort and gruelling routines? That sounds magical! This is exactly what the GM Diet plan is.

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Add to it the benefit of improving your attitude and emotions because of the cleansing effects that it has. And as if this was not lucrative enough, this vegetarian GM diet plan is totally safe without any side effects and there is no fear of harm to the body! It flushes your body of the impurities and helps in keeping your body slim and proportionate.

gm diet

GM Diet Plan

This program has been scientifically tested by General Motors employees with 99% success rate. This vegetarian diet plan involves the consumption of specific food items for seven days in a row, in contrast to the other diet plans which involve weekly schedules.

While reducing weight is the primary goal, it also detoxifies the body. Many people follow the GM Diet Plan twice a year to maintain good health and to stay slim and attractive. This is the best diet to lose weight naturally and is spread over a seven-day vegetarian regime.

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Benefits of following the GM Diet Plan

Because this diet plan was developed by the General Motors Inc., it is named the General Motors Diet plan or more commonly known as GM Diet. It mainly aims at a healthy body, mind and focusses on immediate, hassle-free and safe weight loss. You would notice the following by practising this regime:

Though it may sound impossible to you, there have been numerous success stories of this Diet Regime and that too, within seven days! There is absolutely no harm in trying this out once and you would see the results for yourself. This diet plan will help you learn how to lose weight in 7 days in a healthy way.

The best diet to lose weight, the GM Diet includes the consumption of fruits, vegetables and Starch. There is no prerequisite to this Diet plan except that you need to be healthy enough to practice it. Also, you have to strictly stay away from Alcohol. Alcohol causes water retention in the body due to the release of Uric Acid. This eventually blocks the natural detoxification from taking place.

Does this best diet to lose weight really work?

While many Diet plans reduce around 1 lb. in a week, the General Motors Diet plan takes off 10 lbs. of weight from your body every week. It may sound a bit overwhelming to the first-time users, but then it’s just about getting in the habit. A routine of ten minutes of exercise in a day is enough to supplement the diet plan.


Do you really need to lose weight? Let’s find out. Below is a BMI calculator. Enter your exact weight and height. It will tell you whether you are underweight, normal or overweight.

Your BMI is

Powered by BMI Calculator


Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
Overweight = 25–29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

If you get Overweight or Obesity, you should definitely do this awesome GM diet plan. But if you feel that you have some unwanted fat on your body, exercising and healthy diet is the key.

How to lose weight in 7 days

So now that you have made your mind for the GM Diet Plan, here is a list of some pointers that you should be aware of beforehand:

  1. If you are following this Diet plan for losing weight, you should be able to withstand excessive sweating
  2. You should be able to bear an occasional hunger pang
  3. Momentary Weakness should not panic you. If you feel Nauseated or Dizzy, check out how to get rid of Nausea at home.
  4. Deep hydration is immensely important. Around 8-10 Glasses of water should be gulped down every day.
  5. Some complain of muscle fatigue and slight pain needs to be handled. The best way to solve this is to have plenty of water throughout the day.
  6. And you definitely need to stay away from alcohol for a month.

 The Vegetarian GM Diet Plan:

Below is the Indian version of day-by-day, step-by-step guide to follow this magical diet plan. Take a pen, paper and note down the important points for this diet plan and stick it in your kitchen for a quick overview. And before you start with this General Motors diet, weigh yourself and note it down on paper.

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Day 1

gm diet recipes

The first day of your Diet plan would be the hardest one and you would crave for so many things that make your tummy gurgle with hunger. Stay determined and you can avoid the craving for food, trust me.

A sample plan for you which I follow:

8:30 AM: Breakfast: 2 medium sized apple and 1 glass of water.

10:30 AM: Brunch: 1 bowl of watermelon and 1 glass of water.

12:00 Noon: Lunch: 1 bowl of pomegranates and 2 glasses of water.

4.00 PM: Afternoon Snack: 1 orange and 1 glass of water.

6.30 PM: Evening Snack: 1 pear and 1 glass of water.

8.00 PM: Dinner: 1/2 grapefruit, 1 guava, and 2 glasses of water.

Quick Tips:

  • You would be consuming only fruits (in any quantity that you like) on the first day of the diet but stay away from Grapes, Bananas, Litchis and Mangoes.
  • Consume more of watermelons, lemons, oranges, apples, pomegranates, strawberries and melons.
  • You may want to eat 20 times a day but this is all that you can eat on Day 1.
  • If you limit your fruit to just watermelon, you have chances of losing up to 3 pounds on the first day itself.
  • This is a way of preparing your body for the next six days of the General Motors Diet Plan.

Day 2

gm diet results

Passed the Day 1 successfully? Welcome to Day 2! Just like your first day was “all fruits day”, This is the “all veggies day”.

Sample Diet Chart

8.30 AM: Breakfast: 1 medium-sized boiled potato with 1 teaspoon of low-fat butter.

10.30 AM: Brunch: Salad Lettuce or Kale ,1 bowl of cabbage and a glass of water

12.00 Noon: Lunch: 1 onion, 1 cucumber, 1/2 carrot and 2 glasses of water.

4.00 PM: Afternoon Snack : 1/2 cup of sliced capsicum, 1 cup of boiled broccoli or cauliflower and 2 glasses of water.

6.30 PM: Evening Snack: 1 cup of boiled cauliflower and a glass of water.

8.00 PM: Dinner: Mixture of boiled green beans, broccoli, carrot and beet with 2 glasses of water.

Quick Tips:

  • You can eat only and only vegetables.
  • Eat to your heart’s content. Eat boiled or raw vegetables as per your choice.
  • If you have chosen potatoes, you may eat just one potato in a day. That is enough for the daily requirements.
  • If you need some taste, add a pinch of oregano to the boiled vegetables.
  • If you have spent the first two days successfully, you are majorly dedicated! Kudos!
  • Remember to control your cravings and overcome them.

Day 3

gm diet plan recipes vegetarian

Treat this as a combination of Day 1 and 2 and also, the options of food have now doubled.

  • Eat the fruits and vegetables you used in the first 2 days.
  • Avoid potatoes today since you will get enough carbohydrates from fruits and veggies.
  • Eat till you fill your stomach and maintain the intake of water by at least 4 litres.

Sample Diet Chart

8.30 AM: Breakfast: 1 apple or 1 bowl of watermelon and 2 glasses of water.

10.30 AM : Brunch: 1 cup of diced pineapples, 1 apple and 2 glasses of water.

12.00 Noon: Lunch: 1 bowl of mixed cabbage, onions, cucumber, broccoli, carrots with 2 glasses of water.

4.00 PM: Afternoon Snack: 1/2 grapefruit and a glass of water.

6.30 PM : Evening Snack: 1 guava or 1 pear.

8.00 PM : Dinner: 1 bowl of boiled broccoli, 1/2 cup boiled beet and 2 glasses of water.

You will be feeling lighter on the body since you have not eaten any junk or heavy food for last 2 days. Keep control on your cravings.

If you feel “enough is enough”, try to think about your weight loss and the way you want to look like.

Day 4

best gm diet plan

Take the liberty to eat up to 6 Bananas in the entire day which you were told not to, initially. Acting as a source of rich Potassium and Sodium for the body, they replace the functioning of the salt, which you haven’t consumed since 3 days.

Have a cup of highly diluted soup for a meal. It should consist of capsicum, onions, garlic and Tomatoes and you can drink it just once a day. You can also drink just 3 glasses of 300 ml milk each if you wish to but is not mandatory.

Sample Diet Chart

8.30 AM: Breakfast: 2 bananas and a glass of milk.

10.30 AM: Brunch: Banana shake prepared  with 1 glass of milk and 1 banana.

12.00 Noon: Lunch: 1 bowl of vegetable soup with beans, broccoli,  carrots, cabbage and onions.

4.00 PM: Afternoon Snack: Banana shake prepared with a glass of milk and 1 banana.

8.00 PM: Dinner: 1 glass of milk and 2 bananas.

Control your temptations because you are just three days away from achieving your target.

Day 5

gm diet day 5

Today is the day when you will feel delighted as you can enjoy your day with a tasty meal and you can also dig on tomatoes, sprouts and cottage cheese, of course in limited quantity. Don’t go all out to fill your stomach which you kept empty for past 4 days.

Add soya chunks to your meal today. Try making a tasty soup of the ingredients and sip it up. Consume 4 tomatoes which consists of high amount of fibre much needed for your body in this gm diet plan.

Sample Diet Plan for Day 5

8.30 AM: Breakfast: A bowl of boiled red kidney beans or rajma, 2 tomatoes and 2 glasses of water. You can also add lemon and pepper rajma and tomatoes.

10.30 AM: Brunch: A cup of curd or tofu with a glass of water.

12.00 Noon: Lunch: 2 tomatoes, a cup of cooked Brown Rice and palak paneer with 2 glasses of water.

4.30 PM: Afternoon Snack: Sprouts Salad with soya chunks and 2 glasses of water.

8.00 PM: Dinner: Vegetable soup, Soy Chunks curry. cucumber and tomato salad with 2 glasses of water.

Increase a little more of the water intake from your regular quantity which will flush all the toxins from your body.

Day 6

best vegetarian gm diet to lose weight fast

Day 6 will be a bit different from yesterday. You can continue with cottage cheese (Paneer), soup, vegetables and sprouts. Make sure to avoid tomatoes.

Sample Diet Chart

8.30 AM: Breakfast: 1 cup of  boiled vegetables with 2 glasses of water.

10.30 AM: Brunch:  1/2 bowl of boiled red kidney beans or rajma with a sliced tomato and 2 glasses of water.

12.00 Noon: Lunch:  1 bowl of mixed vegetable soup and 1 cup of cooked brown rice with 2 glasses of water.

4.00 PM: Afternoon Snack: 1 apple or pear and a glass of water.

6.30 PM: Evening Snack: 1 bowl of sprouts with a glass of water.

8.00 PM: Dinner: A bowl of boiled mixed vegetables and a glass of water.

You can see changes in your body by now. Don’t forget to get ample amount of water for your body.

Day 7

mint watermelon smoothie
credit: drjessicablack

And the day you have been waiting for. The final day of this gm diet plan. You will be feeling very light and cheerful.

Have fresh fruit juice, one cup of boiled brown rice, half a chapati (Indian bread) and loads of veggies. Climax the day by drinking a good amount of water to cleanse all the toxins away.

Sample Diet Chart

8.30 AM: Breakfast: 1 bowl of  watermelon with a glass of water.

10.30 AM: Brunch: 1 cup of carrot and berries with 1 glass of water.

12.00 Noon: Lunch:  1 bowl of lightly sautéed vegetables, 1 bowl of cooked brown rice with 2 glasses of water.

4.00 PM: Afternoon Snack: 1 pear and a glass of water.

6.30 PM: Evening Snack: 1 Guava and a glass of water.

8.00 PM: Dinner: Take a bowl of mixed vegetable soup and 2 glasses of water.

Quick Tips for GM Diet

So here go our 7 Days gm diet plan. Weigh yourself again and see the difference in your body weight. Following it passionately and in a disciplined way can help you lose weight and body fat. Some quick tips to help you follow this gm diet plan are mentioned below:

  1. Fruit Juices are a strict No for the first six days and by the fifth day; you should be consuming 15 glasses of water.
  2. Replace tea and coffee with Black Tea and Black Coffee with absolutely no sugar content.
  3. The veggies can have herbs, lemon and vinegar dressings, but nothing else should be added to the salads.
  4. Boost the weight loss process by adding 30-45 minutes of exercise and cardio every day.
  5. If you want to continue with the GM diet even after 7 days, take a gap of 3 days between every 7-day session.
  6. The soup recipe mentioned above can be taken in a quantity that suffices your hunger. You can replace the elements with cauliflower, asparagus and cabbage as well.
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What next?

Thousands of people have asked me what to do after completing the 7 days of this best free diet plan? Gaining weight again? Though you cannot stick to the plan all your life, you may want to repeat it off and on to maintain your weight and appearance.

Since you cannot continue with this diet all your life, here are some advices to keep a check on your fat:

  • Stay focused on improving your diet habits by including fibre, carbs, protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals in proper proportions.
  • No matter what, avoid Sugar, Cheese, Butter, Coke/Pepsi. They are sweet poison to your body.
  • All nutrition you provide yourself should be in moderation. Whatever you eat, eat it in small quantities.
  • Exercise regularly to boost metabolism. Exercises include Cardio, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling and Yoga.
  • You can repeat this gm diet plan not more than twice in 1 month. But don’t start eating junk food like Pizza, Pepsi, Burgers, Cheese etc. in these remaining days.

Can GM diet be done during Pregnancy/Menstrual cycle?

GM diet is an absolute no during pregnancy. Even after pregnancy is over then for at least 6 months it is not recommended. Further , during the breastfeeding time it is advised to consult your doctor before doing this diet. It should not be performed during menstrual periods too.

Frequently Asked Questions about Day 5 of GM Diet Plan

Many people who are ready to take on GM diet are questioning as to which foods to be consumed on the 5th day of this healthy diet plan to get a considerable amount of fibre and proteins.

You need not worry as we have got you covered! Day 5 is probably the most important part of general motors diet plan.

Foods to eat on gm diet day 5:

  • Cottage Cheese (Paneer)
  • Brown Rice
  • Tomatoes (maximum 6)
  • Kidney Beans
  • Tofu
  • Spinach
  • Soya chunks
  • Sprouts
  • Cucumber

Your Call

gm diet plan to lose weight

Just 7 days of dedication will show a marked weight loss and you have to bend nothing about yourself to achieve it except follow a simple diet plan as mentioned above. Just stay tuned with the gm diet plan and drink a good amount of water every day.

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Do not wait any longer and take up this challenge of losing weight in just 7 days. GM diet results are amazing and I wish you all the best for leading a healthy and happy life.

If you have any questions regarding this diet plan, let me know it in the comments below and I will try to help you out in whatever I can.

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    • Hey
      Yes you can workout while following GM diet.
      Yoga is best, and should be performed every morning empty stomach. However, cardio exercises and running should be limited to 15 minutes max since you may get tired very often if you are of age above 30.

      • Hello ,

        I am an engineer age 29, Height 5’11’ weight 99kg , I am so much worried about my weight two years back I did GM diet that time my weight was 85kg after diet I reduced 4kg in one week , there after I regained weight like anything ,
        is due to rapid diet program my weight is increased

        Now I am thinking to do GM diet and I have to reduce atlleast 15kg pls helpme out

      • please can you provide me with a sample meal plan for the 7 days , vegetarian please so I can ensure I an eating the correct foods and right quantities .

      • Hello! I am 25 yrs old, my weight is 58kg n height is 159 cms. I wish to lose about 4-5 kg . But I am under some rigorous training and i need to study a lot. Nw hunger is d enemy of any student as concentrating wid d feeling of hunger is very difficult but I have no other option but to reduce weight simultaneously by about 3 kgs. Please guide me on this and reply through mail. I would be wating for it. Thank You!

      • Hi .. Thanks for posting
        Wanted to ask can i drink coffee with milk but no sugar in it
        Another question please what will i eat in the 2 days gap between the first week and the other
        Thanks 🙂

      • can u plz send me the diet to be taken everyday and specific foods that we have to eat from breakfast till dinner in what quantity. And for everyday plz
        Thanks. 🙂

      • I am tired of doing gm diet and exercise but not losing a single kg ? suggest me wat to do. I got weight after C section delivery it’s been 9 months but no weight lose.

      • hi Mam I m a teen nd aftr taking this plan I got loose skin.. after loosing 40 kgs. More with this plain will it give m. More loss skin? Is it safe fr skin to follow this plan?

      • Hello chef this is afreen age 31 yrs and my weight is 96kgs and mu height is 5.1 i have tried lot for the weight loss .. can you plz help me frm the weight ..can i go for the baraitric surjery what you sugest me i want to loose 30 kgs .please help me what should i do is great help full for me….thank you please response me in my email

    • Hey Sam

      You can do it any number of times you want, but a gap of 3 days. Whenever you feel you need to detoxicate yourself or lose some weight, you can perform this diet.
      It is not just a weight loss diet, it is also healthy diet plan which can be continued even when you are not looking to shed some KGs.

      Thanks for visiting and be around for more!

  1. Hey,
    I am on the 3rd day of this gm diet plan and I have already lost 2 kgs but I haven’t done any exercises at all. And I feel very weak with all the fatigue and head rush. Is it normal? And can I lose up to 6 kgs with absolutely no exercises?

    • Hi Kate. Fatique is normal because our body is not accustomed to eating less. But as your days in GM diet progresses, you will have more options in eating and that will make you normal again.
      Do not exercise heavily if the fatique is too much. See by the 5th day, if the fatigue decreases, start with easy cardio exercises like spot running.
      Also don’t forget to drink lots and lots of water.

      Let me know after 7 days how the diet went, we would love to know your experience here!

    • Hi!

      Soy beans and fava beans should not be used as vegetables for day 2, day 3 and day 5. Please avoid them. We only need leafy veggies 🙂

      • Hi chief editor I am 30 year old and my weight 80 kg I want to lose my weight 20 kg this is possible I lose my weight in one month 20 kg and I amnot doing any exercise in the Saturday and I do exercise 6 days a week that s good or I need do exercise on Saturday I do 30 minute fast walk and 30mintues yoga this is good or I need more exercise please help me I am very upset and when I lose my weight all body slim like hip and arms me very big problem for arm and hip to fat please when I start this diet plan can I lose weight 5 kg in the week and plz. Can you send me my answering in the my email id or reply your way very thanks and I start this diet plan next week thanks

  2. what do you do with the cup of tofu? never tried it and don’t know how you are supposed to cook it. i have seen it in the supermarket in a box in the dry section.

    • Hey Elizabeth.
      Tofu can be used in more than 100 recipes. They are just like cottage cheese, but taste bland, at the same time are super healthy.
      The most easiest and budget friendly way is to add them in Salad and adding herbs like oregano to get some taste.

      Alternatively, you can find more recipes about tofu here –

      If you have any more questions, please leave a reply 🙂

      • i am also on GM diet but i did not loose any weight i am on second day of diet.
        i am just following the diet not taking anything else.

        • Hi I’m on day 5 and I’ve lost no weight. I’ve followed the plan to the letter. I’m feeling really disappointed and demotivated. Will I still loose weight by the end?

          • Hey Aneesha, sad to hear that.
            More than 200 people have mailed me with their before and now images and this diet has worked like charm for them.

            Could you please email me personally using the contact form? I can help you better personally with specific inputs just for your body needs.


  3. Hey! On day 2 can we make a salad of everything including tomatoes and can we add white cheese? If not can you tell me how to eat the veggies in the 2nd day and thanks☺️

    • Hey Marise

      Cheese is strictly prohibited in this GM diet plan. Yes, you can make the salad out of all veggies you chose to eat. Like, tomatoes, spinach leaves, brocolli etc and sprinkle some oregano and small amount of lemon for taste.
      Avoid any fat containing things like Cheese.

      Along with veggies, drink lots and lots of water 🙂

      If you have any more questions, do let me know. Keep coming and share it with your loved ones too!

  4. I am on wheelchair but doin yoga and weight lifting exercises. I did two rounds of 7 days GM diet plan and list 7 kg. I want to loose another 10-15 kg. I am 66 yrs old. Pl suggest of often can I follow this diet plan?

    • Hey Jyoti
      You are an inspiration to all lazy youngsters who do not take care of their health.
      Since you are in wheelchair, I suggest you not to overdo any of the exercises or even this GM diet.

      You should do this 7 day diet plan once a month, not more than that. Please consult your physician if your body is fit enough for following it twice a month.

      Thanks for coming by and let me know if you need more help!

  5. Hi there
    I am on the third day of my gm diet.
    Feeling quite nice in general but. Not able to take more than 8 to 10 glasses of water, is this. Okay?
    Also can you send the. Soup recipe for the 4 th day as I can’t seem to find it on your page. And how much n how many times can we have salt on 5 th day. Thanks

    • Suchita
      Make sure you drink at least 4 litres. Which means a glass of water every 2 hours. That would be enough.
      You can simply google for any Tofu recipes, there are more than 50 types of tofu and vegetable soups.
      For 5th day of gm diet, about salt, don’t have more than 5mg of salt. It is not very good for blood.

  6. I am a college student and weigh 53 kg and have a height of 5 foot and 3.8 inches. I want to loose all the fat I have gained due to junk food. I have college starting at 8:30 in the morning and ending at 3:30 in evening. I have a 1 hour lunch form 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. Can you please suggest how much should I eat in this period so that I don’t feel tired and get fatigue anyhow. Also on 2nd day am I supposed to eat salt or not? Can I have green tea twice a day? Can I use honey as a substitute of sugar? And for the 2nd day can I make a heavy soup by putting the boiled vegetables in mixed and grind it? Also can I add indian spices like ilaichi and clove in my vegetables? And should or shouldn’t I join a gym?

    • Hey Ankita
      If you are a college student, I assume your age to be between 18 to 25. At that at, your weight is just about perfect for a woman. You are not fat at all.
      If you still need to shed some fat, firstly, stop eating junk and oily food from college canteen.
      For lunch, have Rotis and a leafy sabzi or pulses. Avoid rice.
      Don’t add salt because it makes your blood thinner.
      Yes, you can have green tea twice a day. Yes, honey is the best substitute to sugar.
      For 2nd day of GM diet, you can grind the boiled vegetables. For taste you can add Cloves and Oregano.
      Gym should not be necessary. Take a 20 minute jogging everyday and go for swimming if possible. Gym is unnecessary waste of money 🙂
      Do share this article with your friends as well! Keep coming for more!

  7. Hey…can you please provide me a sample diet plan for whole week…just like you have mentioned for Day 5…Thanks in advance….

  8. Hello… office is from 9-6….I leave for offce at 7 30in the morning and reach home by 8 30 in evening….please share what all food intake I can have in order to ignore fatigue and body weakness.

  9. Hey,
    I am a CA student and weigh 60 kgs and heighted 5’2. I need to shed a lot of weight but I have a very hectic schedule from morning 5.30 to evening 9 and in my schedule I am into a lot of sitting. Please suggest me something.

    • Ashita, as per your height and assuming your age to be around 20-24, you are mildly overweight.
      Follow this diet strictly, and also, make sure to stand up every 30 minutes when you are sitting all day.
      Take small walks around the office and drink lots of water, that will help you go to loo frequently and your walking will also be done.
      I am going to write an article on losing weight and living healthy life for people who have sitting work all day. Make sure to subscribe to blog and visit frequently.
      If you need any specific help, please mail me using the contact form. 🙂

  10. Hi cheif…i ve completed 3rd of GM DIET…im steping up to 4th day..we can take 3glass of milk in a day many ml shud we intake in totall…pls help

  11. hi, i want to ask u if I can replace baked potato on 2 nd day with 2 slices of brown bread? And is there any substitute for bananas which are supposed to be eaten on Day 4???
    Waiting for ur reply

    • Hi Sannia
      You cannot replace potato with bread. That defeats the purpose of losing weight fast.
      Also, do you not like banana? You can try with Apple.
      Do you have any more questions, please let me know 🙂

  12. hi,
    i liked ur diet . it seems simple, but i have a question. Is there a chance that u’ll gain the weight that u have lost during this diet. please reply

    • Hey Anjali
      If you maintain a healthy diet without consuming Junk food, you will be able to maintain a balanced weight.
      Check out other healthy diet recipes in our blog 🙂

  13. Hi
    I tried this gmdiet and lost 4kgs for first i m trying to shed more kgs to reduce my weight since i m weighing 95kgs nd my age is 31 and im still unmarried nd my height is 5.11″…cud u plz help me

    • No. This is only a vegetarian gm diet plan 🙂 Avoid non veg food when you want to lose weight and be healthy!

      Keep coming for more!

  14. i am 49 yrs and i am 72 kgs weight this diet how monthly once or every day diet or 7 days diet for my age please advice me

    Thank you

      • Hi
        I am 55 cm and 90 kg
        Every night I say that tomorrow I gone start diet
        I can’t
        What u think can I start with this diet
        Or help me please

        • Find yourself a goal. If you want to lose weight, why? Think of a solid reason and bring that reason every time you feel like procrastinating 🙂

  15. Hey… There
    I just wanna now
    Is this helpful for men’s too
    Coz I just saw the cmnts of only women’s so I doubt… 😀

    • Yes, definitely gm diet works for men as well! Women are more weight conscious so you may find them more, but it will equally help lose weight in men too!

  16. Hi dear ,
    Today is my second of gm non veg diet but in between I had some sev n chakli …is that okay .
    And cud u pls tell me after 7 th day , what will be the next procedure …I m confused what is to be followed after 7th day . I work n it is a bit difficult to maintain .pls help me. I want to loose my weight coz I m 90 kgs n want to look good .

    • Hey Saba
      90 KGs is very overweight. You simply need to follow this diet plan strictly. Control your eating habits and avoid eating snacks like Sev and Chakli.
      Once your 7 days are over, you can take a 3 days gap and start again with this awesome diet. Continue this diet until you get required amount of weight.
      For further guidance, you can email me anytime you want to 🙂

  17. hey thanks for the info,i hope it works and i cn get rid of my excess coz i m losng my confidence.feelng ashamed.i m 22 Years old and my wt has gone to 70kgs..can u please suggest me sumthng?i’l b grateful to u..

    • Hi Mahin. You are indeed overweight and you need to bring your weight down to 55 KG. You need to follow the above gm diet strictly for 3 months.
      If you want a more specific approach and a professional guidance, please mail me or use the contact form and we will talk over there 🙂

      • Are you seriously suggesting people to follow this for 3 months? Do you even know the intensity of the side effects? and no, I’m not talking about fatigue or head rush, it is extremely dangerous and you can get sued for misleading information. This diet, under no circumstances must be followed more than once a month. It will lead to long term deficiencies, diseases and hair loss. Also, don’t suggest people what they should weigh without asking for their height. This is ridiculous.

        • This diet plan contains all the nutrients that a body requires. It has to be performed with a minimum of 3 days gap in between. We definitely don’t advice to keep doing this diet, it is only upto a limit their BMS requires. Eating a healthy diet along with regular exercise has no side effects. Moreover, you will pay hundreds of dollars for an even worse diet to a dietician with zero outcomes and more side effects.

          Readers have not reported any hair loss or deficiencies. And can you please elaborate on diseases? Looks like an assumption.

          Would be happy to know your views and experience on the same 🙂

  18. Hi Mahin I have tried this diet but no weight loss is observed I was 78 kg and now I am 78 Kg
    shall I continue this diet ?

    • Hey Mahin

      Sad to hear that. GM diet results vary from person to person, but it works 99% of the time if you follow it strictly, step by step as written in this article.

      Daily drinking of water and exercise will boost the process. Don’t over-eat. Take meal in small quantities and you will notice the difference.

      Mail me if you need a very specific help for your body.

      • Hey
        I did this diet n strictly followed it .. m 25 n my weight was 83 kgs last week today I completed it n I have lost 7 kgs my weigh is now 76 n m really happy with this but can u plz tell me what is brown rice. Coz I couldn’t have it on my seventh day I eaten two raw cucumbers is that OK nn drunk water around 4 to 5 ltrs on everyday plz reply me
        N tell me in d gap can I have Biryani n sum sweets?
        Or if I take it den lost weight will come back plz tell me m really worried

    • Hi

      Yes you can, but eating too much carrot is not good for your health, your palms may become yellow.

      Consider adding a couple of more vegetables to the choice.

        • Yes Naushin

          Exercise is important to get to the goal. It will help in increasing the fat burning process. If your body does not allow you to exercise rigorously, you can do easy exercises but make sure you sweat.

          If you have any more questions you can reply here or contact me via Contact page or email me 🙂

    • Hi

      Please follow the food which is mentioned for that particular day.

      If you want to use lentil soup, you can use it on the 5th day of GM Diet. You have to consume only fruits on day 1 so you should not have lentil soup on that day.

      So, just follow the diet plan along with exercise and I am sure you will get the desired results 🙂

      If you have any questions, please let us know!

  19. hey i’m a student and my age is 20 nd my weight is 87 kg..
    i have started this diet plan , bt can u help me that can i take a cup of tea once a day which will be a without sugar…???
    cox i get headache whenever i dont take the tea…

    • Hey Neelam

      Consuming Tea without sugar would be fine, once a day not more, because you are addicted to eat. Or you can even use Green Tea.
      You are a bit overweight for your age and you need to work hard on losing weight. Let me know if you need any specific help!

      • yes yr i need ur help ..!!
        i have some confusion like
        1) i really reake lemon water early in the morning in he empty stomach. so can i drink it in this diet plan
        2) joggging , exercise, walk are import in this diet plan beacause i dont do it
        3) on its first and day is it important to eat fruits and vegetable to much , cox i ate onle 2 times in a day.
        4) can i green tea in this plan ? nd how many cups can i drink in a day?
        5) plzzz sugest me more tips for weight lose fast , i will be v.thankful to u

        • 1. Yes
          2. Yes jogging and exercise are important to boost the weight loss. Otherwise the effect will be very less. You need to sweat.
          3. Eat as per your content, but dont eat anything else other than what is written.
          4. You can drink green tea in GM diet plan, but dont add sugar. You can drink once in morning and once in evening.
          5. For more tips, you can email me personally for personalised guide 🙂

          Share it with your friends and family, it helps us a lot!

  20. Hi.. me and my wife are doing this diet plan and we are on day 2. I am 29yrs and weigh 70kg and she is 28yrs and weigh 55kg. Can u tell me what can we have for breakfast on day 5 , 6 and 7 in this diet plan. ALSO can we have a cup of tea with low calorie sugar on all days?

    Pls. Reply.

    • Hi

      You can use vegetable soup during breakfast.
      You can also have Tea but without sugar. Or better, use Green Tea.

  21. Hii mam i am going to start this diet from tomarrow and please let me know can i add curd with brown rice on 5th&7th day??

    • Hi Riti

      There should not be any problem, but my suggestion would be not to use it. Once you deliver the baby, you will become fat anyway for 1 year.

      After 1 year of delivering, you should start with this diet plan to lose the baby fat you got during pregnancy.

      The baby needs nutritions and following this diet will only help you lose weight. Eat healthy food and wait before you start losing weight 🙂

      Happy delivering!

  22. Hey, The diet seems to be really nice. I’m 16 and weigh a lot more than I should. I’m losing my confidence too. I’m starting with the diet given from Tuesday and expect tremendous results. I have some doubts if you could help me with them.
    1. Can I have green tea on all the days? and any amount of it?
    2. Are there any other guidelines which I, being below 18 should follow?
    3. Can normal temperature water be replaced with luke warm water after school?
    Thankyou. I’m desperately waiting for your reply. It would be really kind if you could provide me with your email address too.
    Thankyou! 🙂

    • Hey Shivangi!

      You are too young to even care about losing weight! 🙂

      1. You can start having green tea from Day 4. Don’t add sugar to it, if at all you need it, use calorie free sugar.
      2. No specific guidelines, but we can talk about it in email if you want.
      3. Yes, lukewarm water works.

      You can mail me personally at – contact[at] OR use the contact form in this blog, both will reach to me.

      Stay around for more amazing articles!

    • Hi
      Just wondering to ask u I did Gm diet few weeks bak nd I lost 2 kilos. I m going to start it again today. How do I stay motivated cos looking at other people when they have lost so much nd I m wondering how come I just lost 2 kilos makes a bit worried nd sad.

      • The best motivation for you is you yourself 🙂 Slow and steady wins the race. Losing 2 kilos or 10 kilos doesn’t make a difference as long as you are losing it.
        Every body is different and on an average gm diet gives 7 KG weight loss.
        You don’t need to be worried and sad about it. You are going to look beautiful one day 🙂
        Any more questions? Just let me know!

  23. HI, i am 26 years old. Have night shifts .. kinda busy schedule.. I am suffering from hypothyrosim.. tsh is 21.50.. 65 kg wt.. doc said that i need to loose 15 kg wt.. should I consider this plan to loose weight? ? ????

    • Hi Manjari

      There MAY BE some foods that you must not consume while suffering from Hypthyroism. You can definitely use this diet plan otherwise to lose weight.

      However, take a print of this article and consult your doctor with the same and also the exercises mentioned here, if they are suitable for you.

      Do let me know your progress in recovering from this problem weekly so I can know you are going good!

  24. hii 🙂 am on 2nd day of GM diet my doubt is can i add tomato for vegetable soup on 2nd & 3rd day??

    (please mention my name while rplying as i get confuse for whom ur answerng)

  25. Hey,
    I wanna loose over 40 kg.i am 25 year old and my weight is 90 kg. can you please suggest me the diet for at least 3 months.

  26. and another thing i forgot to write that i work in night shift and i feel hungry most of the time .i also consume alcohol often so please suggest me the diet according to my lifestyle. I’m waiting…….. 🙂

  27. Hi,

    I am 25 year old .I want to do GM diet plan but problem is my bp flow is low and if i will not have salt in my food intake I get faint some time…can you suggest can I add salt in my Gm plan

    • You can add small pinch of salt over your vegetable salad on day 2 and 3.
      You can also add some salt in small quantity in the soup in gm diet day 5 recipe 🙂

  28. Hey ,
    As i stated above that I wanna loose over 40 kg.i am 25 year old and my weight is 90 kg. can you please suggest me the diet for at least 3 months and another thing i forgot to write that i work in night shift and i feel hungry most of the time .
    I won’t consume alcohol “Promise”.

    • Hey Neha
      Sorry for delayed reply
      You are definitely over weight but don’t lose your hope just yet. You will definitely become fit and healthy again.
      Follow this above diet plan for 3 months with 2 days of gap between every 7 day regime.
      If you need a very customised help from me, you can mail me using the contact form you can find in this blog and I would personally be happy to help you out 🙂
      But rest assured, this gm diet has worked for thousands of people and I can even show you the success stories of many of my readers if you mail me 🙂

  29. Hey again.
    I’m on the third day at the momemt. Feeling very weak and can see no difference. :/
    I want to know about what All I can have on the 5th day. I went through the blog, but. I am still very confused. And when do I have to start the salt intake?

    • Are you taking sufficient amount of water?
      You may feel some weakness but if you consume the food mentioned in the article in proper amounts, you will feel content because you are having all the nutrients you need.
      You also need to do proper exercises and sweat at least for 30 minutes everyday.
      Also, avoid sitting for more than 1 hour at a single stretch.
      If you need a much personalised view on diet, you can mail me using the contact form 🙂

      • Hey.em 19 in age n own height of 5feet 4 inches n probably 4 cms …i want to shed my weight..but iv some qs to make..with these days of diet plan..can i add green tea daily in my plan n adding honey instead of sugar in any of my meals?
        can other spices b added in d soup n al?n hpw many times..soup on d 4. Day n onwards is to be intaken?

  30. And one more thing, is the soup intakr compulsory on day 4? And if I don’t have it, what else can I have or i just have to consume the bananas and the milk?

    • It wont harm if you consume soup on gm diet day 4. It will give you essential nutrients your body needs to keep up with the energy and calorie required 🙂

  31. Hii…is this diet working on a permanent basis.i mean wil I gain weight back once I start eating my normal food..please help

    • Hi
      You will gain weight again if you start eating unhealthy food and stop doing exercises.
      This diet wont help you in being slim for lifetime if you dont take care of what you eat and how healthy you live 🙂

      Once you achieve desired weight using this awesome diet, you have to maintain a healthy diet and avoid cheese, butter, fast food etc as long as possible. Once a week is fine 😉

  32. Hi again!
    On the 5th day.
    Just want to ask something, don’t laugh! :p i’m a Subway freak. I used to have it twice a week. Can I have it on the three day break after the seven days? Please let me know

    • That would be disastrous to be true, Shivangi 😛
      You finally spoke out the reason you were searching for a diet to lose weight. Subway and McD’s are ruining our beautiful body and we need to avoid them.
      I am a Sub Sandwich freak too but I eat it only occasionally, in birthday parties of very special friends 🙂
      I would advice you not to eat it though while you are on a weight loss regime. Eat normal homemade food which is nutritious and avoid bread, cheese, butter, cokes etc.
      I would love to see your pics though 🙂 Could you mail me?

    • You are welcome Nita!
      I am glad it helped you. Do share this gm diet plan result with others and share this article with your friends and family!

  33. Hiii!
    I’ll surely mail you the pictures 🙂
    On the 6th day. <3
    I have a question for the 7th day. The vegetable we have to consume with the chapati should be cooked? Please say yes? :p

  34. Hey ,
    Thanks This is my first day of GM Diet and i am not feeling any kind of need of that parathas and samosa anymore. Feeling good. Thank you

  35. can i add Honey and lemon in my black tea?
    i am about to finish my first day!
    And on the second day can i cook my veggis without oil with onions and garlic ?

  36. Hello, I tried the gm diet almost 2 years back and I lost around 3 kgs, though I didn’t complete the last day. I was still very happy with my result. However, after that I did not repeat the gm diet and since then I have go on to gain around 11 kgs after that period. I tried everything, treadmill, dieting and now I have joined the gym 2 months back but I have still not lost any weight.
    I feel that the gm diet makes you gain weight. But I was wondering if I should give it a try again and keep repeating it. Please suggest
    Smth thanks

    • Hey Anika
      This diet has been a charm to hundreds of girls who have mailed me their before and after images and they will recommend it to their friends as well.
      You will gain weight only if you stop eating junk food, cheese, butter, coke etc after completing the diet.
      Sweating is the key if you go to gym. Doing cardio in an AC gym doesnt give you much sweat.
      Email me using the contact form if you need further help 🙂

  37. Hey, i am 90kg and I really want to lose at least 35g after 3 months? Do u think If follow this diet strictly and ex cerise I will be able to reach my goal weight? Am really struggling to lose weigh ? It’s taking me years and am wasting time!!! ???? I feel like this my last chance????

    • You definitely can Atikah. My readers who followed this diet have even emailed me their before and after images and they have lost weight is 3-6 months time.
      Following this diet + exercise will help you out. If you want me to personally help you, email me using the contact form and I would be happy to assist you 🙂

  38. Hey.. I m really encourged by reading this diet plan and so I decided to start it from tomorrow. I m 26 but overweight and really wanna be slim. So can u please email me some pictures of before and after who used this diet plan and got some serious results….. I want to see some real proofs…
    Waiting for ur revert

    • Antima, I can only send you images of those people who have approved or given us the right to share their images with other people. We believe in privacy.

      You can email us using the contact form for more information!

  39. hey there. this GM diet seems really helpful. thank a lot . though i wanted to ask if i could shed more pounds if i strictly follow this diet. I am 15 years old . my weight is 59 kgs and i am 5’6

    • You are still very young and can perform cardio exercises for a long time. The more you sweat and more strictly you follow the diet, more you will be able to lose weight. Though, don’t expect to lose 10-15 KGs in under a week.

      Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  40. hi,

    i am doing the gm diet stictly from last 3 days, and checking my weight, no decrease in weight numbers.

    still the same as previous 80kg.

    actually when the weight lose starts on this plan and i am afraid to continue if there is no use in decreasing the weight.

    • You can see the other comments here, that it works 🙂 Hundreds of readers mail us everyday thanking us for sharing this diet plan.

      You need to perform more exercises and eat in limits!

  41. Hello,
    I’m doing doing fine with the diet. It’s just my !st day of GM diet…And i already lost 1,1 kilos YEAY!!! But tomorrow i will eat only vegetables. So can i have miso soup on the 2nd day without any Tofus. You know miso soup has a strong flavour with lots of salt? So can i have some or not? BTW Thank you dear for sharing such a great diet program.

  42. hello mam … I am havng a weight of 65kg nd want to loose 10kg … More nd i am on my 2nd day i hav lost 2kg really feeling excited thanx fr ths diet plane

  43. HI

    I Start my Gm diet I am 40 year old on my third day of diet I only lose 500 Gm .Please help me if iam doing something wrong .Kindly find my diet plan for 3 day
    Morning-luke warm water with lemon
    Breakfast- Cherries 1 cup 8 almond
    snacks- plum
    lunch -musk mallon 1 bowl
    snacks -apple
    Dinner – papaya 1 bowl

    Day 2
    Morning-luke warm water with lemon
    Breakfast- Medium potato boiled
    snacks- baby carrot
    lunch – green salad
    snacks – cucumber
    Dinner – patato wedges baked

    Morning-luke warm water with lemon
    Breakfast- blue berries
    snacks- baby carrot
    lunch – wonder soup
    snacks -apple
    Dinner – water mall on 1 bowl

    Note : I did 1 hours exercise daily
    alternative day power yoga and gym cycling and aclypts and 30 minute walk in lunch time

    • The title says it all! But it really depends on how strictly you follow what is written here. Anything between 2 to 10 KGs is way to go!

  44. Hi, i’m going to follow this program from 15th of august…I have a question on 2nd day…Can i not eat veggies and just to replace it with fruits?

    • Nope! This diet is a balanced diet which will supply you with all the nutritions required by the body without increasing the weight. Green Veggies have essential minerals that are required by the body.

  45. Hi Shefali, Very interesting article – kudos for the effort. I have decided to follow it from today.. One quick question, can you substitute sugar with honey while driving bling black tea?

  46. hey Dear,

    liked it alot , gonna to try it from tomorrow will let you after 7 days. my question is that can i use k kellogs diet cereal for breakfast ?

  47. Hi, I want to try this diet,could you plz tell me the types of exercises that I have to do.I want to reduce my wt from 80 to 70.

  48. Hi
    I am on my third day of gm diet…strictly following it…i think i did a mistake on day 2. In my baked potato i had added.salt as per my taste and in eggplant also. Half tea spoon salt..will it ruin my 3 days effort.
    I have not checked my wait.will do it after 7 days
    Pls suggest

    • Let it be for now, check your weight before starting the diet, and check it after 7 days. You will better be able to analyse your weight loss that way.
      Strict following of this diet is a must! Continue the diet now and see what results are after the completion 🙂

  49. Hi
    Today is my 3rd day completed and i was having a headache in the evening so i just had tea with skimmed milk without sugar. Is it ok.

  50. HAI MADAM,M y daughter is 18 years old and weighs 75 kgs recently I saw this plan ,I want start this plan, please give some suggestions.

    • Make her follow this diet strictly, but with her consent, don’t force her.
      Make her exercise regularly and make sure she sweats. Drink lots of water and she should be fine.
      Don’t make her over eat anything, and if she feels tired and dizzy, make sure she gets sufficient sleep 🙂
      All the best!

    • The comments above are the proof! Plus if you need we can show you images of a couple of women who have sent us their success review 🙂

      • Hello mam plz send me the pix of that women who have achieved their goal,thank u so much u are doing a great job,i am 31 years weight is 68 kg,i will try gm plan.God bless u

  51. HI

    I would like to start with the diet soon but my problem is exercising I’m lazy what else can I do except for gym. If possible can you send me more diets I’m over weight.

    • If you are lazy and have no dedication or will, no matter which diet you chose to follow, it won’t work 🙂
      Sweating is necessary!

  52. Hello I’m kind of confused on day 5 can I just eat tomatoes in the morining then eat just vegetable soup for lunch and just have tomatoes again at night? And how can u make the highly diluted soup in day 4?

    • Please follow the foods that are mentioned in gm diet day 5. Changing it or modifying may not serve the purpose 🙂
      Simply add water!

  53. Hy ,today I am on the first day of GM diet plan and I have taken fresh fruit juice whithout sugar ,is there any problem ??

    • No! Those capsules are useless and you don’t need any other medication to lose weight. Following this diet strictly will do the best naturally 🙂

  54. i want to loose weight before my classes its on 7sept
    my age is 19 and weight is 53
    i want to do 47 if will follow this diet plan
    i hope it will work

    • Whatever is mentioned in the day-to-day plan, is to be consumed in breakfast as well.
      For eg, for day 1, fruits are to be eaten all day. So you can drink a glass full of fruit juice (without sugar).

  55. Hii mam . I am 18 and i weigh 63 kg i wanna lose 10 kg in a month due to a very important occasion coming ahead i want to follow your diet but i cant control myself by looking to junk food .Can you give me suggestions to control myself from eating junk food.plzzzzzz

    • You have to build a self-willingness to quit junk food. If you think junk food is more important than the occasion, you will tend to eat more of it.
      Make yourself dedicated to looking your best on THE day and you will see that you no longer cringe for junk.
      Ask your mom not to make you any junk food for next 1 month and see the change.

  56. I am 17 years old and I am thinking to start the GM DIET PLAN FROM TOMORROW ONWARDS. Can you please tell me can we take peaches and apples only on the first day?? Thankyou.

    • Yes! They are both fruits and they are delicious as well!
      Drink Apple juice (not milkshake) in the morning, for lunch, have 1 Apple and 1 peach. For snacks, drink green tea and for dinner, have 2 peaches and 1 Apple 🙂

      • okay, thankyou! :”) i just saw your reply right now. I did treadmill for thirty mins in the morning and had green tea on empty stomach. and then I had a peach. for lunch I ate an apple. thats what I had the whole day. so what should I have for the dinner now? can I take green tea along with some fruit for dinner?

  57. Hi..i want to start this diet..can u please tell me can i use protein powder instead of tofu and paneer…and also will this diet cause protein deficiency if followed for a prolonged period

  58. Hi..thanks for replying …i just want to ask another question.
    Few months back itried a crash diet..i lost20kg weight in 3months and after that i had severe hair fall…since then i m not dieting…but gained. all the weight back…i m 38years old.and weighi ng. 90 kg.. i need. toloose at least 30 kg to bring mybmi to 25

    So can i loose this amount of. weight by this diet without hair fall and other problems

  59. Hi..

    Thanks for replying. I need to loose 30 kg to bring down my weight to normal. I m 38 years old female with height of 158 cm and weight 90 kg. I have lost weight several times and gained back in my life.last time i lost20 kg weight by crash dieting 7 months back and it caused hair fall and to prevent that when i started eating i gained all the weight back .
    So please tell me wheather i can lose 30 kg weight with this diet without any side effects like hair fall and for how long i have to continue the diet.
    Looking forward for ur reply..thanks in advance

    • It will take time but you definitely can lose upto 30 KGs. There are diets which will help you lose weight at the cost of your nutrition requirements. Do not do them!

      This diet is made specifically for losing weight taking into view all the nutrition requirements of body.

      Use this diet plan until you get the desired weight, strictly. Let me know if you need any more help!

          • Hi this is Simran
            My questn is I suffer a lot from Acidity so if i do this diet will it effect me????
            And the other questn is that in this seoson its difficult to get watermelons so wht can we have in place of that????
            Waiting for ur feedbck…

  60. Hello there.. I am 18 years and also a student. I am 48 kgs and have belly fat. Also My face skin got chubby type.. I seriously want to loose my whole body weight! Will this diet work for me ? and only walking wud work as cardio ? Please do reply ! I am waiting..

    • Cottage cheese means Paneer. You can use it in small quantity, not too much. It is just to get the small amount of fat that body needs for energy production.

  61. Hi…I really need to drink hot tea. is it okay if I drink 1 cup of tea everyday for all 7 days with 1 teaspoon of milk in it and a non-fat sweetner?


  62. mam i am 45 yr old, 5’8” hieght, & 90 kg weight …………… pls prsrcribe paneers qty for 5th &6th day nutrision —– means 25 grm, 50 grm, 100 gram …….. pls pls pls send answer ………. today is my 4th day & next 5t day diet

  63. pls mam reply me – i am 45 yr old 5’8” hiegt & 90 kg waight — pls urgent rply which quantity is use of paneer 50 gram, 100 gram,

  64. Hello!
    I am 22 years old and want to reduce around 20 kgs in 3 months. I am 69kgs with a height of 5’1”. I have a heavy lower back. Will this plan help me in shedding my fat in lower back and tummy?Kindly suggest me the method to follow the GM diet plan.

  65. Hi,

    Can I have salt with the boiled potato on day2?

    Can I have 3-4 banana shakes on the fourth day without any sugar instead of having bananas and milk separately?

    Also Can I skip brown rice and tofu all together and have more of what other things are allowed on that day? I don’t like tofu at all. Also suggest if it can be altered for paneer.

  66. The diet procedure seems very promising does hair fall by following this??? I expierienced a lot of hair shed by dieting 🙁 🙁 please suggest somethings to stop hair fallduring dieting madam. Regards -indhira.

    • Just few days back someone was complaining that her hair started falling because she followed some diet suggested by her dietician.
      It causes because your body does not get proper nutrition during diet.
      This GM diet has been designed such that you will lose weight, at the same time your body will get all the proper nutritions.
      Usually dieticians will ask you to avoid Cottage cheese and stuff, but we have kept a small part of it in 5th day because body also needs small amounts of fats for energy.
      So this diet all in all is the best way to lose weight without any side effects!

      Hope this helps!

  67. Hi, i am 5’9 and 107 kg and my target is 70 kgs, i tried the GM diet and i am on my 7th day, my current weight is 102 so have lost 5kgs, i wish to continue this diet till i reach 70kgs bearing in mind that there has to a gap of 3 days between the next 7 days plan. My question is that can you send me a diet plan for next 3 days so that there is no yo yo effect, thnx

    • you can eat anything in those 3 days except cheese, butter, cold drinks, excess sugar and any other junk food.
      congrats on your gm diet success 🙂

  68. Hi,

    Does this diet helps in reducing belly fat, I have a beer belly and one of my objective is to reduce my belly.

    Let me know your thoughts either ways.


  69. Hey can I eat nuts during the diet like cashew almond or walnuts of course without roasted nor salted? And can I season the 4th or 5th day foods with soya sauce?

  70. hi…mam,
    i hav followed d same a year before and….hav lost weit tooo…..but i lost my skin…..everyone said that am looking darker (am wheatish in complexion),also i had dark circles around my eyes……suggest any remedies……please. so that i wish to continue the diet again

  71. Plzzzz help me I am 25years old my height is 5.8 my weight is 109kg may nay pehly 2dafa 40 40 kg weight kum kea tha. May ek dafa 87 tak ahi thi or ek dafa 70 tak ahi thi. Phir wapis bhar gaya hai bohat parhshan ho plzzz helpme cheaf

  72. Hi! I just started this today and thank you so much for posting this. I am currently obese at 81.4 kilos and height of 4’11. I need to lose weight within the month and bring it down to 65 to have a normal BMI of below 30. Is this possible with this diet? Hoping for your reply. Thanks!

    • Losing so much weight in a short period of 1 month can be harmful for body.
      You need to go slow and steady, that way you can be healthy as well as lose the excess weight.

  73. Hi Team,
    I am 33 yrs old and my height is 6.3 and weight is 119kgs,i am in GM diet 3rd day its going good and enjoying my diet.on 4th day can i take the soup with salt?as we already passed 3 days with out salt

  74. hi chief i m girl of 21 years old having height 5″ and having weight of 59 kg can u plz suggest me a strict diet which i can follow at my home only actually i suffering from soo many stomach related problems soo please suggest me a best diet as well as a best foods or ingredients which i can intake to loose my weight as soon as possile……
    actually i want to tell u one more thing that i m an engineering student of 4 year(be) so having a strict collage timing of 9 am to 6 pm………
    between this timing i m only having a break of 12:40 pm to 1:10 pm………..
    so i request u mam that please suggest me a diet plan acc to my health an daily routine so that i can loose upto 10 kg as soon as possible……..
    and mam i want to talk to personaly as i m having so many ques and quearies soo please can u send me ur personal id or any means of contact please mam………
    thank you soooo much…….
    rply as soon as possible so that i can strt i diet an able to lose my fat as well as belly fat of stomach and weight of whole body…….
    plzzzzzzzzz rply fst as i m awaiting for ur an action n response

  75. plz mam plz reply me as soon as possible becouse i m realy sooooo demotivated due to my over weight plz mam suggest me a goood healthy and a strict diet plan so that i can able to lose my weight as soon as possible…….

  76. one more thing i want to tell u mam that around 2 years ago i have taken an alopethic pills for increasing my height but they have left a sideeffect that aftr eating those i hv strtd to gain weight now a stage hs camw that i feel shigh due to over weight…………..
    at present time i m taking medicine of stone gas n piles so simultaneously can i follow diet as well as medicine……………..
    mam i request u plz u personaly tell me a diet of each day seperately so that i cn take it and also my health is not affected by that…………..
    plz tell me specifically what i have to each at which time and on which day plzzzzzzzzzz…………….
    mam plzzz help me na plz mam…………
    plz ap jarur rply krna me apse bht umeed lagaye hun plzzzz mam………..
    i can do anything(but not a hard work exercise becouse i m having stomach related queries) plzzzzz plzzzzzz reply me as u get time as soon as possible…….

  77. one more thing i want to tell u mam that around 2 years ago i have taken an alopethic pills for increasing my height but they have left a sideeffect that aftr eating those i hv strtd to gain weight now a stage hs camw that i feel shigh due to over weight…………..
    at present time i m taking medicine of stone gas n piles so simultaneously can i follow diet as well as medicine……………..
    mam i request u plz u personaly tell me a diet of each day seperately so that i cn take it and also my health is not affected by that…………..
    plz tell me specifically what i have to each at which time and on which day plzzzzzzzzzz…………….
    mam plzzz help me na plz mam…………
    plz ap jarur rply krna me apse bht umeed lagaye hun plzzzz mam………..
    i can do anything(but not a hard work exercise becouse i m having stomach related queries) plzzzzz plzzzzzz reply me as u get time as soon as possible…….
    plzzzzzz plzzzzzzz help mee……….
    rply jarur kariyega apppp……..

  78. one more thing i want to tell u mam that around 2 years ago i have taken an alopethic pills for increasing my height but they have left a sideeffect that aftr eating those i hv strtd to gain weight now a stage hs came that i feel shigh due to over weight…………..
    at present time i m taking medicine of stone gas n piles so simultaneously can i follow diet as well as medicine……………..
    mam i request u plz u personaly tell me a diet of each day seperately so that i cn take it and also my health is not affected by that…………..
    plz tell me specifically what i have to each at which time and on which day plzzzzzzzzzz…………….
    mam plzzz help me na plz mam…………
    plz ap jarur rply krna me apse bht umeed lagaye hun plzzzz mam………..
    i can do anything(but not a hard work exercise becouse i m having stomach related queries) plzzzzz plzzzzzz reply me as u get time as soon as possible…….
    plzzzzzz plzzzzzzz help mee……….
    rply jarur kariyega apppp……..

  79. Hi ,
    Could you please tell me how much time it would require to lose 10 kgs but it should be permanent ?Also need to know the portions we should take.Please confirm

    • Weight loss cannot be permanent if you don’t take care of what you eat after the diet. You need to stay away from junk food and only consume healthy and nutritious food.
      Small portions enough to fill your stomach. Don’t overdo it.

  80. Hi,
    Day 5 diet is six tomatoes, i dont like tomatoes.Can you please give me a substitute for it.
    and day 6, Can i have brown rice or just vegetables?

  81. hi
    chief i want to follow the GM diet plan but do i follow the in the same way because i have a baby of 8 months she is on my feed ,this will be fine for me and can i take diet biscuits not more than two in evening?

  82. I am 16 years old and i weigh 98 kg. I am 174cm tall. I am really worried about my weight. Will this diet help me to lose weight? And can u lose weight without excercise during the whole diet? Pls reply

  83. Hi, First of all I appreciate the way you are answering queries & helping people.
    I am 34yrs old/ height 5-6″ / weight 82. I am doing night shift from past 6-7 years. Can I follow GM diet plan and if yes, then shall I follow the things which you mentioned or something extra I need to take care of. Please reply …… I will start as soon as I get clarity on this. and please suggest diet plan after GM diet plan.

  84. Hi Chieft,
    I am in day 1 with water melon and Dragon fruits. My question is for Day 2 it acceptable that i can it pumpkin all day . thanks foir your feedback

  85. I just want to say, I went down from 81.4 to 78.5 by following your diet. I am only on day 3. Looking forward to lose more as the days go by. So I want to say thank you! Losing the extra weight means so much to me.

  86. Hi,

    I am a flight attendant with an airline, I need to shed off 9 kgs in a weeks time. I have request that the way you have made a sample diet for day 5th can you do the same from 2nd day till 7th with substitutes as that will really helpful in following it exactly the way it should be. Also I wanted to tell you that I am trying hard since a month to reduce weight since a month but no difference I can see.which is leaving me demotivated. However I am very hopeful by your diet plan and would follow it religiously.
    Waiting for the diet plans in a day wise pattern.

    Thanks a ton in advance.

  87. Hii… I really don’t know what to do… I will be turning 19by November nd as at today I weigh 110kg…. pls I don’t know what to do… how long should I stick to this diet? PS help

  88. I am on the fourth day of this diet. Is it okay if i eat only 3 bananas the whole day? And regarding the sample diet for day 5.. what can i replace the evening snacks and dinner with? If i follow the sample diet can i make slight changes? Also is 15 min of hardcore excercise enough? Thank you so much

    • Yes 3 bananas are okay. There is a sample diet plan for day 5 gm diet at the end of article, check it out. You can make slight changes.

      Instead of 15 minutes of hardcore exercise, go for 30 minutes of normal exercise.

  89. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing all this information.

    I am concerned the muscle loss associated with this diet. Is there anything I could do to prevent it, perhaps taking a protein shake for the first four days?

    Thanks again

  90. Hi…I lost only 4lbs meaning 1.8 kgs following the GM diet. i weight 125lbs meaning 56.6kgs at 5ft height and 31 years of age now. I was 129lbs meaning 58.5 when I started the diet.

    I am not obese i get it but a little on the chubbier side. I followed the diet without cheating!

    I guess the reason i didn’t lose more is ’cause i already avoid carbs! Now i want to start the diet again. Could you please give me a few effective pointers so that I lose more this time?

  91. Hello I’m 12 years old and I’m 55kgs. Should I take this diet? I really want to look slim like my classmates. Please help me out

  92. hello….today it was the third day of my diet….i want to know that 6 bananas and 1 litre milk will be enough for the 4th day?….or something else i can eat on the 4th day?..

  93. hello mam
    you are doing a great job !!!!
    i am 24 year s in age with 5.4 inches in height and 64kgs of weight. getting married in a couple of months.
    Jus wanted to take your suggestions so that i can reduce weight without loosing the natural glow .
    Can you suggest me what meals and in how much quantity and timings should these be taken on each day. It will be better if i get your personal email id.

    Thanks 🙂

  94. hey chief
    thank you sooooooooooooo much
    i have lost 4 kgs now i am 70 kg inshaALLAH soon i will reach at my goal weight i just wanna ask my height is 5 foot 7 inches ,,,, 65 kg is okay with my height or do i loose more my age is 28. again thanks aloooot ????☺

  95. Hi . I am on day one of the diet. I have done this before a couple of years ago and did find good results. However my question is, does this diet work on the lose post partum belly. My tummy sags and I am not sure if the diet can help in skin toning. Also it’s so difficult to avoid tea and I would like to know if I can have two small cups of tea during the diet course. Is salt an absolute no on day two for vegetables?

  96. Hi thanks for this great diet. I am going to start this tomo. I am veri overweight . I need to lose it . I am done with having my kids have 3 girls 8 , 7 & 1 and half year old. Now its time to lose all the baby fat. I dedicated myself to my kids well being. I hope I can pull this off. I am 28 and weight abt 100. I lose and pick up weight veri fast. Thumbs up for me . I do lose myself and not veri motivated. Please help in that department. Maybe everyday ask me and motivate me with the will be like I am on camera and my actions are being watched and monitored. Thanks for your help. God bless. Take care.

  97. Hi.. i’m on day 5 of gm diet now.. but i only lost 1 kg since day 1.. it make me frustrated.. n also i have problem of excessive fatigue since day 4.. any help on this?

  98. thanks mam i lost 5 kg in my second term on gm diet your vailuble sugestion is helping me much. so i started my 3rd term diet and to day is my 4th day. i have a sitting job on 8-10 hrs. every day . can i avoid the cheese 5th or 6th day diet i want to loose more. can i consume cavege every day in gm diet………………. pls reply i am awaiting ………………

    • Don’t avoid cottage cheese on day 5th and 6th. Some fat is necessary for your body to give energy to your body. Losing weight at the cost of your health is not recommended.
      You will feel fainted if you do so. Having all the nutritions is very important which other diets won’t give you.

  99. thanks mam for reply
    can i also use sugarfreegold with black tea . i am last 30 day use sugarfee gold …. is this any side effect……is it healty

  100. Hi ma’am, i am Isha.
    I am 17, my height is 5 feet 3 inches. Earlier, my weight was normal, but after I got typhoid, i had a weak body. Therefore, my neighbour advised me to take a sort of immunity syrup, after which i gained 25 kgs and weighed 65 kgs. After all those years, I am still putting on weight and now weigh 78 kgs.
    I just wanted to ask, will I gain weight again after losing some?

    • Never take advice from random people with no medical qualifications.
      Immunity Syrup is causing you side effects and you need to stop taking that.
      Focus on healthy diet that’s it.
      For a weak body as well, taking healthy and nutritious food is more than enough.

  101. hey i was gonna start the GM diet plan but i have one problem i don’t like tomatoes are they really necessary please reply i really need the answer

  102. Dear author
    I followed Gm diet a month ago I lost 4 kgs and I did again a week later but second time I did not lose any pounds . It made me really upset. And no changes in the food also. I am just wondering why ? I am planning to start again tomorrow I am just afraid it may happen again. I have a one year old boy and I am 24 years old height 6 ‘4 weight 64 . I am waiting for your suggestion and ideas to lose. Thank you for your time.

    • You can look for other useless diet plans if you want substitutes for this diet plan 🙂

      You can eat anything other than junk food, soft drinks, cheese, paneer, butter.

  103. Hi dear,

    Can I include kellogs k cereal and oats in the diet plan? Please advice.

    Also can I include channa in the diet plan?

    Looking forward to hear from you 🙂

  104. Is better to eat as less as possible during this diet? Also, is it necessary to excercise everyday? I have a busy schedule so is it okay if i exercise 3 -4 days out of 7? Will i still lose weight? Thank you

  105. Hey Hi ,

    I am 27 years , female , weight 64 kgs , height 5ft
    I am looking forward to reduce 4-5 kgs in week for an upcoming event.
    Last time is did GM diet nd reduced 3 kgs but again gained back , this time i require your help.
    Need to reduce badly nd have very less time in hand, please help.

  106. Hello mam, actually my age is 23 and my height is 5feet4 inches weight is 66 kgs so i want to lose my weight a lot mam can u pls help me out and from morning to evening ill be in the office and give me some suggestions please. and i want to lose 10 kgs

  107. Hi,

    After my 2nd pregnancy I have gained lot of weight. My height is 5 feet and I am 66 kgs now.
    I got huge love handles. In 2 weeks time its my son’s 1st birthday I would like to look good by then. Please suggest. I stopped breastfeeding 4 days ago. I am a vegetarian.


  108. hello mam ur doing great job 🙂 m 20 years old n my height is 5.4 n my weight is 80 kgs … I m starting this diet from Monday …. I want to loose 20 kgs till November 20 …is that possible ? can u suggest me some exercises for workout ?n how much time I should do it on daily basis ?thank u 🙂 🙂

  109. Hi chief
    I have started the diet today. Hoping for great results. But I don’t really like boiled vegetables , what other way can I have them for my day? Also please if you could share your email id so that incase I need help I can ask there directly

  110. I am confused about what i can eat on day 4…
    From the looks of the above all i can have all day is;
    6 bananas
    1 cup of soup
    3 glasses of milk

    Is this correct?

  111. Is day 6 the same as day 5 but with no tomatoes?

    And is day 7 only the below;
    • 1 cup fresh fruit juice
    • 1 cup of boiled brown rice
    • Half a chapati
    • Unlimited veggies (like day 2 but with no potatoes?)

  112. Hey.. I am 25 year old with 4’10 height and 51 kg weight.. I need to reduce 7 kg.. I am planning to start GM diet from tomorrow.. I have some questions.. I have calcium deficiency. I have back problem too. And having HLA B27 positive.
    1) can i drink milk with khajur ( 500ml ) all seven days?
    2) can i drink buttermilk ( chhass) all days??
    3) can i replace one roti with brown rice?
    Please let me know some more tips for health and weight…

  113. Hey i am 17 years old and i am ready to do the diet starting tomorrrow most probably .. Is it fine if i am doing this diet at a young age ? I exercise regularly also .. I have another question on the day that i am gonna eat rice .. What can i include with the brown rice ?

  114. Hi , I followed GM diet, Today is my 6th day, had not cheated, followed strictly, but i weight today, i just lost 2 kg, i am very disappointed after being so starved –not got very good results

    • Slow and steady wins the race. People have lost more than 5 KGs and you too can.
      Every body is different and sometimes results may vary.
      You need to do another round of GM diet and see how it goes. Do not get disappointed and focus on the diet.
      Should you need any help, please let me know 🙂

    • You simply need to follow this diet strictly.
      I would recommend postponing the diet. Marriage is a stressful process and you may get tired with runabouts and preparations for marriage.
      You need to be healthy and energetic for such an happy occasion.
      You can start this diet plan once you are done with the marriage things. 🙂

      • hi,

        thank you for the reply. actually its my cousins marriage. so that i dont have much work. i am already practicing yoga and do a workout of 45 minutes. i just want to lose 10 kgs in a week with the gm diet. will it help if i follow this diet strictly . awaiting a quick reply.

  115. Hi,
    Its been great pleasure of being in 7 days diet plan I hav successfully completed my 3days but unfortunately I din followed 4th day its really very upset.
    And is it possible to continue from 5th day els I need to start from beginning again pls help me out to clear my confusion expecting your reply asap

      • Hi there. I’m 28. I have cholesterol and a bit blood pressure. Will this diet be safe for me to use. I’m aiming to loose about 5 kg. Hope to hear from u soon.

        • This diet is designed for all types of people with no major health problems. The plan does not contain any food items that will increase your cholesterol. But you need to follow this strictly.

          The diet will help you limit your cholesterol and exercises will help you get rid of cholesterol. The perfect balanced diet plan!

  116. Hi,
    I am 21yrs old, 5’6″ and 53-54kg. I intend to follow the diet, but I will be consuming alcohol a few days after. Will that be ok? Moreover, will I be gaining weight once iI complete the diet?

  117. Heey…
    Veg soup
    N raw fruits n veggies…
    R these ok for day 5 6 7..??
    Its very hard to get cottge chhese in mu area n i dont like it also…
    Plz rply…m on 3rd of diet

  118. I am on my 4th day of gm diet. Followed the plan on previous 3 days without cheating. Also did 1 hour yoga everyday. But no visible change I could find. What more should I do? Another question…can I have carrots and capcicums or not?

  119. Hi i am 18 yrs old and my height is nearly 5 inches. My weight is 77 kgs. Is it possible for me to loose 5 kgs weight if i follow it for a week with no cheats?? I walk for half hour in the morning and cardio half hour next. In the evening i do 200 skipping. Plzzz help….

    • Hi i am 18 yrs old and my height is nearly 5 feet.My weight is 77 kgs. Is it possible for me to loose 5 kgs weight if i follow it for a week with no cheats?? I walk for half hour in the morning and cardio half hour next. In the evening i do 200 skipping. Plzzz help….

  120. Hey.em 19 in age n own height of 5feet 4 inches n probably 4 cms …i want to shed my weight..but iv some qs to make..with these days of diet plan..can i add green tea daily in my plan n adding honey instead of sugar in any of my meals?
    can other spices b added in d soup n al?n hpw many times..soup on d 4. Day n onwards is to be intaken?

  121. GE mam – I My elder Brother age – 50yr weigt- 89 — be want to start GM Diet plan but a quastion share with you want to yr valuable sugession- my brother ‘s Bloudprasure (BP) is Hiegh can he start to GM plan . any problem face to this way

  122. Hi,

    I m 21 yrs.old Nd 80 kg. I want to lose weight very urgently.
    I am 5.3 ft. I am indian but am studying in Moscow so it’s very cold so I can’t go for jogging Nd since my class is from 7 in morning to 8 in night. So can’t go to gym.

    So suryanamaskar ok. Nd if yes then how much?
    2.any alternative for cottage cheese?

  123. Hi Maam,

    I am on the second day of the diet.I am doing a job and generally i need to attend meetings quite often.I want to ask about the timings of the plan.If i am in a meeting it will be challenging to stick to the timings rigidly.For example, i might not be able to eat between 10-11 AM or 12Noon-1.30PM etc.What adverse effects do a +-45 mins/1 hr of flexibility on the timings have on the results of the regime or should the timings be followed rigorously?

  124. Hello,

    Regarding the vegi soup , I have read in some of the articles that soup can be taken on all the days expect on day 1 , just wanted to confirm the same with you. And if the soup can be started from day 2 itself , how many times can it be taken in a day n whats the best time to have it.

    Appreciate your response on the above,

    kind regards,

  125. GE mam – I My elder Brother age – 50yr weigt- 89 — be want to start GM Diet plan but a quastion share with you want to yr valuable sugession- my brother ‘s Bloudprasure (BP) is Hiegh can he start to GM plan . any problem face to this way

  126. Hey my age is 20 n i really want to loose weight ……i have been going gym since last year i have reduced 12kg weight I just wana ask i can’t afford to miss d gym so can i follow dis diet ????? I do rigorous workout so is dis diet will be okay???? Pls answer

  127. Hi there I was just wandering how I can control my hunger on day 1 and 2 especially ? Is there any eating pattern or timing you suggest ? Thanks

  128. holyy shit.. its been 3 days and today is the fourth day of the diet plan but woww not even a little bit of difference i feel within me.. still the same.. i have been controlling my cravings nd followed whatever u sai in the article.. though i agree that i didnt workout during the time as im into coaching and i cant lose my energy as have to walk 4 floors everyday to the classes nd its quite far from my place.. can i know is it just because i didnt do a little bit of exercise apart from yesterday’s 6 mins of cardio as it itself was seeming to b tiring nd needed much of energy.. i dont understand that not even a bit of difference losing 5 kgs is tooo far in this diet.. im still continuing it in hope of losing mayb 1 kg only.. hope this diet can help this much.. 🙁

    • Exercise and diet together form a complete weight loss program. Miss one, and you won’t get the results.
      Read the above comments, you will know that when done right, it does work 🙂

  129. Hi
    I followed gm diet and exercise ( walking 45 mins only) lost 10 kg in one year back. Now I’m maintaining the weight still I need to loose 15 more kg to come ideal weight. I want to know how much calories should I burn during exercise because I did walking as like before but no weight loss. I give up the plan. I want to start again plz help me

  130. Hello mam, I’m ready for ts diet plan and now my Wight is 57 kgs I want to reduce around 5 kgs I doing little yoga asnasa also around 20 mnts in morning regularly but I’m a working girl n in my job I hv to stay seated for long hours so please help me wt should I do for better results
    Or if I will follow the plan so can I take green tea wd lemon or honey becoze it’s in my routine suggest me plzzz ????

    • Losing weight using Lemon and Honey is does not work and its harmful, only celebrities do that.
      This diet, if followed strictly is healthy as well as helpful!

  131. Hi
    I would like to start GM diet from tomorrow.My major doubt is you mentioned to take veggies on Day 2 either raw or cooked. But cooked veggies contains oil,masala,some spices.Will it works if I take oil because cooked ones contains mandatory oil.Can u pls with me and also can I take only onion on Day 2 as it is also comes under vegetable?

    • Cooked veggies mean boiling them or pressure cooking them, adding some spices like oregano over it.
      It does not require oil to be cooked. We do not want to fry them 🙂

  132. Dear Mama, i have been battling with weight for 6 years now. I am 34 years, have 3 children and am now 94 kgs. My young baby is 15 months old. Can i start this diet plan while breastfeeding? Secondly, day 5 is not very clear, what do i take from my country Uganda?
    I appreciate your response and help.

  133. hi, i want to know that ;
    im just 15 and had an experience of hearing that dieting in such age is not good for helth
    im also worried about my weight 90kg so please tell me that is this gm diet has any effect on my helth??

  134. hello
    about the gm diet
    1. what about coffee and tea as i am coffee lover?cant stay full day without coffee
    2. how about dry fruits and unsalted nuts? about mixing fruits with low fat or fat free yogurt?

  135. Hai mam,
    I am having a knee swelling ,wrist swelling , and my crp rate in blood is 9.4. I am taking medicines for he past 6 months. still now i am having 4 tables daily my height is 5.4 and my weight is 68. Is this diet plan is helpful while taking tables for Rheumatoid arthritis.

  136. Hi Ma’am,

    I am 23years old with 5.6″ height. i weigh 77kgs. I want to lost upto 10kgs. Please let me know if I can follow this diet plan for successful weight loss. I walk close to 4kms a day, would this be fine or should i start any other type of exercises??
    Also request you to share the recipe of the soup .

  137. Can we eat the mentioned foods on their days upto our hearts content or the less we eat the better it is? And also will consuming green boost the weightloss process? And how many cups can we consume in a day? Thank you

    • Eat neither less nor full. Eat in medium quantities.
      Green tea is good for removing toxic substances from body. 1 cup a day is good.

  138. Can i take without sugar Tea in these 7 days of diet?
    Should i continue with the gym workout of 45 minutes in these days
    Can i take protin powder with water before and after workout in these 7 days?

    • Drink Green tea without sugar instead of just tea.

      No need of any protein powders. The vegetables you consume during this diet have good amount of protein and other important nutrients.

  139. Hi Ma”am

    Hope you are doing well.
    I am on day 2. I consumed coffee with sugar today around couple of hours ago.
    Will that be fine??

  140. My only concern is that i dont eat bananas at all, what fruit can be used in place of banana, please reply asap, as i need to shed some kgs before diwali..

  141. I wanted to ask whether 200 jumping jacks, 200 tummy crunches, 400 bending excercises and 200 punching excercises are enough everyday during this diet? Thank you

    • That is way too much exercise. Reduce it by 50%. Also, you don’t need to do punching exercise, instead replace it with outdoor running for 30 minutes.

  142. Hello ma’am,
    I’m a college student , 18 , 5 ft 4 , weight 86 kilos, Can I lose upto 30 kilo by only GM diet? Because I don’t think I’ll get enough time to exercise on a regular basis.

  143. In day 7 can I have a cup of plain low fat yoghurt with the brown rice and chappatis? And for days 5, 6, 7 are five litres of water enough? Thank you

  144. I tried the master plan Bt I was too weak by the end of the 2nd day,can I get a meal plan that will help me take down my weight, considering the fact that that I just started athletics training.without loosing energy please,I feel so heavy.

  145. Hi,

    My Weight is 83 Kg and Height is 5’9″.

    Want to reduce weight by around 10 KG. So, Want to start GM Diet.

    In Morning and Evening , Can I take Green Tea along with all recommended diet?

  146. Hi,

    I am using another GM diet plan which I got from internet. I loose about 3 Kg at the end of it.
    I have already tried it 4 times.
    This time I am on day 4 of GM diet and for day 5, 6 and 7, its suggested to eat brown rice morning and evening, is it right or shall I replace with Tofu as you suggested.
    Also it mentions to eat boiled bottle gaurd with salt at night. Is salt again a problem here.
    I am just trying to make it right, so that I can loose more than 3Kg every GM diet


    • You can replace it with tofu. Use 50-100 grams of Tofu and not more.

      You can add a pinch of salt in a bowl full of boiled bottle gourd.

      Good luck and let me know the results!

      • Thanks for the answer, I shall use Tofu this time.
        You have suggested not to have tomatoes on day 6, but the other diet plans have it. Is it a strict no-no on Day 6

        I am trying to eat as less as possible on Day 5-7, what are the must have things on these dates, if there is nothing must, I can even starve and eat bare minimum and gulp loads of water 🙂

        • Starving does no good.
          Your body needs necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
          I am suggesting no tomato on day 6 because I am assuming my readers have already consumed too much tomato on day 2 and day 3 where vegetables are required to be consumed.

          Good day!

  147. Hello Mam,
    I am 24 years old and my weight is 90 kgs and i have thyroid problem.I am on my first day of GM diet plan , but i m worried for the second day. what all veggies can i have for the second day??

    • Any veggies available at home, except potato.

      Carrot, Spinach, Beetroot, Bottle-gourd, Radish or any other leafy vegetables.

  148. I’m on day two and just had a couple of questions:
    1) is steamed okra/bindi okay for day 2?
    2)I added a bit of salt in my lemon seasoning, will it change anything? I exercised quite a lot today and had eggplant with okra/bindi for luck with seasoning, lemon juice and a little salt.
    3) I don’t drink milk normally so what’s a substitute for that on day 4?
    4) I’m also starting to get pain in my stomach for some reason.
    I would really appreciate a reply, thanks.

    • Hey Maya

      1. Yes
      2. A small pinch of salt is fine. Don’t do it next time though. Use Olives, Oregano or other herbs instead.
      3. Green Tea
      4. You said you exercised quite a lot. Don’t overdo it. 30 minutes of intense jogging/cardio is enough. Don’t exercise after eating. Whatever you are eating, fruits, veggies etc, eat until your stomach feels full. DOn’t be hungry and don’t overeat as well.

      Good luck and let me know your results!

  149. Is eating cauliflower okay for day 2 or amy other days that recomends to eat vegetables?
    Also I’m in the 4th day but i havent lose amy weight
    Plus i am not working out as i feel very weak
    Please reply

    • Yes cauliflower is fine.
      Working out is extremely important along with this diet.
      You need to sweat it our in order to burn existing body fat.

  150. Can I consume a glass of fresh homemade bitter gourd juice as I suffer from psoriasis and drinking this juice makes my condition better. Thanks

  151. Hi Chief,

    As you stated to have 300ml of milk, Can we add sugar to that and any low calorie flavor.

    On day 4 u have informed to take 6 Banana, and a soup and milk, is it this we need to take for whole day? or we need to add any fruits to it.?

    Thanks in advance

  152. Hiii,
    I m on 6 day of gm diet plan n i loose 5 kg….n i m happy with results…but today i have two rotis bcz i m tooo hungry….n i get borred with salad and fruits….i m feeling bad about to eat rotis..can i cntinue 7 day of diet plan..

    • In hindi its said – Kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai.

      You need to control a little to shed weight 🙂 And it is worth it!

      Glad to hear you lost 5 KGs! Congrats.

  153. Hey so many. Comments¡took a long way for me to come,i just wanna ask is it ok to eat a fulka i.e chapati along with a 34 cup tae without sugar in morning since I m 14 and mom wouldnt let me follw this master plan unless I eat something like this in the morning..board exams coming u u please reply.. or would a cereal bowl of kelloggs with fruits would do? Please answer as it is a peak time for me right now

  154. I just started this diet today and been drinking a lot of water and have had 2 apples and a pear, I am getting married end of this month and weight 80kg looking to shed 10-15 kg in 2 weeks. Is that possible , I need some motivation please 🙂 I have also been reading above comments and it looks good too, I will be doing exercises later today and pray that I see a lot of difference by day 7.

    • dear wonder. Congrats on ur marriage . its all possible believe me but u have to keep away from four things strictly;-
      soft drinks
      junk foods including burgers and pizzas and chips , snacks etc
      Now once u have made the above commitment , now its time to start off with GM diet plan . do it for two weeks continuously , u r going to achieve reduction of 10 KG . Now for next 4 another commitment to urself , U will walk for atleast 6 KMs daily in the evening , now if u do that hurray…… u ll look slimmer and prettier on ur big day.
      and lastly after ur marriage don’t overeat on dinner parties of ur relatives 🙂

      • Thank you so much Ali, you will be glad to know I have lost 4kg and waiting for the 3 days to go to go on it again, I’m looking slimmer especially on my tummy 🙂 thank you so much for your advise It really worked 🙂 besides the fact that I cheated a bit *hides*
        Regarding the dinner parties and all after the wedding I will have to really be very strict because you know everyone would want to just celebrate nonstop LOL
        Hope you are doing well with your diet as well 🙂

  155. Dear , after going through your article, I fond that you can really help me. My age is 33, have two children. The younger one is of 9 months and on breastfeeding . my problem is I have pcos since six years and facing many health issues like weight gain, grey hairs , uneven tone , fatigue. My weight is 70kgs height 163cm of pear shape. Want to lose 12 KGS fast . wants to try gm diet but afraid to gain it back. Please help me

    • You will never know until you try it.
      Go ahead with the diet and you will see the results. Eating healthy food and regular exercise is what you need!

  156. Hi
    I am really upset with the results after religiously following the diet plan for 7 days.
    I have not put a single grain in my mouth other than the plan.
    But to my surprise I have not even reduced 3 pounds.Any particular reason.
    Please note I am suffering from High BP.

    • There are many women who have successfully completed the plan with loss in weight. Although results differ from person to person, I think you should first focus on solving the BP problem.

  157. Hi Ma’am.I am 16,5’3,66 kg….I want to ask u tht I am little bit confused.should I start this diet or not?because of my age and before so many month I have done watermelon crash diet for 3 days but got no result.

  158. can I take green coffee beans as it also helps to burn fat n can u pls guide me about dis coffee beans pls I ll be really grateful if u do so..

  159. I am 168 Cm and my weight is 89
    Hi I am On GM diet Day 4
    1. What is the Non Veg option of Day 5 and 6?
    2.Once I complete this program How will I continue Reducing the weight(Say 1 Kg per Week)?Any diet plan for that?

    • This is a Vegetatian GM diet plan Anas 🙂

      The key is to continue exercising daily and have a balanced, nutritious diet. Avoid junk food and soft drinks.

  160. I am 26 eyers old I want to konw about 1st day pls tell me can I drink more watervin 1st day . Or have ane limts pls tell me

  161. mam i am 26 yr old and i want to loss my weight from 78 to 55 kg vll this diet really work in 7 days and with in one month i vll surely reduce my weight upto 15kg is it possible mam ,in am waiting for your prompt reply

  162. hi,
    i am a fourteen year old student 86 kg and wanted o reduce my weight till 65 and i am the fourth day of the diet and so far have lost only 1 kilo 🙁 anyways i was wondering if we could fry the soy chunks with olive oil and can we use spies and curd on the fifth day?

  163. To begin, i was weight 98.5KG . Somehow I come across this GM Diet Plan from this american website & I am hesitating too good to be truth. As I have try all sort of diet plan got it over the internet, some work but at the end you end up gaining double fold of the weight you lost.
    Since this is GM Diet Plan do not required any payment to whoever so I try it & it really works. I lost 11.5KG at the end of 7 days. But somehow i modified the ingredient myself. For instance, I really can’t take raw vegetables so I steam pok choy add a tea spoon of mushroom oyster sauce. I still drink tea and coffee but no sugar added just add 4 tablespoon of low fat milk to improve the taste since no sugar added. Somehow the diet plan can be modify but strictly no sugar & carbo is the key. Oh Yes, if you want to lost beyond 10 KG you need to do some exercises. After 7 Days, I weight myself and my weight become 87KG and I was so happy with the result. And this 1st time trial i did it in September.

  164. hi,
    um 24 yrs n 5 feet,my weight is now 67kg,i wanna look slim but my bp is remain low,is this diet is ok with me?and another question is walking is necessary in this diet?plz reply thnx

  165. Hi I am a nursing mum of 9 weeks old baby. I have gained 10 kg during my pregnancy. Can I follow this diet plan to loose that extra kgs? Or if I need to do something different could you please help me? Thanks

  166. Hi I m 17 & my weight is 115 & height is 6 feet I want to ask that is this gm diet is helpful for me to loose weight or not .
    Can I loose weight using this diet ,can you plz suggest me what to do
    Plz reply & thanx

  167. Hi! I’m 21 years old and I am 5ft 8in, weighing 65kg. I want to get rid of excess fat from my body. I really want to try GM diet but I’m worried that all the weight lost during this diet will be water weight and will come back once I start eating regular meals. Is this true? I also control my food portions and watch what I eat.


  168. Hai I am following gm diet. on first day and second day I add salt to fruits and veggies and I not done any exercise on day1,2 so gm diet not give me any result?plz say about this give me reply plz.

  169. hi,
    um on my 3rd day n i loose approximately 2 kg,but i feel so much pain in my muscle n headache also,is it normal during this diet?

  170. Hi, me and my friend are on the first day of our diet and have accidentally eaten mango, should we restart?

    Also I would like to know whether we are allowed to eat stone fruits (nectarines, peaches etc.) and if we are allowed to eat dates.

    • You can eat any fruits on the said days where you are supposed to eat fruits. Berries, stone fruits, anything. 3 Dates can be consumed on day 1 and day 3.

  171. Hi Chief,
    i am 25 year’s old. my height is 5-7″ and my weight is 103 kg. 10 day’s earlier i stated to drink 3 litres warm water a day. 1 litre in morning 7:30 am with one lemon and two spoon on honey. and 1 litre in 12:00 pm before lunch with two spoon of honey and 1 litre at 7:00 pm before dinner… and two day’s ago i am started cardio in jim. i am also started to avoid fast food . Plz help me out after 3 month’s i am getting married. So according to my height i have to lose 35 kg in three months…I am worked as software engineer i have a sitting job from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. So Plz Plz suggest me…???

    • We are going to publish an article on best sitting exercises to do if you have a sitting job. Recommend you to join our newsletter and check back this blog on coming Tuesday for the article!

  172. hey i loose 2 kg in my first 3 days but now on my 6th day bt didnt reduce any weight, um so disappointed, wht to do?i walk 1 hr in morn

  173. Hai Chief editor, I want to lose 20 kg Is 3 days of gap is enough ? But in another website called gmdietworks says You should leave a gap of one month. 😕

  174. Hi, I am 19 years old. My height is 5ft 3inc and my weight is 72 kgs. I am suffering from pcod also. I have recently tried the GM diet plan, but I didn’t lose any weight. Please suggest me some other plan to lose weight.

  175. Thank you shefali for this amazing post!!!!. it is my second day in gm diet, im began to experience my inner self Eventhough half of daily routines are shutdown. To be honest this feeling is amazing.

  176. hey I’m 23 yrs 65 kg n 5 ft,um on my 3rd da,i walk 1 hr in morn,is it enough or I’ve to cardio also?
    and wht weight is ideal for me?plz mam reply me…

  177. hi,
    last week i do this diet plan,n i reduce only 1kg,now do it again,i walk but don’t sweat, how i can loose more or how i boost up this diet plan?

  178. i wanna loose 4kg in a week wht should i do along this diet?walking is not appropriate for me cz i dint sweating easily?wht type of cardio is should i do for reduce more weight?

  179. Hey,

    I have started GM diet plan 2 days back. I feel very low and weak. I dint add salt to my fruits first day. can we eat salt in all veggie day? moreover i wanted to ask what should we eat in a gap of 3 days before starting the GM diet again.

    • You dont have to add salt in fruits. You can add salt in very small amounts in vegetables if you wish to. Drink more and more water if you are feeling weak.

      You can eat anything except cheese, bread, butter, cold drinks and other junk food.

  180. Hey,

    I am really Thankful to you for posting this diet and helping people throughout to shed off extra kgs which are really a pain nowadays…
    I have started GM diet plan 2 days back.
    I feel very low and weak.
    I dint add salt to my fruits first day.
    can we eat salt in all veggie day as its really tough to stay without salt for continuous 2 days. Can i add salt in day 3 ( all fruits & veggies) ?
    moreover i wanted to ask what should we eat in a gap of 3 days before starting the GM diet plan. I would really appreciate a revert. Biigg Thakeww 🙂

      • Hi I’m on the last day but for breakfast I already had the rice I need to consume I felt really hungry what can I have other than veggies and fruit juice for the rest of the day to satisfy me I feel as though I can’t get through without at least of brown rice.

  181. My name is Justin.
    I’m 16 year old and obese. i need to lose weight quickly . my brother’s wedding is coming up . Everyone’s gonna make fun of me.
    I weigh around 110 kg and my height is 183 cm ( 6’0).
    I am ready to do whatever it takes to achieve. i started going to gym.
    I’m also having 2 month holidays. I need to lose at least 16 kg in 3 weeks. My Brother’s marriage is on 26th December 2015
    It will be a huge help if i can manage to get to 90-95 kg mark before the wedding.

    I don’t wanna put the weight back on after the wedding.
    By the way, I’m Indian but i live in Australia,
    Please help me

  182. Hi Chief
    My name is Justin.
    I’m 16 year old and obese. i need to lose weight quickly . my brother’s wedding is coming up . Everyone’s gonna make fun of me.
    I weigh around 110 kg and my height is 183 cm ( 6’0).
    I am ready to do whatever it takes to achieve. i started going to gym.
    I’m also having 2 month holidays. I need to lose at least 16 kg in 3 weeks. My Brother’s marriage is on 26th December 2015
    It will be a huge help if i can manage to get to 90-95 kg mark before the wedding.

    I don’t wanna put the weight back on after the wedding.
    By the way, I’m Indian but i live in Australia,
    Please help me

  183. can I eat baked sweet potato or yam as my vegetables? and on day 5th till day 7th can I only eat veggies? I dont really eat brown rice. Thank you.

  184. Hi, I’m 5 feet 4 inches my weight is 98kg and I am very close to get diabetes at the age of 18 🙁 . I go to college everyday which includes lots of traveling. Can I do this? Will it be fine for my health?

  185. hi i m 23 yrs old ht 172 cm wt 104 kgs got married one yr ago trying to concieve.. aftet losing my weight oly i ll cincieve so pls help me can i follow the gms diet plan.

    • If you are obese, it is already very much unhealthy. And this diet comprises of all the necessary nutrients that your body needs 🙂

  186. moderation .
    I m 22 yrs old girl
    height 5. 5″
    weight : 65 Kg
    can i really loose 9Kg in just 1 week
    how this plan works for next week
    Please reply as fast as possible because i have started this plan and want to loose 15 kg how much time it will get to reduce my weight.Thnx

    • I cannot guarantee you that you will lose 9 KG in a week because that depends on how strictly you follow this diet and how your body behaves with it.
      Follow the diet strictly, do daily exercises, cardio and jogging and you will see the results.

  187. hey , i’m a student 22 years old , my height is 1.56 and i weight now 60 kilos , i gained 9 kilos in the last few months which is alot and i wanna lose up to 7 kilos in two weeks before i can go home for the holiday , Is it possible ? i don’t do exercises and i spent most of my time studying , are there exercises i can do at my house ? And can this diet really help me lose weight ?

  188. Hii…..

    I’m 20 and a college student and my weight is bot 78kg by now how much should I focus on loosing & How many times do i require to repeat GM Diet
    And what sort of Indoor exercises can I do???
    Would it cause Muscle Cramps???

    Plz Do rply ASAP!!!!

  189. thanks for the info. i completed first week and i lost 3.5 kgs only . But i am planning to start it again after a gap of 3 days. do you suggest 7 days without salt or is it okay to have some for last 3 days?

  190. i am on the sixth day of this diet and i m feeling change in my body…feeling gud…. i had some cofusion so i asked you but i solve it myself……
    now i want to ask that is it possible to lose 30 kg in 2 – 3 months………. i really want to look better

  191. Hi.. I’m on my 2nd day.. I lost 2 kg on my first day end itself.. Thank you for that.. But in 2 days I will get my menstrual cycle.. What could I do now..?

  192. Hello. I’m currently on my DAY 2. And I can say, as a non-vegetarian, this is very hard.
    I ate a tomato, lettuce, and carrots for my breakfast. However, I couldn’t take their smell and taste so I’ve got no choice but to cheat.. I ate it with a can of HOT&SPICY TUNA IN OIL (3/4) but discarded the oil. And around lunch time, I had my lettuce with steamed fish. However, since I cheated, I was always standing and walking. OHMYGOD, will this badly affect what I have done so far?

    On the next days, if there are food I don’t think I can eat, like for instance on day 4 and 5, I don’t think I would like to try cottage cheese and soup.. Can I substitute them with watermelons?

    • We do not use non-vegetarian food for this diet. If you cannot bear the veg food, I think there are a few non-veg gm diets as well if you wish 🙂

      But, vegetarian diet works the best!

  193. Hi
    Followed the diet to the t and on day 4 and still at 49kg not a single kg down ,and I can’t do excercise coz I feel way to dizzy when I do and iv never excersised in my life ….plzz help feeling really upset:(

  194. hi,
    am a disabled person and am over weight, since i have a problem in my leg i cant do any exercise. i have tried GM diet but i just lost only 1 kg. i have to loose atleast 10 kg. what can i do. plz help me.

    • Hey Beena

      I would recommend showing your weight problem to a professional, I would not like to comment on this one because you are disabled and I don’t know how your body will react to this diet plan and what nutrients your body actually requires.

      Stay strong!

  195. Hi. I’m on my 4th day now.
    I lost 1kg from Day 01. But now, can’t seem to lose anymore. I still have 1 less kilo on my weight. Maybe because I cheated a bit. Will I still be losing if I strictly follow 4th day to 7th? Since I will now be consuming food with higher in calories and fats.

  196. iam 15 kgs exess according to height and i started GmDiet today and i want some more details that what should i eat on day6&day7 and any other tips to loose my hips and thighs, as toomuch growth of these parts made me so horrer and i cant able to make the pant fittings of my choise
    please Reply

  197. Hi ,I am in day 3 nw I reduced 2 kg… At day 5 ,6,7 shall I prepare chicken like south Indian style(like adding oil and then onion tomato ,salt,chilli pwdr,coriander,turmeric etc) ..thank u

  198. Hi , My marriage gonna happen in Jan 3rd week. My height is 168 cm and my weight is 76 kg. can i able to loss more than 15 kg with in a month?. can you please advise me?

  199. I have completed the first week of the GM diet. I lost 10 pounds. I would like to start another round of the diet but I feel extremely tired and my stomach feels a little irritated, not necessarily upset just feels uneasy and a little sore. I thought this was going to be like a cleanse and I would feel a lot of energy and feel really great, but I feel the opposite. I have not done any exercise. Do you have suggestions for energy level?

    • Are you drinking good quantity of water?
      Usually some people may feel tired during their diet because they are used to eating heavy. You should consume your regular food now but make sure it is free of any junk. Cottage cheese in small amounts can be consumed for protein. I suggest you to wait for 1 month before you start another session.
      Veggie soups and Green smoothies should be your daily intake.
      Exercise is absolutely necessary even if you are not doing any diet sessions.

      Let me know your progress and congrats on losing 10 pounds!

      Stay healthy!

  200. Hi
    1) May I add salt to the soup?
    2) Do I need to take skimmed milk on Day 4? Usually I take partly skimmed milk.
    3) Is Workout/Walking needed throughout the 7 days?If so how long?

    • Avoid using salt.

      Skimmed milk is preferred.

      Exercise (swimming, jogging, yoga) is absolutely necessary not only during this diet but also the other days.

  201. hi am 23 years and my weight is 76 and my height is 5-6 i want to loose 20 kgs in a month and iam doing walking an hour if i use this gm diet i can loss 20 kgs or not please help me and i want your email id i didnt find any where above blog please mam please

    • You need to avoid junk food like cheese, soft drinks, sugar in excess amounts and perform regular exercises.

      If you work, check out our article on exercises that you can perform while at work!

  202. Hi,

    I am 29 years old, Female, height =5 ft 2.5 inches and I weigh 65 Kgs currently.
    I have gained 9 Kgs in last 8-9 months and i haven’t been able to shed even half a kg in all these days.
    I want to be around 54-55 Kgs again and I have a problem of acidity. So, I cannot remain hungry for long or if I am hungry, I get headache until I eat a good meal. Also, if I run on Treadmill, my stomach aches very badly.

    How long do you think it will take to reduce 10Kgs? My body only allows me to do mild exercise and I am going to maintain a healthy diet generally. Do you think – if I do this twice in the coming month- I will be able to reduce 10Kgs?

    Awaiting your reply, thanks.

  203. I have lost 20 kgs till now . My weight was 89 kgs and now its 71 kgs . I have done it by work out and diet control . Can you tell me if i can follow the GM diet to lose 15 kgs more ? If yes , will the weight bounce back after i am done with GM diet. Help is much appreciated!!!

  204. Hi, my age is 32 and height is 5’3″, house wife, 6-7hrs working for house hold chores . My weight was 73.5 when i started this diet last week. I lost 2.5 kg. I didnot do much excercise in that duration as i kept on feeling hungry. Also while on gm diet, at night when i was feeling too much hungry n weak and my stomach was giving out weired sounds, i had 3 brown breads with green chilly chutney on day 1,2,3.
    I will again start GM diet from tomorrow. And this time i will accompany my diet with cardio exercise atleast 45mins a day. Hoping to lose further 6 kg this week. I will be more strict this time while following diet n excercise.
    Pls give me some suggestions.

  205. Comment:
    hi im a 30yr old woman..i weigh 90kg currently, and i am willing to drop 20kg in 8-10 156cm in height, so is it posible to lose that much in 10 weeks? and what am i to do to keep the weight off for long time or even forever?

  206. Hi, my age is 32 and height is 5’3″, house wife, 6-7hrs working for house hold chores . My weight was 73.5 when i started this diet last week. I lost 2.5 kg. I didnot do much excercise in that duration as i kept on feeling hungry. Also while on gm diet, at night when i was feeling too much hungry n weak and my stomach was giving out weired sounds, i had 3 brown breads with green chilly chutney on day 1,2,3.
    I will again start GM diet from tomorrow. And this time i will accompany my diet with cardio exercise atleast 45mins a day. Hoping to lose further 6 kg this week. I will be more strict this time while following diet n excercise.
    Pls give me some suggestions.

    • Exercising and having a proper diet is important in losing weight with gm diet plan. Remember the gap between each GM diet week.

      • Thanks for your inputs.
        I have few questions :

        1.. Can i replace brown rice / chapati (wherever mentioned in gm diet) with homemade jwari/rice bhakri?
        2.. I am asthmatic, can you suggest replacement of banana for day 4?
        3.. 30 mins treadmill & 15 mins elliptical will do for a day?
        4.. Can I add sugar-free & ginger in milk on day 4?
        5.. Can I have wheat marie biscuits with water if I feel exceptional hungry or giddiness?

  207. Comment: what can I take in 5th and 6th day in gm diet?
    explain it in details. write all material which can I take? if possible write in Hindi

    • You will have to check your Body mass index first before you think you want to lose weight. This gm diet plan works for all ages upto 45 years.

    • 20 KG in 20 Days is very dangerous for your body. You need to take one step at a time. Follow this gm diet plan strictly for 7 days and you will see the results!

  208. Hello Chief Editor,

    I have the following question regarding the diet regimen:

    1. Can Black Coffee/Black Tea be consumed everyday?
    2. If Yes, is the Coffee/Tea limited to one Cup per day or can be taken more than once?
    3. Can Artificial sweeteners for ex. Canderel/Sugar free be added to Coffee/Tea?
    4. For the record On Day 5… Should the brown rice quantity of one Cup be considered before boiling (as in raw) or after boiling the rice and what will be the typical size of a Cup? (say for Ex. 300ml Cup)

    As I intend to start this regimen next week I will be very grateful if you could clarify the above questions

    Thank you for understanding.

    Kind regards,

  209. I m 19 yrs old nd my weight is 52 kgs i am on my day 6 of gm diet nd to my utter disappointment I hv loose jst 1 kg …. can u help me to have. a perfect diet plan so dt on my next attempt I could loose atlest 5 kgs

    • You can definitely try it if your weight is above the BMI level. There are no side effects because you eat only that much that your body requires.

  210. Hi
    I am female 165 cm height, wt 83kgs ,age 25 => Goal 60kgs
    Few questions:
    1. What is next step after completing 7 days GMs diet plan?
    2. For the second week can follow the same diet? Any side effects?
    3. How long(weeks) can i keep having the same diet?
    4. Can this plan help in reducing inch loss also?
    Thanks in Advance

    • Hey Mohini!!

      1. Once you are done with GM diet, you have to continue with healthy exercises and jogging. Avoid eating junk food as far as possible. (1 chocolate or pizza can be eaten secretly once in 2-3 weeks)

      2. Follow this diet once per month.

      3. You can read the Reduce Belly Fat article for that!

      Let me know your progress!

  211. Hi, I am 48 my weight is 111.5 kg and hight 6 ft

    my question is this :

    pl give 5th and 6th day complete plan with details.

    can I take soup on day 4th night ??

  212. My height is 143 cm & weight is 65 kg. i strictly follow gm diet plan inspite of that i reduce only 1 kg weight. why it happen so……
    During gm diet if i wish other foood for mouth carving which is best…. nuts or fruits or sev mamra etc

  213. hi i m 15
    does this diet have any side effects on the body in long term?
    can i lose 8kgs with this diet in 1 or 2 weeks?

    • No, this gm diet will have no side effects on your body because there are no strict fastings, and all nutrients that the body requires are included in diet plan.

      It depends body to body and how strictly you follow this diet.

      • Hi i am ziyah
        I would like to know about the non vegetarian gm diet tody is my 4 th day but confused abt the 5 th for non vegetarian diet it says somwhre the beef or chicken somwhre beef or fish which is better to use i dnt like beef so would please suggest me which is good chicken or fish ?

  214. Hi ma’am,
    I am parvatha, I am 13 years old and weigh 65 kgs. I am very much worried about my weight. I want to lose 15 kgs in 2 weeks so can I follow this diet for 2 weeks with some exercise? Please reply me ma’am .
    Thank you.

    • Hi Parvatha!
      You, my girl, are quite young to even bother about weight! Just enjoy your life and study well!
      You can anyway eat healthy food in your daily diet, no need for gm diet at this age for you! <3

    • Can you do 200 jumping jacks and crunches!? Its difficult! Even if you can, I think you should limit yourself with 50-100 per day. Overdoing kills.

  215. Hi mam
    I am nikita 27 yrs and weigh 75kg. I am thyroid patient 4.85 pts should i do this diet and I am doing skipping 1000 is it good enough or not ? Pls rep mam

  216. Hello mam m nikita 27 yrs weigh 75 kg i an thyroid patient 4.85pts should i do this diet and i am doing skipping 1000 is it good enough or not? Pls suggest me mam

  217. Hai my kilo is 99 iam 17 years old i want to loss weight easily..i am going to gym.. the dite is affected to our study for exam ples help

  218. hello, i wanna ask, can we get the day 1-2-3 in coldpressed juice or green smoothies (with no sugar added for sure)? thanks for reply

    • Hey Ana, kindly follow the diet as given, avoid making any variations. But you can definitely make juices out of these fruits and/or veggies with no extra ingredients added.

      We will soon come up with awesome Green smoothies recipes that are super healthy and can help in losing weight too. You can subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss it!

    • Hi

      I would suggest you not to try of losing weight while you are lactating. Your baby needs proper nutrients to grow. Once you are done with breastfeeding, you can think of losing weight with this gm diet 🙂

  219. Hi as you said after 7 day diet plan if we want to continue the same, we have to skip this diet for 3 days.So my question here is what are we suppose to eat with in this 3 days

    • Hi Ankita

      We have made a small change in this vegetarian gm diet. You can do this plan only twice per month.

      When you are not doing this diet, I recommend you to avoid junk food.

      A small amount of your favourite ice cream and chocolate can be eaten though 🙂

  220. Hi i m dipankar singh 19yrs and my height is 171cms and weight 75kgs.can i run 5KM every day with this diet plan.

    • It depends on body to body, but if done strictly and in discipline, you will achieve positive results with gm diet plan.

  221. I follow this diet through it I loss 15 kg and I burn 1000 calories every day bUT still I want to lose 10 kg more as now my weight is 65 and this time I am unable to do 7 day diet because of weakness so suggest me another suggestion to follow my diet as my fat can burn…

    • Hi Manisha.

      Congratulations on losing 15 KGs!!! You broke the record of this article! 🙂

      I would recommend you to slow down and avoid losing another 10 KGs. Keep it slow and natural. Losing so much weight in small amount of time is NOT healthy for your body.

      • Thank u mam but mam i want to lose 5kgs slow as you says but recommend me slow diet it’s my wish to lose suggest what to do ,how much calories I should take and how much should I burn .. after if I lose so I will care my health bit try to recommend me a slow diet through which I should burn my weight easily and not harming my health.
        Thank you again..

        • Every time you do any weight losing diet or exercise, make sure to use the BMI calculator in this post to check if you really need to lose weight.

          You can do this diet twice a month to lose more weight.

  222. Hi. Was just wondering about the soup. What type of soup? It lists some ingredients you could put in the soup but can you buy canned soup or what base would you use or is the ‘soup’ you mention just boiling up vegtables in water and eating it? :-).

    • Hey, Sandy!

      Canned soup or canned any food is a strict no-no, not only for this diet but eating in general. They are not healthy and should be used only when you are in a hurry.

      The base for the soup should be water. Boil the veggies in it and have it. You can use a small amount of starch powder to make it thick. It’s more of a vegetable soup you see in restaurants, with just vegetables used for this diet and no additional spices.

      Let me know about your results!!

  223. Hey m 26 yrs n my height is 172 cm n my weight is 73.5kg how I lose it I want to lose at least 15 kg .I tried GM diet earlier but I continued only 4 day.then I gain t kg more …now this time it’s my second day finished n I losed 3 kg(70.5kg).I just want to know how I maintained weight after diet.

  224. Dear Chief Editor, I have hypoglycemia which is really low blood sugar, I asked my doctor if I could diet & she said yes, can I do this diet? I’m 28yrs & 165lbs & 5ft tall

  225. Dear Chief Editor, I sent you a msg about me having hypoglycemia but I forgot to mention my doctor said i could not go under 1200 cal a day, can u please tell me how to do the gm diet effectively? I also have asthma & need to use inhalers, advair, & singulair so what are safe cardio exercises I can do? Please help!

    • Hey Krysti

      Yes, if you have hypoglycemia, you should not go under 1200 calories per day.

      I would suggest you to take ample amounts of food mentioned on each day in this gm diet plan.

      You can add 1 glass of lime water (with sugar) every day both in morning and evening along with the food above.

      If you feel uncomfortable, quit doing this diet immediately.

      The safest cardio exercise would be to do slow jogging every day and stop as soon as you feel heavy breathing. Don’t over do it. You can also opt for swimming if you can.

      Rest, keep in touch with your doctor before doing anything out of your normal routine.

      Good luck and keep me updated with your progress!

  226. Hi Chief,

    Iam 24yrs and weigh 78kgs when I did gm diet last time I lost only 3kgs and gained back….
    Is it suggestable to start when you are on menstrual cycle..?
    Iam hoping for reply and better results this time…

    • You should first get done with your menstrual cycle. There is no hurry.

      The best way to not regain the weight back is to eat healthy good and exercise regularly. Keeping junk food for just twice or thrice a month is just fine.

    • Hey!

      Congratulations on losing 5 KGS! No, you shouldn’t. You can start again after 2 weeks from day 1 of gm diet.

    • You can use Green Tea instead of Milk. Vegetable soups are healthy! You should try them. I bet you won’t regret it.

  227. Hii. ..This is my first day of gm diet. ..can I have oolong tea wid dash of cinnamon n lemon in it. As I usually vl have 1-1.5ltr of oolong or green tea every day. ..can I do it even while doin gm diet?

  228. Hi ma’am
    I’m just 15 years my height is 171cm and weight is 66.4kgs
    My bmi shows 22.8 whiChris normal but still I look overweight would u recommend this diet plan at this age or just relax for now and I go for cardio everyday for 40 mins for running and I’m a basketball player too . So place suggest waitingredients for u r reply

    • Hey Vathsala

      I think you are just fine at this age. Don’t think much about it and focus on your education.
      Since you are a Basketball player, you are already doing all healthy things like cardio and swimming. Your height will increase in coming years since you play Basketball, which will neutralise your BMI even better 🙂

      Have fun and meanwhile, check out other amazing articles you might be interested in!

    • You are welcome!
      Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletters to keep in touch with awesome health articles! 🙂

      • U know what with me when I read the chart I thought I will lose up to 7kg but when I completed it I was so surprised that I lose only 1 and half kg I was so discouraged now I am regretting why I had left my food for 7 days u know how hard it was for me know one can realise party was going on and I refused to take somethings as I was on chart

  229. I have been completed 7 days diet lost 5 kg can i continue after one week and can i drink soup from resturant

  230. Having red wine like 30 ml daily help in aiding the process or will it decrease the amount of weight being shredded ?

    • Hey Uttara!

      Use the BMI index widget at the top of article and see if you are overweight. If you are overweight, you can do this gm diet without any problems!

  231. I’m on day 3 I didn’t cheat on day 1 and day 2. Still I lost only 400 grams.
    Normally when I tried this diet earlier around 14 days ago I lost 4 KGS within 4 days. I don’t know what’s wrong this time? Can you please tell me?

    • You will lose weight slowly and smoothly if you do it consistently. After every diet you should check your BMI index again.

      Still more days to go, be calm! 🙂 Let me know your results soon after the gm diet ends.

  232. Hi chief, i am 38 yrs old, with weight 77 kg. This is the 5th day of mine following GM diet plan. Till date I reduced 2 kgs, I believe I will manage to lose more by the end of 7th day. Also, I wish to continue the same.But, I had a problem while following it.
    I have to travel daily along 100 kms .For the 1st day of plan where I need to take fruits throughout the day. By evening , after travelling, I found that my body was seriously demanding salt and sugar. Can there be some additives for 1st day along with fruits which can help me.

    What effects will take place if it is continued after completion of 1 cycle of GM diet plan.
    Please reply, as I wish to reduce atleast 20 kgs by 2 months.

    • Hi Swati

      I recommend you to do gm diet when you are not travelling. Please let me know about your specific queries.

  233. Hello I’m Aya 18 years old, my prom is in 2 weeks and i really wanna look thinner to fit my dress, I started this diet , I am done with day 3 and I strictly followed everything but I haven’t seen any change in my weight:( any suggestions?

  234. Hi, can you recomend something for the day 6 , like you did with day 5. I’m a little confuse about what I should eat on day 6, thanks!!!

    • You can continue with cottage cheese (Paneer), soup, vegetables and sprouts. Make sure to avoid tomatoes.

  235. Hey I am 24 years old and 75kgs. its my 3rd day lost 3 kgs in 2 days. Thanks for this diet. It’s working good. But I am very dizzy all the time. I am getting married in July and I want to lose 20 kgs till then. So should I keep repeating this diet every alternate week.?

  236. Hi
    I hav started with this gm diet.. its my 2nd day… following ur plan as well.. my prob is jus cant go without tea..had quarter cup of tea with less sugar.. will it effect this diet plan.. i do follow everything as per da plan.. plz suggest

  237. Can you please recommend me an alternative for day 5? Our local supermarket doesn’t have most of the ingredients listed.

  238. Hi,
    I want to do this diet to reduce 20 kgs by July 20 I have to reduce by then so plazz tell me.can.I.take.a.break of 3 days and continue again .What is the reason behind doing it only 2 times a month cause once u r in grove u do it otherwise u again get back to eating if there is a.break
    . I have a back problem so.I cannot do gym.or jogging but yes I can go.for walks but because I am vv fat I cannot walk vvv fast but I will try my best to walk as fast as I can so is it ok if I walk for 30 min and gradually increase it to 1 hr will it help
    . Also can I add little salt to the plan .plzzzzzzzzz advice .

    • Hi

      Doing GM diet 2 times a month keeps your body balanced. Overdoing anything is harmful to body.

      The main purpose of exercising is to sweat. Sweat it the way you want 🙂

      You can add Oregano instead.

  239. Hi chief good noon plz tell me abt fifth day I start today can I drink lemon water with black salt and can I use black salt at fruits

  240. Heyy can I lose my arm fat by doing this diet? Pl reply my whole body is perfect but only problem is in my arms . I’m on my 3rd day of this diet!

  241. Hey… now I’m pregnant. 7th month of carrying. Now I’m 80kg. After deliver I must need to lose my weight. So, when should I start this diet plan after delivery .? Also whether it will affect feeding?

    • Hello Reshma

      Congratulations on your baby bump!

      I would suggest you to start losing weight only after at least 6 months of delivery. The baby needs proper nutrition during breastfeeding and hence you should not limit your intakes, and follow diet that the doctor will give you post delivery.

  242. Hiii I’m studying in +1 and I weighted 76 KGS and I’m feeling embarrassed in front of my class mates due to my weight when there is checkup in games period so suggest me some tips to loose weight fast and is this gm diet plan really works .

  243. hii, mam
    mam i am done with this plan but i am not reduce that much of weight. plz tell me the resion. it is necessary to eat again & again in whole day? if i intake 2 or 3 times its not provied the best result?

  244. I had lost 4 kg of weight last time to follow GM Diet but this is the 2nd time i did not loose any weight. I am very much worried about this. I have followed the diet chat properly. Plz advice

  245. Hi
    I was 83 whwn I started GM diet plan and after 7 days I was 77.5. I took a gap of 7 days and my weight became 79. Kgs. Can I start my GM diet plan again as I had already taken a gap of 7 days? Please reply

    • Yes you can take gm diet plan. But lesson learnt here is, once the diet is over, don’t hop on eating food. Eat healthy and exercise even when not on diet 🙂

  246. Can I have Luke warm water with lemon and honey in empty stomach, every morning while following this diet chart for 7 days?

    • No. That is a wrong method to lose weight. Only celebrities do that and it is not healthy practise 🙂 Avoid listening to such tips.

      • I drank honey lemon water in the morning on day 3 and day 4 as I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed. Now I have gained another kilo. And I no longer see that I’m losing weight. I did lose 3 kilos in the first 3 days though.

  247. Hii Chief,
    Im now drinking 1 pills for slimming every morning. the pills given from doctor. she said must drink it evry morning until finish n cant stop before all out. n it still leaves 8pills . but i want to start gm plan by tommorow. so can i do my gm plan together with just drink 1 pills evr morning bfr breakfast? does it can?
    Waiting ur reply chief, thanks alot

  248. Hey I am on my 6th day I lost around 3 kgs in my first 4 days but after 4th day I can’t see any weight loss.
    Plz help me plz

  249. Hi,
    I’m 15 years old and obese and i aned to ask is walking for 1 hour enough for the exercise Everyday while doing this diet?

  250. Hi! I am on my third day of gm diet and i had a lot of grapes today but then i saw they are not allowed to be consumed.. can I carry on with my diet or do I have to restart it again?

  251. Hi.. Good article. I am on Day 4 today and lost 1.3kgs.
    For the 5th day.. Can I have cooked tomatoes? E.g.: Lil oil, tomatoes, coriander, chillies and salt? Instead of raw with rice?

  252. hello there, I’m going to start da gm diet. I was wondering if I’m going to lose my boob weight? I really want them to reduce big time but not saggy! Umma work out a lot. will it work?! thanks.

  253. Hi…hru?
    In guide of gm diet I’m myself prepare one diet fruit for one day like day 1 cucumber and day 2 watermelon like this and also 3cup of green tea.its good r bad
    Pls tel me now I’m in 95kgs I want to reduce help me

    • Hey Dhivya, have you prepared that diet yourself? I would suggest not to do that yourself. A good weight loss diet plan contains all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, vitamins etc which are necessary for body to function.

      You diet seems to only contain minerals and vitamin C, while other nutrients lack. Please follow this gm diet plan if you want to lose weight effectively and in an healthy way.

  254. Mam I am now 110 KGS and my height is 6.1 ft if I follow the GM diet plan will I make myself look healthy and my target is to reduce to 90 KGS . will this diet help me to reach my goal . pls guide me even after the diet completion. But before pls tell me whether I could reduce 9 KGS in the 7 days plan……. Thank you expect ur reply soon

  255. Hello Mam, Can you please suggest me any alternative to milk when it’s day 4 Milk and bananas. I hate milk with a passion and plain milk I just cannot drink, even if I’ll try, will just vomit. Thanks

  256. hi actually I have love handles and my thighs are in a very very bad condition and my weight is 103 kilos I just need help please

  257. Hii mam,my weight is 82 kg and i want to reduce it to the 60 kg in a month
    it is possible by following this diet plan??
    please answer mam..

  258. hi
    firstly I would like to ask if you have even the slightest chance of gaining all the weight back, if not more.
    And secondly, since you are losing a large amount of weight in short amount of time, are you at risk of having flabby skin?

    • Hi

      We havent seen any reports of flabby skin till date. This weight loss diet is a healthy diet plan which doesn’t make you starve.

      Entire 7 day plan has all required body nutrients which keep your body healthy and make your fat go thin.

  259. Hi. Is it okay to take ayurvedic medicines during this diet or will it affect the weight I might lose? I take ayurvedic medicines for psoriases.. Thanks

  260. Hi. On the first day I chose to eat watermelons only. I am not feeling hungry at all infact I dont feel like eating anything but I forced myself to eat a tiny amount of watermelon(half a bowl). I drank around five litres of water. Am I doing the diet properly or should I eat more? Also is one hour of walking on the treadmill on speed 5 (around 4.8 miles) is enough for everyday of this diet or should I do more? Thank you

  261. Hi
    I’m round d corner of getting my periods. Is it d right time to start the diet? Bcoz during my chums i will not b able to go to my zumba classes.

    • Hey Shilpa!
      I would recommend you to start with gm diet plan after your periods settle down.
      Once you are done with it, you can mix Zumba and GM Diet together for best results.

      Also, did you check out Water Aerobics article? It would be amazing to lose weight and be fit without getting much tired.

  262. I have lost only 4.5 kg weight in a week n i want ti loose more wieght n i am on third day n there is no wieght loss ..!! What should i do ..?

    • Hey Sonali!
      Firstly congrats on your 4.5KG weightloss. That itself is a big achievement. As said in the article, you can do GM Diet only 2 times per month.
      Persistence and patience is the. Losing too much weight in short plan can be harmful to body.

      GM Diet is a healthy diet plan to lose weight which has to be done in a limit. I’ll recommend you to follow what is said in the article and you will see the results.

  263. Hi I’m 13 years of age and I’m 65 kg I want to get down to min 50 kg, max 45 kg . I’m very strong I like football and this is the reason I am losing weight . By doing this will I be able to lose my fat because I exercise a lot like 2 – 3 hours a day . Can I do this please reply ?

  264. I dont really like banana? can I subtitute it w/ something else? you mention coconut before, is it just the coconut water or whole?
    And i like having vegetables in a soup, is it fine if I have the vegetables in a soup for all the plan in GM diet?

  265. Hey,
    I’m 20 years old
    my height is 172 cm and weight 70 kg
    I need to lose 5 kgs in 10 days
    will this diet help me in losing those kilos
    because last time i tried i lost only 2 kilos
    so please suggest me how to lose 5 kilos in these 10 days??

  266. Madam,
    is there any alternative to tomato for entire gm diet, i cant event eat 1 tomato. please suggest other vegetable/fruit to replace tomato.

  267. After losing weight by this diat plan. Is it advisable to continue to eat homemade food like roti, subji, dal-chaval. Will aforementioned food affect to maintain the weight loss we achieved from this diat plan?

  268. I am 24 years old and my weight is 76 can you suggest some exercise how to lose weight? I already change my diet plan according to this article………..