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To better help you jot down your magic on paper, it is a must that you follow below guidelines strictly which are made keeping in mind our readers, and the standard of articles that we write here:

  1. The article must be at least 1500 words, well structured with bullet points wherever possible.
  2. Images are a must. All images must be copyright free and HD. Make your own custom images using free tools online if necessary.
  3. If you have interesting videos or images of your own, you are welcome to share them.
  4. The article must not be a rewritten/spun copy of other blogs. We will check it on CopyScape and blacklist you if found copied.
  5. The article must be in simple English, with step by step guides to procedures, methods of solving the problem you are writing about.
  6. If you know any personal home remedies for certain problems, you can add them to the article. Make sure you explain the topic properly, let it take as many words as required.
  7. We will do the outbound linking, you only need to send the article.
  8. Make sure your write-ups have the power of imagination, so that people feel motivated reading your articles.
  9. Most important of all, add value to your article. Helping people is at the forefront of our vision with this blog.
  10. An article once approved and published, will not be deleted in future. We own the copyright of article.

So these are some of the guidelines that you need to follow. We may add or remove any of the above guidelines at our discretion, without informing in advance, of course keeping in mind the standard of the blog and our readers.

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