Top 10 Best Exercises to Practice While at Work

Ever since the beginning of human life on earth, physical work is something that is inseparable from one’s life. Physical activities require huge amounts of energy for their execution and achieving good results. Earlier man had to wander around while hunting to earn his food and farmers had to plough their fields, sow seeds, irrigate and grow their food.

All these activities caused lot of sweating that kept them healthy. But today’s man is completely dependent on machines to perform every work resulting in a sedentary life which forms the main reason for issues like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiac problems. Hence, it is necessary for you to follow these simple exercises while you are at work in front of the computer to get rid of health problems.

10 Exercises to perform while you are at work

exercises to do at work cure back ache

You may have an assumption that exercising and working out regularly is a mere waste of time; But the truth is that lack of physical activity leads to sedentary life style causing lot of diseases and decreasing your productivity.

If you are one of those people who have to sit in front of a computer desk all day for work, the following office exercises can help you stay hale and healthy and keep you away from putting extra weight.

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Exercises for Abdomen

Are you one of them who thinks that it is a must to sit straight in your seat for 9 hours continuously while you are at work? Doing these simple chair exercises while you are in your seat can help you bring down your tummy without making others ridicule at you. These exercises lay emphasis on your oblique muscles and abs.

  • Sitting side bends

Hold a one litre bottle with both the hands and sit on the edge of your chair. Without bending your hands, raise the bottle towards your head. Twist your upper body to the right side and stay in the position for about six seconds. Return to the original position and turn on to the left side and retain the position for 6 seconds. Get back to the normal position. Doing this exercise for about six times can help you reduce your weight easily.

  • Sitting abs twist

ab twist exercise for office
This is one of the best and yet the easiest exercise to burn some extra calories while you are at your desk. sit on the edge of your chair with a stiff back. Hold the one litre water bottle with both your hands close to your chest and turn to your right to the maximum extent. Remain in this position for at least five seconds and come to the original position. Repeat the same exercise by twisting your body to your left. Repeat the procedure for about six times continuously.

  • Wrist and arm exercise

It is a matter of fact that excessive writing or typing makes your fingers and wrist very stiff. Thus, trying out simple exercises for wrist and arm can be highly beneficial in making your muscles more flexible and burning out extra fat in the arms in addition to toning your arm area.

  • Palm stretch

office exercises

Whether you are sitting or standing, you can perform this simple exercise. sit with a straight back and b ring your hand to your front. Place your palms in such a way that they are facing you. enclose the fingers of your left hand with your right hand  and hold it for half a minute. Do the same with the other arm. Repeat the procedure for 5 to 6 times continuously to get a perfect relief from the stiffness of the wrist and fingers.

  • Forearm Press

forearm exercises in office
Sit stiff. Place your palms close to your chest with the elbows high corresponding to the floor. Start bending your wrist towards the left side and experience the force on your forearms. Stay in this position for about ten seconds and repeat the same procedure by bending your wrist towards right.

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Repeat the same exercise on both the side continuously for ten times. After you have completed the exercise relax yourself by stretching your arms and loosening your shoulders.

Low Back Exercises

Working continuously for a long time in your desk can result in stiffening of your legs and the back. Hence, trying out few simple low back exercises can help you stay relaxed in addition to toning the muscles of your back and leg without losing large amount of sweat.

  • Squat Exercise

squating technique at work

Take a break during your work hours. Stand in front of your chair. Keep your legs and hips apart by bending your knees and coming to a squat position. Raise your arms parallel to the ground and place them straight.  Linger in the chair position for ten seconds and come back to the standing position. Do this exercise for at least eight to ten times continuously to stretch your back muscles and tone the gluts and abs.

  • Chair Dips


office chair dips for back ache

Ensure that your chair is strong and stable before you start doing this exercise. Sit on the edge of your seat. Bring down your body from the chair with the support of your arms that are placed in the edge of the chair and bending the knees. Push your body up and down. Repeat the up and down action quickly for half a second continuously. Doing this exercise at a stretch can give positive results.

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Leg Exercises

Sitting in your seat for a long time without any change in the position can seriously damage your leg muscles and joints. The following easy to do leg exercises can help you gain a strong and healthy calf, thighs and knees.

  • Leg Raise


office back ache exercises

Sit straight on your chair. Place both the feet on the floor. Slowly, raise one leg to the level of your hips. Engage your abdominal hips for about six seconds by retaining the position. Now come back to the original position. Repeat the procedure with the other leg raised. Do this exercise with alternative change in the leg for 5 to 6 times continuously.

  • Ankle Rotation

office hipflexion exercise

Sit straight on your chair. Place both the feet on the floor. Slowly, raise your right leg upwards keeping it straight. Point the toes towards the roof and then make them face the floor. Repeat the movement quickly for about half a minute.  Post this, rotate your foot in a circular pattern in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.  Do the same kind of exercise with your left leg to relax and stretch your muscles in the calf and legs.

Neck Exercises

The effect of continuous work at desk is experience maximum by the neck and shoulders. Thus it is vital to pay proper attention to the neck to stay away from problems such as spondylitis and neck pain. The easy to do exercises mentioned below not only relieve you from neck pain but also keep the muscles in neck and shoulder stiff and strong.

  • Side Stretch

neck side stretch

You can easily get rid of the stiffness caused in the neck and shoulder muscles due to excessive working hours at desk. Sit with a stiff back and relaxed shoulders.  Move your left neck towards your left shoulder and stay in the position for five seconds. Get back to the normal position and repeat the same procedure with your right neck bent on your right shoulder. Perform the same action continuously for eight times.

  • Shoulder Shrug


shoulder exercise office
image credit: joanborysenko

Place yourself comfortably on a chair with your shoulders relaxed. Raise your shoulders in the direction of your ears. Experience the pressure on your neck and shoulders. Stay in the position for five seconds and get back to the normal position. Do the same exercise at least 8 times at a stretch in order to bring a relaxed and loosened feel to your neck and shoulder muscles.

8 Best Tips to be lively at work

The following easy to do exercises can compliment a lot towards trimming down your tummy and maintain a healthy office life under hectic work conditions.

  • Park your vehicle away from your office so that you can take a small walk while you get there.
  • Stay away from lifts and elevators. Use the stairs instead.
  • Take a small walk for about ten minutes after having your lunch.
  • Once in every two hours get up from your chair and move around.
  • Drink at least 5 litres of water while you are at work. This will help you in urinating more and you will get up from your desk more often.
  • Never consume junk foods; instead take a box of healthy snacks while at work.
  • You can also consume healthy nuts at regular intervals while working on desk.
  • Adopt good sitting postures in the office chair to avoid stiffening of the muscles in neck, shoulders and back.
  • Yoga within office hours is a great stress breaker.

With these simple and easy-to-do office exercises practiced every day, staying fit and fine is not an issue at all. Start implementing these tips and ideas to experience an energetic and high productive working life.

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