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Healthy Mortal is living with just one dream — Help the masses with best source of information on health, fitness, home remedies, diets, beauty and sexual wellness.

Since we started out, our visitors and loyal readers have increased by more than 80% month after month. The sole reason for this is, amazing and helpful content. We share the best possible things with our readers so they can make their life healthier and easy.

Healthy Mortal is one of the best health and fitness blogs around the globe, touching about 2 million hits per month and over 100 comments every month makes the blog very interactive community.

Healthy Mortal is a PR friendly blog with the intention of promoting and reviewing great products and services relevant to health, fitness, diets, sexual wellness and beauty to our loyal readers.

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How does it work?

Following are the advertisement/promotion options we are providing:

  • Sponsored Reviews

We would love to promote products or services related to this niche to our loyal readers. We offer a few options for the same.

Written review

Here, we will research about the product and write an in-depth, thorough and appealing review article. The review will be at least 1000 words. We will also include FREE social media promotion (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).

Video review

We will review the product or service via a HD video. The video will be 2 to 3 minutes long. It will be published on our YouTube channel – Healthy Mortal. You can choose to publish it on your own channel as well.

Written + Video review

This package will include both the above reviews, i.e, written as well as video review, with all social media sharing included.

  • Banner Advertising

We have LIMITED spots available for banner ads, which get the maximum exposure on our blog due to a clean blog design and high traffic. We support animated html5 banners (no flash) as well as static banners. Below are the ad locations we offer *subject to availability.

  1. Sidebar Top block | 300×250 (Above fold)
  2. Sidebar 2nd block | 300×250 (Below fold)
  3. Below Article Title | 300×250 (Above fold)[Maximum visibility]
  4. At bottom of every article | 300×250
  5. Leaderboard -next to Logo | 468×60

Banner Ad number 3 and 4 are currently placed with Google Adsense units. They will be removed for your Ad.

Your ads will be live 24*7.

Once you decide which type of promotion is right for your product or service, use the contact form below to connect with us. Send in your details and requirements and we will reply you within 24 to 48 hours with payment details and things that we will require in order to write a review.

Payment Methods

If you are a non-Indian company, we accept PayPal and Payoneer as our partner. If you are an Indian company, we accept NEFT transfers via Banks. We will let you know the details once we strike the deal.

In the case of sponsored reviews and videos, we will ask for payment upfront to keep frauds at bay. In the case of Banner ads, you have to pay once your ad is live and you start getting hits.

If you have any more queries regarding the same, don’t hesitate in saying us Hello using the Contact Form.